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The universe is very small now,

As broad as a tightrope.

As short as a thought.

We are tiny

As tiny as 


Floating in minds eye.

The world is small

Smaller than a mote.

And we balance on it

Lost but afloat.


The universe is anything.

The universe is anyone.

It can walk alongside you.

One day its your son or daughter.

Another its stars.


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Shutdown Melancholy

It all happens quickly,

the way our bodies fold,

warm up to the concept

of a morning

rush. We forget sleep in the shower;

we contemplate coffee on the balcony,

then tie our shoelaces inside

thoughtless motions.


And melancholy

keeps me from swearing

at the bad drivers in the concrete storm,

and that is the little difference

between us.


It’s day 28 of...

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governmentgovernment shutdownlifemelancholytiredness

Flying, to be free

The sweet midnight falling,  

Windows swaying beneath the hefty breeze,  

Shadows mourning for young hearts. 


Wallowing falls upon deaf shoulders,  

Shadows stand beneath their heavy trenches,  

Mourning the dying stars. 


Forever to sit in muddied waters,  

Is one but a shadowed man, 

Besides me. 


Set up the walls and set fire to the mountains,

To begin...

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I hadn't seen her for some time

but the dolls in her pram hadn't changed.

She had got older of course,

more haggard,

but still the nurturing went on

willing herself into the background,

her dedication a flight from reality.


She seemed to have taken to the streets

since her low key cafeteria was glammed up

throwing a spotlight on her entourage,

raising more questi...

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Also by ray pool:


The falling man

The form breaks in vibrant heights 

To fall like stars from heavens sky

And visions writhe as scarlet tears

Torn by thorns of others eyes 


Malign words rake your maladies 

The Dissolution of your mind

Word for word of your mantra built

To fall as dying stars

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limpet | Sagacity | Chaffed |

Whips And Lashes

Sticks and stones, whips and lashes,

The long knives make their long slashes,

The hammer falls, the nut smashes.


Sword of discord with sword clashes,

The metaphorical car crashes,

The softly spoken's big stick bashes.


But the sting of stick and whip passes,

The cost of the cuts of the swords masses,

Making those that used the long knives, asses.


If you're ...

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Space Cowboy 16 Vacant Equation

She was not the ordinary girl
She was a firefly lighting my way
I'm just a space cowboy that drifted upon this lighthouse
These peculiar times has been heavy on the soul
For I'm just the captain of this lighthouse now
Selling on a dark ocean lit by the hope to see her again
Only loneliness is promised on the ship
One day I will hopefully leave it and see the world from her light


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Fall for me Angel!, Haiku

Tenderly like the paramour 

from heaven; in love

the angel falls.

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Match Point

Standing your turf
wielding a giant pen.

Power serving words,
determined to win. 

Into the net,
out of bounds,

Will you be the 
pinnacle of calm
or pull a McEnroe? 

Steady your pace
or steamroll every 
opponent you face?

Time tames 
the temper
as many 

match point,

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Self-destructive beings 

This is all humanity 

Taking 10 steps forward and.. no steps back 

Our perpetual focus is what we lack 

Oh society, how blind can we be 

It's right in front of our eyes yet we ignore to see

We are the reason of madness 

The cause of natural depletion 

Is the constant hunger for more the process of our own extinction? 

Destroy the world to save th...

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Also by BIG FISH:

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Humanity aliens selfdestruct

Because It's Different

entry picture

said you hotly and firmly
even though it seems hard stiff
but your personality is really straightforward
the reflection of your heart is real firm

your sincere picture of modesty
your uniqueness is amazing
your greatness does not present your pride
my heart is stuck in your niche

my admiration and sincerity
greet in a chime promise
to always desire one
ignore the differences between...

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entry picture

Take me for a walk, Thursday's pressing my veins,
going through your secrets, through your mind,
all the spots are just the same, quiet and sublime,
your milkshake soul, so hard to find.
And if you ever offer me a peace of that sound,
if you ever try to hide me from that mess,
hold me, keep me, smash me to the ground
your milkshake soul, my emptiness..

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life writinglove poetrypoetrywriting poetry

One Last Frozen Tear

"Heavy Snow in Wales": 30th January 2019


A sheet of pure white covers her face: that land I thought I knew

frozen beneath its covering, buried ever deeper in its icy tomb

the contours I know so well:

every dip and valley; hill and gully

smoothed by this mantling shroud that descended

as time slipped slowly away, locking us in its white eternity


One last frozen tear d...

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Construction Time

Construction Time

out of the ground after months 
the forms rise and multiply
on the horizon straight from your mouth
its concept’s been realized
you have to block out everything now 
got to be blind to the chaos 

got to climb those walls 
maybe then it’ll exist 

behind closed doors 
schemes are planned 
money changes men 
love’s opposite 

you can’t get close 
can’t sta...

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Of flotsam and foundrels

entry picture

Of flotsam and foundrels


A jar of jam from Russian snow

A tattered book that I can’t read

A photographic trail of love

Some shower gel and still the list

Returns to keep me company


A bible kept - from one good friend

Its cover stitched by her loved aunt

Who sank inside The Amazon

A painting of her long-gone dog

And she returns right happily


A rucksac...

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Charlotte Peters Rockflotsamfoundrelsperpetuityriches

Angoisse des Gares

Angoisse Des Gares


The unborn Pierre looked back dismayed

at the fading light from which he pressed.


Ahead a stretching tearing fissure:

Eyes. Masks. Lights and latex fingers.


Forceps at his temples. 

Gripping. Pulling. Grunting.

Pain and voices,


‘C’est un fils.’ 


The umbilicus cut –

another rupture from the one

who gave him a name and


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Grace and Favour

Grace and Favour

For all that a life that's truly led

provides the anxious soul with balm,

yet a gentle breeze, invisible and calm,

precedes the storm where the meek have fled.


In Summer's graceful darkling glides the hawk

in flight over burnished grain, 'till late

a final stoop unearths its prey: its fate

the slashing shadows where the killers stalk.


Though se...

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Also by Chris Hubbard:

(untitled) |


The Smug Bastard

The Smug Bastard

He marched in triumph

at the head of his men

basking unjustly in adulation

aimed at the deeds performed

by his troops,

the smug bastard


His chest puffed out

like a carrier pigeon

selfish eyes seeking

to be sanctioned

by female admirers,

the smug bastard


Cruel, ambitious, self-centered

the lives of his men were only

a means of ...

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Tiny victories

entry picture

I ride the wind, this cutting wind

Cures me of indolence, regret

Towards the close of day

Clouds swirl blue celebrates

A tiny victory

Cynicism drains away

Thoughts tumbling over the cliff face

Thoughtless man lacks the will to care

The whole green earth suffers at his hands,

A women's care is gracefully sustained

It is her flair to create beauty, even in the barrenest...

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Stick Men


Cliff sides

cave walls

rock paintings

left by ancients

lost tribes

lost people

art of vision

stick men

in war paint

in pigment

charcoal and clay


spear and feather


ocher biographies

still clinging

to stone

through ashes

through ages

stick men


asking to be heard.


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Seashore Summer

Faint call of soaring seabird shadowed against burning midday sun. Hazy white wisps suspended low on horizon. Gentle waves barely disturb cerulean surface as they erase footprints oozing across wet sand. Knotted clumps of drying kelp clutter high water line, its salty tang drifting through shimmering heat. Lolloping labrador leaps in pursuit of slowly fluttering flies. Staccato sounds of spade bea...

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when all is an ocean

When all is Ocean


I have been looking at the map on the wall

Most of our world consists of salt water

In time to come when the sea level rises

Britain will be a rock that steadfastly refuses

To join EU, and that is ok, since most of

Europe will be under the sea.

The far and near east will consist of islets

And Swiss will have a seaport.

If you think this will bring ...

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You pair are both great :-)

This place has turned into an unwelcoming habitat for hate and riots of hurtful words and negative minds.. I think the both of you have talent, different style's. It does not mean, one is better than the other. Appreciate the differences and remember in God's eyes you are indeed brothers. Please read with an open mind and know that this is me been kind.. Fuck the rhythm fuck the rhymes..

This i...

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Away from my shoulder

entry picture

As a passing cloud

lit by moonlight marked

a rimmed spectacle

of a tv arial

I shifted weight and blinked

and recalled wordless feelings

before trying to put into words

useless aphorisms.


It's the words

with their wanton

un-mouthed ache

that bleat silently

against the ear

and tangle those as yet

un-marked and un-surveyed

desires while their cerebral


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Old Dog

entry picture

Heart racing as if a mile had been lost,

at odds with the stillness of a newly

emptied room, taking in the failure

of pencils on the floor and books left

on tables. He sees ghosts, hears the

echo of children’s voices, careless and

free now it has gone three, oblivious

of the anguish stalking this classroom;

a place conflicted all day, growing

through the week with doors ...

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Also by Jonathan Humble:

One Called Paul |


life is scary for us 

we want everything to turn out good 

but thats with good faith and trust 

we love our friends like our families 

we fear of failure because that is the fear that haunts us all

but dont let that be your call 

give yourself space to make mistakes 

but just do whatever it takes 

to defeat the fear that might mess up your faith

your faith in yourself an...

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Also by Destiny:

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The face is broke against the wheel,

diamond shard peppered flesh.

Now bloody pulp, once squeezed to life

between thighs of painful birth,

between creation of hope and the damnation of men.


Lips as blue as Iceberg Oceans

cannot one single word now form,

not one goodbye, no gratitude nor regret,      

no moment remembered, 

nor o...

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Mirror Mirror On The Wall

No one view point is ever wrong

We must stand with tolerance to get along


A binding force

We find our truths 

A common course

To concieve others can hold  more

More than we bargain for

Lets try not to divide

It is in understanding that we can begin to unify

Lets not let our perceptual paths lead us to distruction

After all 

We are only looking at o...

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Also by New Shoes:

I Don't Know What To Make Of It |


It occurs with some desire to employ objectivity,

That when Einstein put forward his theory of relativity

He'd had the original come to mind some time before -

That a married man rarely pleases his mother-in-law,

But kept it quiet for the sake of domestic sensitivity..


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Also by M.C. Newberry:


Haiku: False Witness

Imposter writes wrongs

Praise of prose but cuckoo song

Sweet talk - empty nest

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Also by Rob J Mann:

Meeting Strangers |

My Mother Says

He stomped into the small lounge


And dropped his school kit on the floor

Beside the tutoring table

With a thump.

He eyed the paper doily with its apple juice

And the silver muffin cup

Glinting with bright SKITTLES.


Without a word he sat down

Took a sip of juice and licked his lips.

He toyed with choosing the best colour

For first burst of pre-le...

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Also by Cynthia Buell Thomas:

Lonely Lady on a Tram Every Morning | Ass Hill |


Sinners will never be winners,

For their sins, there not begginers,

They hope that there sins will be washed away,

By a god that who will forgive in order that they can sin another day,

You can see evil in their eyes,

With that there is no disguise,

There mission is to destroy the meek,

Who's position in life they seek,

The meek have been misguided for many a year,

From ...

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It's been a year since you've been gone and I'm still picking up the pieces,

You were often my strength but more so my weakness,

Everyday you're on my mind I can't escape these thoughts,

It makes my chest burn and my stomach twist into knots,

Sometimes I feel like its too much to handle,

What you did to me was truly a scandle,

All the times that we shared and everything that we w...

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betrayedDivorceHeart break

Cursèd life

You sucked the melancholy heart

from my cursèd body

drank the treacherous blood

from my hardened veins

retched the black bile

from my pensive spleen

ripped the calm phlegm

from my very breath

but I am still here

alive and happy to die.

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Also by Jon Stainsby:

Arborial Winter Repose | The dichotomy of love | The laden sky | Another's eyes | The Snowman |


Under the Cover of the Snow

Under the cover of the snow

there is a place you don’t know,


Cause it’s too soon, you say,

too soon.


The crescent moon

rests on the sky,

the snow blanket is heavy and high.

And so I stamp through the trebly snow,

I stamp through the trebly snow.


The sun sets behind the arctic hill.

Snowy trees in colours of rose and blue fill


They embrace m...

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Also by Pyrola:

Small fishes in shoals |

haiku - jasmine

winds from shikoku

wild jasmine falls like pale clouds

settles on white hair

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Also by Stuart Buck:

the quiet room |


the girl with the curves wishes she was thinner

the girl with narrow hips wishes her breasts were bigger


the girl with the acne wishes her skin was clear

the girl with clear skin wishes her freckles would disappear 


the girl with intelligence wishes she was pretty

the girl with beauty wishes classes were easy


the girl with straight hair wishes it was curly

the g...

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Also by Jenny Kelly:

ingrained | Period |


Anywhere Will Do

entry picture

On the run

left everything behind

no one believes

I was nowhere

near the place

preying hungry fox

unearthed shallow grave.

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Also by Nigel Astell:

Another Dip into Paradise |

Last seen down the woods




I’m grumpy: my boy

says I’m menopausal;

I think he’s the causal.

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Also by Richard Krason:

EVERY MAN HAS HIS REASON FOR LIVING | When hope is gone | When hope is gone |

For Lucy

I was with you when he asked you,

I’ve been with you the whole time,

I was with you when you picked your dress,

I held your hand in mine. 


Through all the stress and planning,

I’ve been sat by your side,

I’ve been blessed with your excitement and Ive held you when you cried. 


When you wake up on the big day,

You know I’ll already be there,

I’ll look on lovingly...

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21 The World

entry picture

21 – The World Complete Accomplishment 

The Fool has reached the end, he has completed his cycle. He now has learnt from all of his lessons upon his path of enlightenment and now all the world is. He is completely free and all his accomplishments has rewarded him with a new hope for his future. What was one the beginning of a journey thought to be impossible has triumphed above all else and wi...

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Also by RaVeN Mathews )0(:

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entry picture

(A fusion of the brilliant analogy of Brexit by Hugo Rifkind with the rather obvious adaptation of the Beatles's "Yellow Submarine".  Apologies, Mr Rifkind. The brilliance was entirely yours).


In the times since I’ve been born There’s been things I’ve never seen

But the best of all of these Mrs May’s Cheese Submarine.


Cos the people had a vote The biggest vote there’s ever been


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Also by John Coopey:


Gyre Gulls

Seagulls gyre – wocker-challing and crocker-calling,

skiffer-wheeling, wind-kiting and hoarse-calling

keer-wails into a bluster-buffet, ear-sharked, eye-grit gale,

blowing smithereens out of the sea wall,

the surf and the pebbles that make up the beach,

grind-clockering and ratter-schacketling back and forth,

to and fro in weather’s storm-force mayhem.

In the air gulls cry caw...

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Also by Rich:

Distraction | Potential | Behind the Front |

Sudden kinship


There was nothing like a ghostly face at the window

but the face of yesterday's child reflected in your own

one note of your song foretold a thousand

a single raindrop fell for the deluge to follow



Whose place I take accepting your testimony I do not know

the greatest spirit can do no more than witness

where a wound is revealed typically a thousand might be

no j...

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Also by Adam Whitworth:

Sent To Me In A Dream | The Everlasting Voices | Poems Of Yeats |

Coins in the Trunk

entry picture

Coins in the Trunk


Who are we?

Why are we here?

How can we prove that we were?


Answering these questions we have nothing

Nothing to give except what we do

This one brays coins in with his heel

into a slab of wood

“This is the trace of me” he says

“I give away what I worked for to save.

I was here, I drove in these pence

and this I leave behind

to show ...

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Also by Alan Travis Braddock:

Watching the Eclipse | When I am Rich | Beard | Mick Burke (Everest 1980) |

Of Flesh

Her skin can open up like a mouth

It can speak

When it parts

It can extend like a tongue

It can taste


Your arteries are seams

Try to unpeel them

Slip off your flesh


Search your pores

For secret trap doors

Let the inside out

Part it like a mouth


Like hers

It can speak

Unfold the red carpets

Of rolled and folded tongue

Let it searc...

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connectdepressionlovepainreaching outself harmspeaking outsupportunderstanding

I will be your moon

Let me move to a new place,
Where none knows my name,
And I know they will  start judging,
As Everyone is just the same.
But till then ,
Let me find a new love, 
New memories to let go my pain,
You can take my hand,
And please ask me to dance in the rain.
I know our love would break,
Just like all other affairs I had,
Some would say I had no brains, 
And I am the reason you are sad,

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Also by Shuchi Batra:

Strangers | Into the Woods | I do not get it | Fly Away |



Spaghetti was the dish,

He liked the most.

But a Day came through,

When he couldn't even swallow a piece of toast.


 Mother tried everything everything she could,

So did the Father.

Even after numerous efforts,

The result was still not better.


Day came when Father had to,

Stuff his son's mouth with bread.

But there was something too,

Which even a Father co...

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entry picture

I attempted suicide,

But I didn't die,

Not losing my life,

But what it means to be alive.

I'm drained of all motivation to continue,

But also of all strength to follow through,

I shouldn't be here,

It hurts, but it's true.

My days feel so long,

My existence feels so wrong,

I can't look at life the same,

Because I simply don't belong.

I can't be happy,

Or even...

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Also by Tae:

Too Late | No Rush |

deathdepressionhopelesslifepainsuicidesuicide attempt

Bird Box

Take off your blindfold.


Although the darkness is familiar, 



                     It is no place in which to spend your life.


Covering your eyes

                               May mask you from the rest of the world,

But it will not hide you from yourself.


The light will get through,

       And w...

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The truth about...

I heard once that monsters used to live among us.

Can you imagine that?

Eating, sleeping and living just like we do.

But that all changed one day,

I don't know why, but it did.

Now, during the day they can't see us,

and we are tormented by the sight of them,

day and night.

strange, right?

Don't get me wrong, they are interesting creatures,

I just want to know why we m...

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BeautyDark & Light and InspirationdarknessHumansLightMonstersPeopleUgly




That shiny steel guitar

he got eventually

was what he'd always wanted;

just to play the blues.


I killed so many people, he said,

was called up twice, unfairly

because of skill in martial arts


and when we took a town

would often be the first to enter

but the bullet-proof vests,

they never came.


I should be dead by now

along with all t...

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Also by john short:


All alone

Today I learnt to cry alone,

Soon I’ll learn to live alone too..


Walking through the grass

Running on the fields

Climbing the mountains

You were always a shield...


Never imagined a life without you,

Neither in dreams we were away,

In laughter in tears I was with you,

I was with you each night each day,


From feeling of hope to thought to love,

Each da...

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break upheartbreaklovepain


 If I knew, what anger was, it might look a bit like this…

I spend all day and half the night, trying to make stuff rhyme
Pondering over random words, then arrange them in a line
Hoping in some abstract sense, non-figurative stuff I figure
That will when read by others, engender comments that it triggers

Call me an old fuddy-duddy, a fossil , calcified in time
A dinosaur, a Dodo bird, or so...

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Also by poemagraphic:

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satirical poetry

The song that never ends

if you let the words flow without control you will often learn something about yourself that you didn't already know

Through the linking chain of riddle and rhyme you carry the meaning like cords in a Key or of waves on the sea

the flow of human nature through our perceptions and our longing to be free.

Our written expressions to bring definition

we must look out to look in

as we tr...

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4 x Short Poems

entry picture


Echoing yesterday
The intimacy of your coughing
Becomes grating after a few minutes.


Across the Miles

Across mile after mile
All you could hear
Was the tapping of rain
Signalling across the divide
On your car windowsill.


What lies underneath

Leaping into a lake of leaves
You are never quite sure
What is underneath them.


The Camera never lies


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I knew it wouldn’t happen!

It came we saw
We waited with open jaw
How it could it change
our lives for bad or good?
When division prevented 
the plan to work
the way that it should?
We voted, the country split
Democracy then ruled over it
Time has passed
still no agreement 
The debate goes on
It’s like bereavement 
As things look dead
In the water that’s true
But in any case...
Does it bother me and you?
I ...

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Also by Fred Varden:

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Men & Ven

entry picture

I can clearly see them from my back bedroom if I stand on a chair

They've got a BMW, two Audi's and three transits

with MAN & VAN on the side

Gypsy and van more like - they've got that look about them


Everyone's complaining,

you shouldn't be allowed to park that many vehicles on these residential streets

though as it's round the corner it doesn't bother me in the least


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Also by Brian Maryon:

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I remember...

entry picture

I remember...


legs climbing

over benches

sawdust puffs


bottom bumps

animal smells

lollipops & candy

floppy clowns,


painted smiles

striped pant stilts

tall feathers on

horses circling


dancing tutu dogs

distant lion’s roar

monkey chatter

clattering cages

grey wrinkled skin

ground shaking

elephants landing

colours flying


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Artist:JessicaMcCallumArtIsTheSparkpoemPOEM:I remember...

I saw my future before my eyes for the first time in my life 
It wasnt just ideas but plans with who I 
pictured my wife 
The mother of my children and my partner 
through strife

But I lost it 

It was almost here and gone in a moment
It felt so good but now there's pain and I 
ow it 
Started to slip away so I desperately tried 
to hold it 

But now it's gone 

Was it my fault? I'...

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heart breakhopeLovemarriagemiserypainself worthseparation

No Prozac

entry picture

If you're feeling low and blue

don't go shopping yet anew

what I do you could too


Don't gorge yourself on sugar candy

or grab those pills you keep so handy

just have a squint at David Gandy!


I may be past my sell-by date

but not yet blind or bemoaning fate

as to deny an ideal mate


Or if you're male (would make me wail)!

feeling grim and not so hale


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Also by Jennifer Malden:

A meteor | Murray | The Wanderers (Bombus Lucorum) |

The Lost selfie of Kim Kardashian.

Astarte, Holy Isis, Diana,


  unknown nymphs of wood or wave ,


all encompassing Nut,


 whose gracile arch holds up the heavens clear.


  of such fierce womanhood I would hear.


 But ever does my old lyre Wish to strum,

  Only for that bulbous bum.


 Hittite badonkadonk! Great ass of Akkad! 


Whose forebears defied the might of pharaoh ,



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Also by Bonaparte's:

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To know God

My intention,

When I remember to think about it,

My intention is

To know God.

A phrase that drips

With poisonous interpretations.

But, when I walk

For thirty minutes or so

Into a wood,

And the rhythmic padding

Of my boots on leaf mould

Soothes my thoughts,

And my mind clears,

Awareness seeps in 

To the space where

My busy mind held sway

And suddenly ...

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Also by Hazel ettridge:

A Living Hell |


Pulsing, Burning, Spitting hate

But my anger will not sate

Grab her, squeeze her, pluck her eyes

But their image never dies.

One small picture of him with her

And all gets lost in a watery bluer

Her eyes.

Her eyes!

Her Fucking Eyes!!

Her eyes that stare and pine,

Loving so dearly that which is mine!

The look shoots daggers straight to my gut. 

How dare she touch...

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The Pact

A flippant sale of my soul, a twisted devils pact.

Beauty to keep forever, my youth forever intact.

A hedonistic life to lead, freedom to deal in sin.

Lives left in ruins, fantasies unleashed from within.


Fade would mental scars, the devils role to heal.

My portrait bore my sins, a portrait to conceal.

If need be with ease, I can deny my age and name.

But the rats now gat...

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Also by Mike Bartram:

Round and Round |


Momentum raised its ugly head . A party within a party . Do has we say or you are sacked . Talk about bullying. Talk about greed . When this seed is planted . It’s because of greed . No one has a chance . They won’t tell you in Advance . Your life is not worthy . Do has we say or your out . Your on the list . And all because of greed .

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Also by Wendy Higson:

How Dare They | Secrecy | Against Each Other | Be Noticed |

rant 2 (01/23/2019) rework

eyes roll west, 


we see synapses dimly firing at easy targets and cheap jokes, teeth chattering, white and sharp, hungry for derision


for anything else but the terrifying bog

of what it is to be a human being in control of your own life.

instead, let's laugh at the tumbling waves of pending disaster

narrowly skirting by our lives each and every single day, pretending that ...

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Also by Zach Dafoe:

(untitled) |

Alchemy rat race Skinner box thin so fucking cold

Haiku: Robin at New Year

against the grey chill

a fire-red heart hammers its

fine threads of silver

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The ground is moving without my feet tagging along.

I get dizzy at the thought of having to think about the different things filed inside my head. 

Every reason to be upset is filed away in the “FORGET” folder, and that is located beyond the point of no return in my mind. 

The things I wish I could forget keep coming to me in waves. 

My feet are moving beneath me one second, and t...

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I look in your eyes and know I will love you forever,

As a friend, I’m aloud..as a partner, never.

A heavy heart and tears, for something we’ll never finish,

Sadly, I kind of just want the feelings to diminish.

Tired of my heart breaking with a smile on my face,

Thinking of memories we made, each and every place.

Seems like no matter where I look, no matter who I see,

My mind ...

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I'm not in control; it's in their clutch

Every feeling, overwhelming, overbearing

To endure, I've endeavored to keep them ensconced

Still, I never intended to play the part to the point

Of deception, eliciting an understanding

That they fail to exist

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Lie ..

Suppose I lied all,

All our smiles were fake.

All the vows you made

are nonexistent.

Suppose all our walks

were merely walks.

The bower we made

is a hoax.

Forget about me..

Can you console yourself ?

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Sick of |


My heart is slightly broken,

and I’m afraid for you to see me cry. 

The thought I fear the most,

echos what if you shall die?


I wish upon a thousand stars,

and every rainbow too,

that God almighty with his strength and power,

won’t leave me without you. 


But if alas he does,

and I don’t know what to do,

just promise that you’ll hold me,

very near to you. 


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*Times that the witches have woven  or, a blast from the proverbial past*

entry picture

I don't know
what it amounts to, 
if there is to have
any sort of 
meaning to 
what we etched, 
or blabbered, 
in the utmost 
of times.

I sure don't find any reason for that, now.


I was,
reading our letters, 

Another time, 
another history,

Wasn’t it, though?


Did we merge into 'another' reality, somehow...

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10 Years Ago10YearsChallengeColdlosslovenostalgia

In you

A lost people

an enslaved people,

acknowledge the pain

and see beyond.


In you,

Evil is here

Good is here,

the child is the last hope.


A lost people

without a home,

name the price

of solace’s sanctum.


A lost people we are,

who will lead us

to the Promised land?

see beyond the milk and honey.


Moses is not the meaning,

why tells t...

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Virgin Boys

entry picture


Amongst others we are virgins
Their quest is to devour virgins
They claim to be the saint
Yet we are truly innocent

We don't activate like slay kings
Who will never wear you rings
They will wear you lice 
But virgin boys don't lie

Always in their horny mood
Yet we plan a honey moon
All they need is score goal
But we love and never let go

©Kporho Vwede Daniel


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You are

A second in the stream of eternity 

A gentle touch of God’s fingers

A footprint 

A stamp

A whisper


I won’t try to measure you

Mold you

Color you

I won’t trap you in a box


You live in freedom


Or no one

You come and you go


You are under, above

Somewhere beyond

To know you

I’ll close my eyes and listen


We d...

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Also by Marcin:

I |

Too Young

They tell me I’m too young. 

Too young to know

about the horrors of the world.

Too young 

to make decisions of my own. 

Too young 

to be thinking at the level I am. 

Too young 

to hear about politics. 

Too young 

to be worrying about the things I worry about. 

They tell me I have an old soul. 

They tell me I think like a 32 year old. 

They tell me to stop wor...

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My Feet

My Feet


They have padded in various places

from shady joints to tropical beaches

Across countless pages they have trodden

in shoes, sandals, boots and in naked sedition

They have carried burdens and suffered corns

roamed the countryside and endured brittle thorns

I clip the nails and moisturise their soles

for God alone knows these extreme toes

My feet are a divine ...

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Also by keith jeffries:

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The past came calling,
Oh!  What a pity.
For love that once intoxicated,
Was left behind to die. 

The heart bled and the lips quivered, 
Lost were you in the midst of time, 
The night had your name on love's lips,
And the day your face to see.

The gentle hold and palm's softness, 
A baritone voice and soothing words,
The loving eyes that says it all,
Were all lost in the midst of ti...

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Painful love

entry picture

A lot guys hit on you. You post of a lot of pictures. you like attention. Who’s that. where are you. I don’t like that. You’re making me mad. I’m sorry, it won’t happen again. I only did it because you made me upset. It’s only because I love you.



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Also by Dana Lee:

Acid rain |

Idle Hands.

I don't think you understand the the severity of my depression.
If you did you'd know it justifies my smoking sessions.
I don't do it to get "lit" or to have a good fucking time,
I do it cause I can't sleep unless I'm really fucking high.
My brain it eats at me and won't let me breathe.
The destruction and misery that's inside of me.
It keeps me awake and when they ask I just fake
a smile u...

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Also by Nick:

harakiri. | Baby. | New Year, New Demons. |

bare with meTrying something newwriters block

Dad's song

A song won’t save my daddy

yet I hold his hand and sing

A prayer isn’t saving my daddy

Though we pray endlessly in our hearts


My dad composed his life around us

A silent song of love

Dad conducted a sweet melody

For my mum my sisters and brother too

We danced merrily to his tune

Too happy to care that the bliss may end soon


Now we gather around dad like a vo...

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Also by Matt Townsend:

Our David | Let her be |

Anthem of Life

entry picture

All heartbeats together under just one sound… 

Their prayer's voices in unison became every woman’s cry…

While abandoned footsteps on wet sand 

awaited the arrival of the evening tide

to emancipate themselves from the strings of man…

A lotus flower rose from the dirt, exterminated man’s decay…

And softly whispered to the wind of an approaching day…


A new dawn has just beg...

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Also by Xoanxo:

Isolation |


January Blues

All through January

I searched through the house

For something to fit me

But couldn't find a blouse


As I got dressed

I went all numb

Couldn't find anything

To cover my bum


A pair of stretch leggins

My husbands' shirt

Was all I could find

To cover my girth


The wine and chocolates

Went down with ease

I never refused

Just said yes please


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My Mum's Lover

A house,

a staircase

it was an accident

you hit me

with your words

it's my home I say

but you don’t care

you have come in


soon you will leave

but not me, her

I find my bedroom

solace and silence

the smallness of me

you have come again

I do not want you

you are not mine, hers

you smother me,

press me into bedsheets

you smell of bull swe...

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abusechildhood traumahopelessnesssurvival


I lose Myself almost as much as I lose my keys.

Sometimes, I think I have a grasp on her,
And then she slips through my fingers, and dances away again.

I try and shove her into my body- 
Into my heart, my soul, my mind-
But she melts through my feet, and slithers away.

She follows other people around, too.
As if she wants to be a part of anyone but me. 
She tries to filter into other...

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Also by Claire Ivie:

Lighter than Air | The Only Sunshine I Need | Ink and Paper |

Government Of The Heat

entry picture


The jungle life 
Kill or be killed
At alert always or be blamed for it
Move alone and become a gunner
Government of the heat

Little freedom in your territory 
But doesn't last long
Those with flat foots will assail 
Give them everything still won't be ok
Always insatiable they are

Followed you everywhere 
Know your every move 
Their job is to protect 
Now devour and claim 

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Also by Kporho Raphael Oyeke:

The Appreciation | Foolishness |

A Fine Line between Living and Death

You do not exist anymore 

Scientifically speaking, 

You are absolutely nothing 

Unconscious, intangible, not there. 


You exist in my mind, 

Poetically speaking, 

You live on through that funny anecdote

That recipe, that legacy, our memory.  


You are my tragic backstory, 

Therapeutically speaking, 

The key to solving why I am the way I am 

What you made me...

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Also by April Emmeline:

Wonderings | Being |

deathearly deathfamilyfamilylossgriefGrievinglifelife after deathlife and deathLost familypainperspective



O Coveted Pandiculation

I just wonder, we have forgotten to pandiculate

Our mind needs to stimulate

Gone were the days when we woke up in the morning

No time for stretching body accompanied with yawning

Today we are in rat race

No scope to take rest

Busy life with so many tasks at a time


Running in a race where no victory and defeat to face

Those c...

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Also by Bindu Trigunayak:

One Life is not enough! | Shut those Doors.. | I was Wrong! |

Battlegrounds of the Heart

And all at once

We revisted the site

Where the wounded lie


We examined their injuries

Doing our best to determine

If they were fatal


It requires a detached rationale

It laughs in the face of pure emotion

For life is smarter than you think


Forever your opponent

Even when pretending

To be a friend


For life brought me you

Star crossed

And ...

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On love and self-efficacy

I used to believe that when it comes to love and hate, right and wrong, good and evil; the notions were night and day.

And though I still believe that there are very clear distinctions between each pair of opposing ideas, I have begun to question such simple binaries.

Our progenitors committed acts of violence and hatred that we still commit today.

For that reason, I pray evil isn’t conge...

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Also by Clarke:

曲折 | Still |

A New Riddle of Cosmology

entry picture

An explosion beyond comprehension sent all

The ingredients of the cosmos careening through the void.

Light, matter, and energy diffused chaotically,

Taking billions of years (as we now know them)

To fall into some kind of order, to establish

Some vaguely predictable interactions of

Cosmic proportion. Somehow, trillions of

Particles began to cooperate to form

Molecules of ca...

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Also by Randy Horton:

Perception |


"Poetic Rules! Are you really serious?

Rules a plenty and all so we can maintain order of our art of thought
Express yourself through a template that someone else just published
Middle class lives, aspired and achieved and desired and lived
I will give you 50 lines today and 50 lines tomorrow and 50 more on your fucking birthday

No more romance without some cash and an agreement now 
Negotiate in the car or bar or online, but no...

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Also by AM Cash:

Feedback Mode (Why are the nails pointing outwards from that coffin?) |

competitionpoetry competitionsPoetry rulesWOL


she walks with her head down

she does not speak

her jaws are clenched 

and her fingers pick at skin 

a knot seems to always be lodged into her throat 

the she is alone

No one sees it

No one sees her for who she is for

She has chained herself up to a tower of rotten flesh

that smells and leaks of fluid

but she will not let go

the tower that once brought her confiden...

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my love

It would be an honour 

For you to read me your poems 

In fact all of your words 

Are like poems to me 

So tell me some more 

And ive heard your stories 

But tell me again 

Tell me some more 

I wait I listen 

You are the voice in the wilderness 

That kept me whole 

You saw the light in me 

That I couldnt find. 

For that my love 

I am grateful 

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