Latest Temple Publicity Material

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Latest Temple Publicity Material


Because I showed interest in Temple

It's Builder sent pub-licity

I couldn't believe what my eyes saw

Lying on floor in front of me


If this is what hides in the Temple

Nymphs on the floor reading poems

All clad in diaphanous garments

I wanna join up and go show 'em


Show 'em my ability to rhyme

While admiring nymphs lying on the floor

I'd focus on hair and blue eyes though

The bumps are to me just a bore


Why rhyme about bumps (they are boring)

When poetic lasses look up at you?

Yearning to learn, and lie with you

Partially undressed like them too?


The Temple's publicity has hooked me

I'm missing out on a good thing

I hope there's more nymphs round the corner

With which I can have rhymic flings


The Builder has promised to save me

A bevy of nymphs for my use

Can't wait to jump in and start rhyming

Can't wait to rev up like a deuce


Don Matthews January 2019




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The Temple Builder and the Pimp Cup ►



Thu 24th Jan 2019 19:07

I will be heading up the naked poets sub committee

and running the naked yoga classes under the temple dome

pens and note pads are banned and cameras are compulsory


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Thu 24th Jan 2019 16:57

Spending days (and nights) on the floor reading poems and having rhymic flings sounds like poets gone wild to me. Let us all flock to the Temple from now until spring! ?

Big Sal

Thu 24th Jan 2019 10:18

I myself would settle for a good ol' book of rhymes and a pimp cup.?

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