Hold Your Tongue


In this day

it is the thing to do

to insult

to put down

to use the F word

every other word

to be angry

to be mean

to ridicule

to put things on Facebook/Twitter

without facing your foe

it is so easy

hide in the cloud

in anonymity

in essence

justify your existence

by demeaning others

glorify thought

by eliminating it

promote bad behavior

and for what

do you feel better

do you help

do you improve

by hurting others

lay off

learn some manners

express ideas

not put-downs

hold your tongue

think before you speak

wait before you write.



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Don Matthews

Wed 2nd Jan 2019 20:40

dk I like and agree with much of what you say. MC I like and agree with much of what you also have to say for a balanced argument. But I did have to look up 'traduced' thanks to Google...😎


Wed 2nd Jan 2019 17:00

Bugger MC, that rules me out!

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M.C. Newberry

Wed 2nd Jan 2019 16:45

The pros and cons in this area of communication are certainly open
to constructive consideration. The opportunity to "abuse" is always
present but it is balanced by the sheer simplicity of being able to
communicate a point of view. The tool should not be traduced
because of the inept egregious behaviour of the more ignorant
and insulting of its users, but rather celebrated as a means of
marvellous meetings of the mind and its many positive chances
for contributing to the improved state of the world in which we live..


Wed 2nd Jan 2019 15:56

Bravo D

Can I copy this please and just paste it when needed.

Not that often here at WOL thank god.

It is fairly peaceful here most times

But it would save my index finger from bashing keys instead of people.


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