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Missing You

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A thousand


Are between

Thee and me

Even though

Need love


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My Dreams

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My dreams they have died
Buried deep within myself
Hope to renew them

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Open Your Eyes

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I had been feeling sad and lonely. I decided to go back into the past and visit my childhood home. When I arrived, my sister, mother, and brother were sitting at the kitchen table having a meal. I walked in and said, “Hello.” They welcomed me warmly and asked, “How have you been?”

In a short while my Father joined us and demanded to know, “Why are you here?” I was taken aback and said, “I’m lon...

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My Name is Sarai

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My name is Sarai. This is the year 1400 of Our Lord and Saviour. I am Twenty and Eight years in age.


I have been married to my husband Jacob since I was the age of 14. I have birthed unto Jacob five children. The third being a girl lived but only a few hours.  She had difficulty in her breathing and having a bluish tint to her skin.


We buried her quickly in hopes if she carried a d...

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Words Flow

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Words flowing from my mind
Touching people I don't know
Facing the future



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Stormy Blue Eyes

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His stormy blue eyes
Mesmerized many women
But they sparked for her

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Altars to the God's Shape Poem

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Altars To the Gods


I once

saw an

altar built

to honor a

God. Which

God I do not know.

The day was overcast

and threatened rain. The

years and the elements had

wrecked havoc on this altar. A

mouse scurried across this crumbling

stone. A bird of prey swooped down and

carried away this small creature. A...

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The sun is still

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Metaphor, Acrostic

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Hope is like

A bird that

Perches in the soul.

Passes time

Yearning for adventure.

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Forgot to Water

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to water

my writing

so now many

words have













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Humorous versePoemShape

Advice in Four word lines, or less.

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Take care of Yourself.
Just love Yourself.
Just follow Your heart.
Don't over think problems.

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