Don't Bother



Don't bother me

I'm writing a poem

I need quiet

my attention span is short

I had an idea

but before I could write it down

it got loose and sped away

now I have to go chasing it

and I'm still in my pajamas

it's hard enough to think up a poem

much less trying to chase one down

in slippers

poems are fast

and fleeting things

Corvettes of the literary world

and I'm only

on a scooter.



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Tommy Carroll

Thu 3rd Jan 2019 23:40

Shush D. Keep writing.


;- )

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Don Matthews

Thu 3rd Jan 2019 22:18

To make chasing poems more simple
Shed your pyjamas as you run
Then kick off your slippers to join them
Invite everyone in on the fun

You may not catch up with your poem
Which could have the last laugh on you
But those who do join you will be many
I doubt those who join will be few 😎

Clever thinking dk

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M.C. Newberry

Thu 3rd Jan 2019 21:55

Brian -
how soon we pretend to forget
The days of the tape cassette
But I tell you one thing that "progress" got wrong -
They're perfect for putting words to a song!.

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Brian Maryon

Thu 3rd Jan 2019 18:05

Mark...what actually is a tape recorder?

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M.C. Newberry

Thu 3rd Jan 2019 17:31

Know the feeling - and my trusty tape recorder bears witness to my
own literary sacrifices involving leaving a warm bed to record the
words before they leave the mind (which always happens if I return
to sleep). Zzzzz.
PS I envisaged you on a tug on a salvage
operation - rather than a scooter trying to catch up. Funny how mind pictures work!

<Deleted User> (16837)

Thu 3rd Jan 2019 15:05

Good one D. It happens with everyone i guess. Sometimes i get hammered by words until i jot them down. Hilarious poem...n i just liked it 👍


Thu 3rd Jan 2019 15:01

Brillig I don't want to go back to work I want to stay and catch some more of this stuff D

We all here connect with this mate, of that I'm fairly certain.

Well caught and held old chum.


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