The Warmth Of The Sun

Here I stand, barefoot on the sand, on this beach as old as time,

Vaguely I wander and vaguely I ponder, where I should be drawing the line,

The warmth of the Sun, feeds the strength that was gone, from my body, my heart and my soul,

And in that warm feeling's a comfort that's healing and helping and making me whole,

And though I am lost and am here at great cost, I know this journey's not done,

I must find a way to move on this day, and make use of the warmth from theSun.


It touches me deep as it steadily sweeps 'cross its heavenly track in the sky,

It brightens my seeing and nurtures my being and it helps me to ask myself why,

Why I find myself here at this place where I fear that this journey could come to its end,

And why I'm perplexed that, what I must do next is, stand up and take the next bend,

I must take the next bend, the next road to its end, keep going 'til I've walked each one,

I must find a way to move on this day, and make use of the warmth of the Sun.


So I focus my mind and become less inclined to accept that my way ahead's gone,

I gather my pack, strap it firm to my back and prepare to push out and push on,

I make my nerves still and draw on my will and refuse to accept that I'm done,

With my spirit made whole I pick out a new goal, a new sight to set myself on,

But before I make haste to step on from this space, to embark from this place where I've come,

I will hold just a while, bow my head with a smile and give thanks for the warmth of the Sun.

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