Tomorrow Never Comes


Isn't it odd

that when we retire

we still have things

we don't get around to

even though we no longer work

or have busy schedules

there are still things

we never get accomplished

things that accumulate

because it's easier to put things off

to walk by them

pretend they don't exist

tomorrow is a wonderful excuse

not to do something

we can relax because

we put the task on a list

or made a stack on the corner of the desk

in a neat pile with a clip and a rubber band

and by so doing

avoid the task altogether

because we now have

more important things to do

like taking a nap

or looking out the window


when we put it off until tomorrow

it gives us an excuse

not to do it at all

tomorrow never comes.



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Don Matthews

Tue 15th Jan 2019 02:42

I gotta make some comment
dk in Aussie rhyme
Or else you will be wondering
Where has he gone this time?

This bloody blogslide moves so fast
I sometimes miss your verse
Admittedly I like naps
Wake up, sorry, curse 😎

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Trevor Alexander

Mon 14th Jan 2019 23:46

A complex subject that I struggle with, and any number of responses possible.

If it's important enough to us, we'll find a way to do it.

But there's quite a few items on bucket lists that should have been done when younger and fitter, so they don't get done. There's loads of places I'd like to have seen 'live', but I couldn't manage the journey nowadays.

And there's some cloud-cuckoo dreams that we'd never really do, so we 'rationalise' them away with procrastination. Like the Spanish and their talk of mañana, but I was born in Ireland, and we aren't as hasty as that.

Then maybe we shouldn't think so much about what we haven't done, and more about what we have done. And write about it.

All in all, a thought-provoking write. 👍


Mon 14th Jan 2019 16:50

I wish I had time to do nothing I never seem to get to the bottom of my list.... What? Yes Dear almost done, can I what?


Big Sal

Mon 14th Jan 2019 13:33

Procrastination is the enemy of motivation and making money. Even happiness in many, many instances.

Don't procrastinate. Rip the bandage off and let the wound heal.

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M.C. Newberry

Mon 14th Jan 2019 13:12

I enjoyed (and identified with) this theme and its tone of easy
resignation. Perhaps the difference between work and retirement
is the knowledge that it is one's OWN stuff that can be left for
another time - with no obligation or duty to another to get it done!
Unless you're married, perhaps?! But that's another story.

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