I Don't Know What To Make Of It

The empty seat aboard the Yellow Submarine

The journey unfolds, the future unseen

I ran into tomarrow with hair like James Dean's

The rumble of the Harley's rolling down the street

The bars hopping with the funk and the beat

well I don't know if she is alright

She could be a super freak

not like the ones who ware diamonds on the souls of their shoes

This one has nothing to lose

And if you have ever had those bell bottom blues and have been left crying

and you're looking for that shoulder to lean on

Then damn it, you lean on me

you just got to keep on believin'

waiting for that angel to be sent from above

waiting for cupid's arrow

to stare with the gaze of love

The moon light in my eye's

Like the beat to Super Freak

 you can't touch this

I used to wait down on main street just to watch her walk on pass

now in my arms, I hold you 

I stopped longing for the silks on the silver screen

no longer do I worry about my present's future nor do I dwell in its past

And I don't care if the sun don't shine, and the rain comes pooring down on me and mine

 we got something that will never grow old

It's better than silver and gold

silver and gold

Like the Ol' Mighty word

And that word being Bird

My heart flutters

Opened the doors 

Opened the shutters

I feel the touch of her warming heart

and her gentle scent that gets my mojo rising

now it is time

time to begin

begin again


(Various pledgerized song lurics)


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Mirror Mirror On The Wall ►


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New Shoes

Mon 28th Jan 2019 06:25

Good cat houses are hard to come by.
I don't think I know what I'm writing about anymore.
Write on Sir Po

Thanks for the comment


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Sat 26th Jan 2019 08:29

This mishmash of lyrics blends to the best cocktail I have tasted in many a bar crawl done many dead end alleyways and byways.

Its Like being woken by the warmth of the rising sun

It's name? Procol Ha rum


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