My Best Friend

"My best friend," now there's a term,

A name not given lightly,

To be called that, far as I'm concerned,

You have to have stood by me.


We'd need to have some history,

Some experiences as well,

Some intrigue and some mystery,

Some, "Tales that we could tell."


We must have laughed together,

We must have shed some tears,

We must have, "Had each others back,"

Both then and down the years.


We'd allow each other room to grow,

To explore, to expand,

Knowing, as we both do know,

That the other is at hand.


I'd rejoice to see you happy,

Because you're, "Family,"

Whether we are blood or not,

And I'd expect the same for me.


And your pain would be my pain,

Just as mine is yours,

And you'd forgive me my mistakes,

As I would yours, of course.


Because, "Best friendship's," are rare,

A thing that is hard won,

A thing that's locked in time and strife,

And joy and love and fun.


A thing that once it's given,

Once we've, "Travelled down that track,"

Means, no matter where we're driven,

There is no turning back.


A bond that's forged eternal,

That's cast and set in stone,

And even when we're lonesome,

In our hearts we're not alone.


And even if there's harsh words,

Disagreement grief or strife,

Or it's just that we don't talk for years,

You can trust me with your life.


Too much water's passed under that bridge,

We've gone too far down that track,

Forged in fire, set in stone,

I've always, "Got your back."

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Fri 8th Feb 2019 00:29

Great poem. Amazingly well put together.

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lisa donohoe

Fri 8th Feb 2019 00:19

I absolutely love this.
I am blessed and extremely lucky and privileged to say I have a bestfriend from day 16 into my life as im that many days older than her.(haha)
but threw thick and tin she stood by me and I her.
Their wore many ' I mean MANY times I acted in such a way that appalled her and made her cringe but she never ever treated me any differently and never ever let me down. And most certainly never allowed another to speak ill of me while not in my presence. She was always good, where as I got lost over the year's. the times I let myself down and her she was their 100% no questions asked...
I agree with you fully jay, to even call yourself a friend , you must act like one no matter what!!!!!
Its a title not all deserve.
This is well written with much meaning and wisdom. Well done ?

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Paul Sayer

Thu 7th Feb 2019 22:52

There are no such thing as strangers, only friends I have met yet.

As for 'best' friends... they are eternal.

And we sometimes miss out a whole lifetime together to let the other grow, Knowing they will be there waiting when we return.

I am saddened seeing the big guys comment here. We had to part, he needed to slow down to catch me up... He ran on ahead. I will wait for him.


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Jason Bayliss

Tue 29th Jan 2019 16:00

Thanks both,

These sort of friends are truly rare and whilst me and my best friends have, at times, had our differences. If the brown stuff hit the rotating thing I'd be there for them, I just hope they know that, because if there's one thing I'm not great at, it's saying it.

It also narks me when people use the term about someone they hardly know.?

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Tue 29th Jan 2019 15:29

Your definition is a good one Jason and a big ask. A rare thing indeed. A rapport with a person does not necessarily translate into these depths, as I have found out after 70 plus years.


Big Sal

Tue 29th Jan 2019 13:15

My best friend since 4th grade was supposed to be my best man at my wedding and never showed up.

Still haven't talked to him 2 years later.

I say "fuck friends" for myself, but I highly encourage everyone else to work at it until it comes to fruition.

Like you said, Jason, they are rare.?

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