The River

Though the years have passed between us, like a never ending flow,

We, two rocks, hem in the river, guiding it as best we know,

The water wears upon our surface, making cracks for all to see,

But though we're cracked and gently wearing, still we stand there, you and me.


At our flanks we've seen the banks that hold this torrent worn away,

And yet we stand our strength apparent, though it takes great strength to stay,

And though the tide of chill cold water, pulls hard at our very feet,

You and I stand in defiance, braced against the flow we meet.


The River runs, its current vicious, you and I stand edge to edge,

Knowing that one day its pressing will pull each from our thin ledge,

And if it wins and rolls you over, leaving me to stand alone,

I will stand as long as needed, then gently fall into the foam.


I will let go of this foothold, knowing truly as I do,

The river flows in one direction, to the open sea and you,

And knowing where this flow is going gives me peace, not fear, nor dread,

For one day we will share the ocean and we'll rest upon its bed.

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