Working The Angles

I need a little favour,

I need you to help me, 

But I'll have to, "Work the angles,"

To get you to agree.


I'll need to "Think 'round corners,"

To work out my way in,

To, "Plant a seed, lay a trail,"

To, "Get under your skin."


I need to, "Cast my line,"

I need to, "Get a bite,"

I know that I can, "Reel you in,"

If I get it just right.


I need to "Peak your interest,"

I need to make you see,

That it makes perfect sense for you,

To do this thing for me.


I need you to believe,

The idea was yours, not mine,

So I can say, "Well, if you're sure?"

And you'll respond, "It's fine."


I most need to ensure,

That all culpability,

Is yours, 'cos it was your idea,

And wasn't down to me.


I need you to believe it,

Of this you mustn't doubt,

I've already, "Worked the angles,"

And prepared my, "Blameless out."

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Jason Bayliss

Tue 22nd Jan 2019 14:05

Thanks mate, just, "Working The Angles."

Or am I?

Mwah haha haha ?

Big Sal

Tue 22nd Jan 2019 13:46

So, let me get this straight. . .

Just to iron things out a bit. . .

On this narrow path . . .

Man that's cool how you pack all these proverbs into your work, and they ALL pertain to the same thing. That shit is harder to do than alliteration OR rhyming.

Hell yeah!?

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