Words of The Waiting Man 27

I've been compliant to their commands
Just to end up with more of the same
Stop trying understand me it's going to hurt you
I spent morning, coughing out blood chasing after her
Just to find out that I'm killing her

What's the point I'm running out of time
Saying it just brings a smirk to my face
I've been planning it since I was 16
Let's look at the big picture my friend
I haven't lied to her since 2016 that would make me a bad politician I guess

The stupid song won't mean anything to her
But it has an underlying pessimistic side on me 
Damn I can't tell you anything now
Only that I'm over her 
If you want the proof listen to Now, Now prehistoric

I would trade this sleep for her
But it's been winter for 2 years
And the sun only comes out in forms of letters
They want me to trade my freedom for a suit and tie
But I've got this Lighthouse to watch

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Mae Foreman

Sun 27th Jan 2019 22:21

"And the sun only comes out in forms of letters" Wow.
You're getting there Damon and when you do I bet the world is gonna be in awe of you.
Thank you?

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