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What if we manage ourselves, 
We play extra time
And we both ref, 
What if we decide the lineman? 

What if I omit lonely from thine chambers, 
What if sadness is rid off, 
What if no one is able to fill this space, 
What if my rainbow isn't complete Without your daffodils? 

What if I meet your quest, 
What If I'm the map to your shape, 
What if your happiness is within, 

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At sight of pointed lights,
With wavy fanny, 
Faces of Xmas lights, 
Movement of a walking zebra, 

We backslide.

Ribs we found by the river,
Like a hunter, 
We wowed, 
Oliver Twist right behind 

We backslide.

A bethel we found, 
Gathering we joined 
Sacred dissemination made, 
Within we were whole, 
But then,

We backslide.

Life made of bills, 
Excess care on it's draft

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Deceptive Beauty

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Bank epitome of radiant 
Street symmetrical of it's time
Dainty talk of town
Bread of homo sapiens dream

Pulchritude made and ends in it
Zero competition before any
With the invitation smile,
Structure tempts any it come across
Zero zero hours the favorite

TV for the public,
Root parts for those that can reach
Hind quarters, visa free
At 30th, it looks 16th
A companion to nat...

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Black And White

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I clamor on the street 
Watch it wave like trees
I knew I wasn't free
Life is becoming a bee

I walk far from homeland 
Became a pathfinder 
The leaves round me are brown
Need walk to green land 

Home became a security lane 
Walk miles to sustain 
They watches like I'm insane 
With guards that constrain 

Land fully rich with milk and honey 
My Thoughts yawn to sow
My feelin...

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Mad House

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As I watch from a far, 
I saw everything in the yard
Some living jobbery
Streets struggling patiently 

I saw the streets fighting for meal
From the little portion seal,
The house task
Makes living a tax

Streets determine their happiness 
With dreads like Palm threads
Stripes like zebras 
The house deprives

Bridges meant for them
From there they control the ocean 
Little at...

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The One

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At first sight, I temperate 
I couldn't stand it than concentrate 
The figures aren't eight,
But I appreciate 

I knew she is the one
I changed my gait 
My thoughts I demonstrate
So, I articulate 

There wasn't time to cast lot
I was already hot 
I knew she's the one
I have to do more

The price larger than a gate,
My thought is on fate
While awaits tryst date,
I make the mi...

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The quest to mingle,
Makes everything tangled 
Mortal a jungle
The fight a battle

Wander journey to town free
Not even water to grow tree
Breath isn't what you see
Much focus, looks like sea

Drive of a thing and passion 
Alone with emotion 
Knock knock, temptation 
Thoughts the invitation 

A standing ladder for all
Time determine the hall
Even while standing tall
The gate won'...

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Alone with my thoughts 
The breez blew you in
I thought it was love 
Never knew it will hurt

We both walked together 
Start the race with laughter 
Peddling to keep pressure 
Hoping to finish with pleasure 

At the beginning it seems fair
Enjoyed moonlight sphere
But distance came and stare
The game became weird 

Was foolishly blind by daffodil 
Walking with daze
It must ha...

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The Care

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Like the air, I'm everywhere
Stare the move like the sky
Feel the vibration as the ground 
Like a security no dreams
Mirror like Water does

Irritates many a time
Difficult to haft like slime
Harden like rime
Lie again and again 

Many out there
Allures all around 
Tempting they look
But I look not

Many offer with choice
Attached with price
Attracts the eye
I welcomed them not


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Government Of The Heat

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The jungle life 
Kill or be killed
At alert always or be blamed for it
Move alone and become a gunner
Government of the heat

Little freedom in your territory 
But doesn't last long
Those with flat foots will assail 
Give them everything still won't be ok
Always insatiable they are

Followed you everywhere 
Know your every move 
Their job is to protect 
Now devour and claim 

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The Appreciation

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When u thought they're gone, 
U hear the sound of their tone
Their audio still echoes

When the visual is no more
FB brings it closer more
To form an audio note

When it's forgettable, 
FB makes it memorable 
And a reminder sent through the universe 

They came knocking 
More wishes than ever 
Too much love shown 

The love is arouse again 
Much care in the air
The universe ...

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How pretty they look 
With the most amazing body
Figures all over embody
Most precious with good tidy 
But exposes it to the environment 
Calls it fashion 

Club doings, fun allowed 
Men chilling, cash swimming 
Guys look good in spraying 
Body rap in expensive attires
Babes roaming expose
Strippers with nude figures 

Body flounce out with fashion 

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You saw how we live 
You became jealous 
The way we are close
And you became envious 
Our affairs drives you insane 

The love we practice 
Makes you wish
Our disputes are undisclosed 
That makes you uncomfortable 
The way we walk in the street,
Makes you look like a witch

I admire a pretty girl in the street 
My lady knows of it either ways 
I received a visitor and you became a s...

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Empty Treasury

When they keep roaming about
Know something is coming aloud
They will share a plate with thee for now
All for something that you can't see around 
Once they gets hold of it, boom! they land

Much disbursement on franchise 
Lot of buy buy to appease
Too much bank drafts in the street 
But they accumulates back to the teeth
All for proper usage overseas 

After ascending the throne, 

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Don't Say Goodbye

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The first time, we were strangers 
I tried all i could for attention 
But it looks like an intrusion 
But beliefs keeps me coming on
For I have never felt this way for anyone 

Our first date was like a jackpot 
Everyone could see the emotion
Facing you wasn't an easy move
My saliva almost left me 
I was speechless for I ran out of my rehears words 

The first peck left me in a state...

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The Irreplaceable

Life of ups and down 
Some going others coming 
Some trading others buying 
Some hating others loving
Survival of the fittest, 
All for a life

Happy at home with the circle 
But series of nags all day long 
Respect lost in the circle 
All for lack of supplies 
But finally, there came a task 
Now away from the circle 

Acquired a lot but no space 
Lot of wealth but no peace
The cir...

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The Question

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Under the sun and in the rain,
Performing franchise yet life is stagnant 
Under the sun and in the rain,
Serving the land for 365 days
Yet life isn't fair 
What are we waiting for? 

Unfulfilled promises from them
But promises are nothing in our land
Life overseas for their offsprings
But the foolish perish over token
What are we waiting for? 

Unpaid salaries from them 
But trilli...

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Outside World


The outer surface is beautiful
He comes out good and colourful
The followers are not stressful
But respectful to have a handful
No one understand the inside world,
All they see is the outside world

He laughs not because he's happy
He clubs not because he wants to
He has a family not because he has enough
He doesn't give not because he's selfish
All they see is the outside world


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It's been a while,
It's taking too long
Instead of waxing away,
It's getting too strong

Memories are when I could still hold you
But far away you are now
Broken is the inner most part,
Feelings becoming too ample to bear

Lonely is my note
Even when the pen is much around,
But of what use is the pen,
When the ink is far away?

The moonlight keeps glowing
The air keeps blowing

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Echoes of terror

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He always called him his life
Little did he know until the 
day he last saw him
They were walking side by side
And there came the echoes of terrors
Like that of third world war 

Woke up in her harms, 
Confused and lost 
She called him her life
Others were moving on, 
They have to move on
For the other side is greener

He missed him a lot, But she's around and always calls him h...

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We Are Humans

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We Are Humans




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