11 Justice

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11 – Justice Order and Justice


Despite the random-ness of the life, and inevitable wheel of change there are somethings that you can rely on in this world and that is a certainty of Order and Justice.

 Here the Fool will learn that even though we live in a world of complete change and utter chaos there will always be a calmness after the storm. A stillness within oneself that grants us the quietness needed in order to realign our spirituality within our humanity and find some form of tranquillity that resides within us.

The Fool has already learnt that change is inevitable and will always continue to happen on his path to enlightenment but here he will learn that no matter what there is such a thing as Justice and Order which will play an important role in his life.

As the cycle of life keeps turning Justice reminds the Fool that there is a certain equilibrium to this enlightened ways of life and of course there is always accountability for one’s own action. This is where Justice will teaches the Fool the value of fairness and the value of accountability. Here he will be reminded of the role Karma plays in his life and this is where the Fool will stand face to face with the responsibility and accountability of his actions. Every action causes a reaction and Justice is here to remind the Fool of his responsibilities towards the enlightened way of life, which is to find the order within his life and Justice will show the Fool that there is a certain kind of balance that needs to be taken into consideration.

Justice is here to teach the Fool that there are certain moral laws to follows within this Divine path of self-discovery and the Fool must come to understand that there is consequences to upsetting this balance and order of the universe and these laws of the universe also applies to him. This is where the Fool learns that Morality lives in the minds and hearts of us all, so therefor there is a certain amount of mortality that needs to be upheld in order to function in a stable, fair and just environment and to that he has a responsibility as an enlightened soul to maintain that order within his chaotic mundane existence.  


Interpretation: When this card appears in a reading it may represent to the seeker that no matter what Justice will be served and that there is no escaping the laws of Karma. This card reminds us that Karma plays a big part of our everyday existence and when doing wrong there is a certain amount of accountability that needs to be taken in consideration for ones actions. Perhaps some form of wrong doing has recently accrued and this is now upsetting the natural balance of one’s everyday way of thinking, so some form of order needs to be re-established in their lives so they can function again. When Karma strikes she can really upset the balance of one’s life and ones mind-set to the point of utter chaos and destruction, but this card reminds the seeker that Justice will bring consequence to those who react negatively to the situation, either the seeker or those close to the seeker will be held accountable for what they have done.

Yet this card also indicates that even after all the chaos, there is a calmness after the storm and order will need to be re-established so that everyone effected by the destruction can breathe again.

However choices need to be made in order to carry on moving forward so this card can indicate to the seeker that it is time to come to those decision in your life and that you must weigh up all the factors in order to make a reasonable, balanced and thoughtful decision to the situation at hand. You must deliberate carefully and examine your conscience so that you can consider all points of view, while also keeping in considerations the laws of Karma and consequence apply to everyone.

Justice may also indicate that you will be entering into some form of legal proceedings and that legal matters will proceed in a fair manner. It could also indicate that the situation may be brought to justice and that justice will finally be served. Justice will prevail for those guilty so if you feel you have wronged or been wronged by someone then the repercussions of it all will soon be apparent. 

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