When I am Rich

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When I am rich


When I am rich I will build a house

in Casals’ country of refuge from Spain.

With a view of the snows on Le Canigou

And a garden fenced with cactusses, which fruits I shall pick to eat

With fennel in the wild garrigue and thyme and rosemary

And the blue Dyers Alkanet in the sand

And the South will blow sunshine to me from the sea.


So yearly the large birds will fly over

To their nests in my old home

And the small birds will nest in the tamarisk, the pines and the reeds

 the hirondelles will cloud to zoom and twist and dart and wind

around the orange tiles where the lizards hide -

In the spring I will count the flowers and the papillons

And Spain will blow sunshine to me over the wild Pyrenee


And we will wander the reedy river under tall bamboo

to see Purple Heron, Flycatchers and Bee Eaters

Or take the bus to Prades and run up Le Canigou for fun

and tiptoe like cats in dangerous places

or sit in the square drinking café-noisette and pression

And the sun will drift out of the sea to our bed.


And we will lie in the quiet room.

while the swifts wheel shrilling about the church

and the evening bats cry under the eaves

and the music of the sky will fill our eyes with colour

and we will not be needing the house

and the warm Tramontane will blow us out to sea for ever.

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Martin Elder

Fri 11th Jan 2019 23:06

I don't where this is Alan, but Keith is absolutely right with this. It certainly makes me want to be there where ever it is.
Nice one

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Alan Travis Braddock

Fri 11th Jan 2019 22:54

Thank you Keith. We went there for 3 years in succession but I'll never be able to live there. So really this is just a dream. Oh well , can't win them all.....

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keith jeffries

Fri 11th Jan 2019 17:42

A poem which takes the reader along with the poet every step of the way on such an idyllic description of a much loved place.

Thank you for this.


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