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What Does It All Mean?

Live life today,
Like there's no tomorrow,
So forget about the pain,
And embrace the sorrow,
Life is a struggle,
That we all go through,
Searching for deeper meaning,
And contemplating whats true,
Beauty and complexity,
A trip through the divine,
It can't be mere coincidence,
It was done by design,
At first we are taught this is it,
The material is all that's there,
Then what is my purpose?
And why should I care?
Bitterness starts to build up,
And then the pain starts to follow,
A grueling vacuous numbness,
Leaving my chest burning hollow,
One night something happened,
It left more than a scar,
I was running from the cops,
And got ran over by a car,
Nearly losing my life,
And everything in it,
Gave me a deeper understanding,
And that my mortality had limits,
Sometimes I'll sit and ponder,
And I'll start to cry,
I ask GOD why me?
Why didn't I die?
HE responded without a voice,
And it changed my paradigm,
My body needed to be broken,
So that my spirit could realign,
I'm sorry for my ignorance,
Cause life is truly precious,
Vibrations and frequency rising,
I have become more conscientious.


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