My group

In search of a place where she can be her authentic self for so long .

 It Has left her constantly moving on.

In hope and faith she finds her place as she has landed in groups that wore a disgrace.

Time stood still but she did not mind.

She had her faith that her angels will find a home that she belongs too full of writer's and poets.

They helped her forget those who dont know it 'nor show it.

An understanding for words that are pure and loving. 

She found a place that stopped her from running.

Write out do you do

Im super grateful for being apart of you.

The group is kind and not judgemental

Their advice you wont get on Any rentals. 

Its comes from a place deep within

Their criticism is welcome upon my chin.

The loving vibes are warm and tender

Each one of you make my thoughts surrender.. 

The words they flow and its all thanks to po 

For he has opened his wisdom to me and now I write this so happily.

Thank you x


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lisa donohoe

Wed 9th Jan 2019 01:27

Such a lovely response from a caring soul, thank you so much john. I appreciate your comment alot 😃

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John Marks

Tue 8th Jan 2019 14:16

Your enthusiasm is, I hope, infectious. Try not to worry about your dyslexia. The English spelling system makes no sense and a few different spellings does not impede communication. Your meaning is clear. Good luck with your writing!


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