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Spare a thought as he comes amongst you

prepared to burst like a boil of hate

on the line he crossed many times

between sanity and that other place

he had to face,

to live his life in the shadow of death revived

knowing the price he has paid

for being witness to exploded breath

spare a thought for him

the one who came out of the storm of fire

remember him



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And the great and good of every country held an assembly

never the like of which had been seen before:


Consorts, despots, legitimately voted leaders,

church representatives, tribal gurus,

shamans, every nut and bolt of power gathered there

on a beacon lit hilltop, with no security presence


at a propitious time in the calendar decided upon by wise men

in their small u...

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When the sunrise loses hope

birds stop singing,

an aura gathers around the rim


then there's too much remembering

looking back for answers

which never come,


only questions that hang in the air

then sink down with secrets

in the blood red setting sun.

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Take the Stannah Stairlift to Paradise,

now wouldn't that be nice,

fitting included in the price.

Sitting there with slippers on

watching the downstairs rooms receding,

a quiet hum as the clouds drift by.


Stoked up on medicated bliss

life could never be better than this.


As the landing hoves into view

wallpaper looking down at you

to meet and greet the carpe...

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The drop in centres were dropped,

post offices closed,

banks blanked off,

supermarkets fully automated,

high street stores awaiting budget announcements,

benefits savagely cut,

surgeries under threat,

local bus routes severed.


      The community relief specialist paused

      near a gap in static traffic

      to check a crumpled heap,

      spotted a note wh...

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I thought the entering knife was bad

until I saw a bullet wound,

photographed in black and white

as when a life is ripped apart.


In the darkness of emotion

held securely in case of threat,

lies the answer to man's endeavour

for war to drive the body apart.


Such is the game that pulls men in

with all the weight of industry behind,

all its trickery and enterpr...

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