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I used to sit and watch the sea

its closeness to eternity

with all my thoughts centred on self

in a rush, in a rush

like the waves' rough and tumble

of seeming confusion -

an endless discussion;

neither the sky nor the water gave way

yet all the elements had their say.


For myself encased in a world without end

my lonely voices would never blend

until I disco...

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In the twilight zone of the home

news has just arrived from Bellatrix

so I am told.

It says the tea was weak today.

Nobody could explain it away,

nor how the security locks could be disabled

by judicious use of medication and Aesop's Fables.


I saw the book on the communal shelf

next to the maxi remote control

which was used for communication I was told

to contact...

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They came as one in their big black shoes,

ties whose patterns like newsprint

told the big story.

It was time......

(now is always the time in their world).


Under their arms the black book

shone with the weight of lead

and lights shone in their heads

as they welcomed you to dark dramas

only they could begin to explain.

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I shall write crap

about tickle and slap,

no detail spared

anatomically shared.


Bad taste no longer embarrassing

a close second to online harassing

the obvious answer

to pull the punters.


That's the way to go

to stimulate the poetry flow

and fuck inspiration up the arse

using the simple device of a cock

such endless pleasure to unlock.


It's no ...

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Fathers celebrated everywhere

it's only right they should have a card

an identity with loving thoughts

firmness and fairness shining through

to seal the bond

from early days to the great beyond


but I must stand aside

my stepsons otherwise engaged

as the rule of Kings and earthly things

still binds by blood

what I can't give

as long as all of us shall live.

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She thought them childish

and once they were

as we rolled them along the carless gutters

of a yesteryear


and watched them clink and bounce

with skilled abandon

then pocket them.


Yes, I suppose that was childish

but the memory is clear

and now again I see them

all bubbling up at me:


languid glass,



and tell her how can roll ...

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We'd like to be the jigsaw piece

that fits into the bigger picture

making sense of pointlessness

to make another life complete.


There's wonder in it, how it works

your future designed with that in mind

yet  it happens often without a plan

when you fold the fingers of another's hand.


Sadly puzzles being what they are

back in a box you go at last

leaving a mem...

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Knowing he'd not got long to go

his best friend asked him

what would really make his day,

and if he could help in any way

to lift his ailing spirits.


    "A prostitute!" was his immediate reply

    and so his friend found a comely maiden

    strong of eye, fair of figure,

    of enigmatic nature,

    soft of speech, a kindly soul.


When she heard the friend's...

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