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Cometh the thief in a restless search

to steal your breath away.

Angels in white ward off the night

at the end of a precious day. 


In dreams we sense this furtive beast

faceless with its lance

tripping the light fantastic

on its sly and sure advance. 


So wear that mask, wash those hands

protect the NHS

for how long we can ward it off

is anybody's guess. 

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Russell Sprout was rather stout

as wide as he was tall.

His appearance was hysterical

verging on the spherical,

exactly like a ball. 


As marmite's not to everyone's taste

while others seem to love it,

Russell drew a parallel

with some put off by a rotting smell

while others rose above it. 


In one thing he was much admired

and worthy of a mention

his gr...

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Don't go near the trains my boy

don't go near the trains

they'll carry you off in a puff of smoke

and we'll never see you again. 


Stay away from cars son

stay away from cars

they'll run you down for sure son

they're sure to run you down. 


Don't go near the water lad

water 'll take you away

water 'll take you away my son

we don't want you to drown. 



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