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Don't even think about it - that's my advice

but who listens to that?

certainly not me, though it's all my idea

thinking of DIY at seventy eight. 

I'm nursing my wounds just now

and re - grouping as my energy falls

it's all about screws and nails

twisting and shouting with pain and frustration

trying to match the plan with the dream

of proud completion, standing back


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The last two summers had brought  false widows

out onto window sills, eaves and sundry surfaces

 hunched up or splayed according to chance.

The summerhouse, home to a cocoon, was overstacked

with tiered objects that I occasionally disturbed

to reveal  dark access points musty from winter damp,

half obscured  by jaundiced plastic windows

turned opaque by years of heat.



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There's gladness in the crowd

but also the sublime madness of worship

and of freedom, subordination too

to something somehow superior

an outpouring overdue. 


There's the unsung song stirring again

the serving horses, the unquestioning

of the display under control,

pecking orders strategically followed,

even the skies look up,

and those in the know

will say thi...

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Dear Queen I'm ten years old

and I like you a lot

and also Dear Queen my mum is forty

she's also a fan.

My Dad liked the Duke of Edinburgh.

My brother is keen as well

and likes all the royals,

and Dear Queen

my cousin is twelve and is also a fan

and my sister likes Prince Harry. 


Dear Queen i'm ten years

in case you have forgotten Ma'am

my uncle is fifty, h...

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