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"Masochistic lonely widow

seeks rip off merchant

for sex and violation.

Anything goes, leading to

deprivation of funds.

Has previous experience of con men

unlimited private income,

can spot a liar a mile away.

Enjoys the charade of brief courtships

the sharing of company.

I always carry a weapon. "

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They come home

pleading with wild eyes;

and every time you lose them

you miss them even more,


with each haunting welcome them back

as though they would always be there

reliving your despair.

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Up, up the raven flies

from the Tower's scaly height,

and in its coal black downward view

the Thames is shrouded

as low slung day

turns to charcoal night.


This he sees:

Sailing ships are scuttling

encrusting the sun's last rays

the spines of wharves close - pressed

for all the world's commercial gaze.


Matelot and lashkar dark and fair

come to Chinatown...

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In Maryland, in Maryland

Freddie Foreman had a pub

had a pub in Maryland.


In that pub

plans were laid.

Frank Mitchell dumped into the channel

not under concrete as some suspected,


No evidence was ever found.

The story finally ran to ground

courtesy of Freddie himself,

double jeopardy let him off

although he'd already done some time.


Confession the...

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I read my poem in retrospect

my response to his comment

a show of respect

for his trouble taken,

the sharp eye for detail

well thought out



his comment taken down.


And then I realized my friend was gone

no trace remaining

of his welcome song,

the stuff of his life

his wit and wisdom

removed as if it had never been,

the space era...

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It's good not to understand things

wise to have some doubt,

frustrating though it may be

to those who've worked things out.


For them the game is over

ahead and yet behind

while you in golden searching

have so much left to find.

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