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Fields are seeded with bricks and dust

into sterile rows, fast tracked they rise

to vex the spirit, damn the eyes

with promises for a brighter future

seeds that flourish in the developers' pot. 


A showhouse lights the eager way

where saplings attend in vivid green,

a man with tablet is often seen

with figures ready on a folding screen.


Flocks of birds have turn...

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I scoff them in the kitchen

I scoff them in the lounge,

scoff them in the dining room

i'm always on the scrounge.


I drop them while distracted

I drop them where I can,

never even notice

I have no eating plan.


I scoff them in the cinema

it's quite expected there,

I drop them in the foyer

no one turns a hair. 


In my flaky moments

the house become...

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