I hadn't seen her for some time

but the dolls in her pram hadn't changed.

She had got older of course,

more haggard,

but still the nurturing went on

willing herself into the background,

her dedication a flight from reality.


She seemed to have taken to the streets

since her low key cafeteria was glammed up

throwing a spotlight on her entourage,

raising more questions

than there were answers for. 




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Sat 2nd Feb 2019 16:50

Desmond, thanks for liking this.

Martin, sad to say, I never saw anyone talking to this lady; I don't think she appeared to invite that. It would be awkward I suppose and that's really a shame. I don't judge as I'm not qualified, I think that leaves a sense of wonder open. Others may and often do of course, Thanks.

Thank you Po for checking this out. Often you find those who stand out, and yet need privacy in some way, a contradiction and a quandary.


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Fri 1st Feb 2019 20:25

There is a man in and around the streets of Norwich who this poem reflects 100%

I love observational poetry.

Great job


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Martin Elder

Fri 1st Feb 2019 19:32

This would appear to be someone who is in a time warp and completely happy with it, despite all others changing around her. I love the fact that does not seem to be an judgement in this.
Nice one Ray

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