That First Day

From the first day that I picked you up, the day that you were born,

I felt the bonds between us tied, the link between us drawn,

The contract that says, "You come first, no matter what the price,"

From that day on I swore that I'd make any sacrifice.


I'd sacrifice my life for yours, my hopes, my needs, my dreams,

I'd take on any strife and chores to satisfy your needs,

I'd take the world apart for you and build it back again,

I'd guide you from the land of boys into the world of men.


That first day was so long ago, yet feels like yesterday,

And in the time between it seems that we've both lost our way,

'Cos even though I worked so hard and took on every task,

I assumed that I had done enough, but didn't stop to ask.


I concentrated so hard on the duties of each day,

On making sure that you were safe while sleeping or at play,

I tried so hard to measure up to the role I thought I had,

That I managed as your Father and forgot to be your Dad.


I'm sorry that I didn't see the things I probably ought,

I promise what I, "Thought was best," was always how I thought,

But I know now it was not enough, I should have given more,

'Cos I wish you and I could talk the way we did before.


Look, I will always love you, but not always get it right,

Try and help you through the darkness, stand beside you in the light,

I'll always love the little boy I held on that first day,

And respect the man who grew up and put childish things away.


One day this will be your job and  I'm sure you'll do it well,

You'll hold your child on that first day and fall under its spell,

And it will make you laugh and cry, and it will drive you mad,

But you'll know it was all worth it when you hear, "I love you Dad."

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Jason Bayliss

Sat 19th Jan 2019 11:03

Thanks Jennifer, it is the hardest, most heartbreaking and most rewarding, joyous job in the world, but I think as long as you can laugh and talk, you're probably doing alright.

jennifer Malden

Fri 18th Jan 2019 15:42

Lovely poem - really moving. It's almost impossible to be a mother/father and a Mum or a Dad in the sense I think you mean. The real core of parenthood is that you loved the little boy and now respect the man.


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