Devils domain

An idle mind is the perfect work shop for the beast.

You may cook meals

But you'd never invite him to the feist.

dont give him power to plant those seeds of weeds. 

Keep your garden for the prettiest of things like birds and the bees and great tall tree's.

 vision them nesting ' flying and growing.

Life is about truly knowing and showing.

 be productive as much as you can and he can no longer Can take you by the hand.

Open your soul and talk talk talk.

Feeling lost ' go on that walk.

Make your bed and do it with pride.

Keeping busy is so worthwhile.

Feelings wash up on the worrying shore and you become aware he cant influence you no more. 

Never be still or stop what your doing

For the beast enjos the mental screwing.

Look to your angel's for needed motivation

Then spread your wisdom to all of God's creation.

Be thankful and honest and always polite. Know that your stronger and vision the light.

An idle mind is your own worst fear 

So fuck the beast because you are still here.



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lisa donohoe

Sat 12th Jan 2019 15:37

For his greatest accomplishment was convincing he is not real, when in fact its your kind hearted soul he is here to steal... The worries and struggles we face each day are because of his tribe he sent our way..
Remaining positive is the key for our souls to in fact be set free.. Love and light to you all


Fri 11th Jan 2019 23:02

…"Feelings wash up on the worrying shore and you become aware he cant influence you no more..."

Yer! This.



Big Sal

Fri 11th Jan 2019 20:00

Nice title, and I love the last line, Lisa.🌷

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