The Beauty of The Past

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I'm tangled
it's not worthy to be welcomed
strange you greet me gently
while you are so beautiful sheen
I deserve to be friends with you

you said softly
in awe of beautiful letters
printed on the news sheet
I'm so happy in blushing
a series of initial phrases of longing

you save my simple series of poems
I also keep you beautiful in me
staring at my daydream about us
talking in a joking atmosphere

when desire wants to be real closer
you just want us to be friends
you want us only in my poetry
but I hope you are more than that

I am friends again
with a series of beautiful words now
the face of my admiration for you
in the inner dance
where can I meet you
I want to fly to the past

Solo-Indonesia, Sat, 22nd December 2018. 10:20 pm
'with love and peace'
Suko Waspodo

ilustr: Basoeki Abdullah


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