14 Temperance

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14 – Temperance Integrity/Self Control.


Having confronted Death the Fool now comes face to face with Temperance. Here he defines his Integrity, perspective and as well as better defends his Divine balance even further. Learning to maintain one part of him in the Divine world of the unknown and the other part of him firmly stable in his mundane reality, truly knowing and understanding the difference between good and evil.

 Here he will also come to understand the virtue of Temperance and also learn the value of personal restraint. Once again the Fool will come to learn very valuable lessons and here he will learn that all things come in moderation, including moderation itself. He will find virtue in patience and with this patience he will transcend even further through the divine methods of mediation. Temperance comes to show the Fool the values of obtaining inner restraint and also to find some form of security through careful management of himself as Temperance shows the Fool that all things are possible if he puts enough effect and faith into whatever he decides to do. The Fool learns that with the aid of a Divine influence and the understanding of the unknown he is able to master anything he puts his mind to. Here he learns his true strength and power through practicing restraint from the temptation of his mundane world and also learning to practice restraint from the temptation of using his divine gifts for the wrong reasons. Balancing all things within moderation.

 His enlightened way of understanding not only himself but those around him has granted him more diversity and capability to continue moving forward diligently and productively.

For here he will learn that with self-control anything is possible, even mastering what was once thought to be the impossible. Here he learns that self-indulgence in anything can be very dangerous and often lead to a lot of disappointment and destruction if not use wisely.


Interpretation: This card indicates a sensible balancing and intermingling of different elements to create something new. To find a balance within oneself so that you can overcome that which holds you back from achieving your hearts desires. This card tells the seeker that they should learn to find some form of restraint and balance within oneself, else self-indulgence will get the better of you.

This card can also indicate to the seeker that something in there life maybe spiralling out of control and causing a lot of disruption in their psyche, so this card then tells the seeker that they will now need to learn to gain control over themselves with patience and a lot of self-restraint. Perhaps the mind and the heart are not working as one and you feeling lost and confused about your situation.  Although this card tells the seeker that through mediation and divine intervention one can achieve a balance in all things, telling the seeker that without such a balance and practicing of restraint in every aspect of their life, it can and will take you by surprise and leave you feeling utterly dissolute. You need to obtain some form of security though figuring out what is truly going on around you so that you can finally find stability within your world. Just remember all things come in moderation and self-indulgences can be very dangerous if not kept in check.

Although, note how Temperance stands with one foot in the water and the other on land? This tells you that it is time to combine all the carried forces into one area of focus, while maintaining moderation and wise management as the keys to your success.

This card may indicate a new relationship or partnership has been bought about by harmonious and co-operative actions but you need to careful not to allow this new relationship or partnership to run away with you. Patience is a virtue in many things and this card is now telling you that you need to learn to practice some patience in your relationship as well as your life and not continue to self-indulgence, forgetting your true meaning as to why you are in the relationship in the first place.

This card is telling you that you will need to learn to live a moderate lifestyle and not one that is above your means. 

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