Losing Personal Interaction

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Losing Personal Interaction


I wonder if the human race it will ever

Live to one day and regret

The march towards it's entire existence

Controlled by the powerful internet?


Soon it will be possible to transact

All your business without leaving home

There'll be no reason to go out your front door

No reason to go out and roam


Having been brought up on human interaction

As a way I have lived all my life

I find it confronting and frightening

This direction could bring with it strife


People will become isolated and lonely

More deficient in human interaction

They'll lose the ability to communicate

With each other, in face to face action


As a child of the 50's I remember

The shopkeepers all knew our names

A free biscuit, fritz slices were given

We connected each day in our games


Getting dressed up and going to town

To the big department stores was a treat

People milling round by the hundreds

Talking and greeting who they'd meet


We all need this personal interaction

With people, a little, each day

I know things are gradually changing

But I hope it never completely fades away


Don Matthews December 2018


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M.C. Newberry

Fri 18th Jan 2019 16:02

Clearly, human interaction depends on where and when. The
streets of Delhi are not comparable with those of Tunbridge Wells.
Too much of a good thing can be as unhealthy as too much of a bad thing. So let's settle for a little of what you fancy does you good.
I am content to chat to my local acquaintances of whatever sort
but not too much or too often. Another adage comes to mind:
familiarity breeds contempt. Who wants to meet the town bore - let alone be thought of as one?! As for the Internet: I was a late
arrival but let me say this -
I have no intention to be rude
But I rather like my solitude;
To view the world on a glowing screen
To see but yet remain unseen.
(Unless you are the social type
Who can then log on to Skype!)

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