Bottle neck blues

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A terrible thing happened today.

She took her life and went away. 

Her rickety car matched her blonde hair.

Wild and more than a little desperate.

She is a nightingale ghost singing to me of the insanity

Of leaving young parents to bring up children isolated

With no help from anybody. Her voice echoes

Across the years of coping, scraping by; while

The rich old have money untold. We should fly

Secret kites on secret nights just to see our children

Smile, forget their troubles, be happpy for a while,

Singing like the blessed mighty nightingale.

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lisa donohoe

Mon 4th Feb 2019 09:59

So sad yet so beautifully written ??

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Mae Foreman

Mon 4th Feb 2019 09:07

"We should fly secret kites on secret nights...!" Secret gem I say! Shouldn't stay secret! Aside from that, terrible thing..."took her life and went away". Sorry for quoting you instead of trying to analyze but when the poetry is so good I feel like literal words are redundant.
Thank you?

Big Sal

Thu 31st Jan 2019 12:19

A few years ago a lady from a couple towns over near here drove her SUV full of her kids and nephews/nieces off a cliff trying to kill everyone. Only like 2 of the children survived, and the fact that they knew their aunt tried to take them out would then live with them for the remainder of their lives.

I only hope they got the help they needed.

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