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In Thomas Hardy's Wessex


he goes as the crow flies
she in her own fashion

how slowly she approaches
the huddled herd lain for warmth 
spirals about the persuasive mass
she will decide when to abandon them

he sketches spires and hedges
she knows the edible mushrooms dell

he will see her before they meet
his hand in the fire by choice
in silent frost-grey morn
who has the power cannot be said

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Lullaby For The Dying

That's me
swung on the climbing bars like
a hero from tales of long ago
lost or won the battles
more forgotten than remembered

Unconscionably fortunate am I-
I have a new history, the one I love
steers close as on a river and all 
the banks are green

Light mesmeric but reflects itself
dazzles and pleases where
illusion fails to cool the air
no attitude ungreens contours
lay down t...

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Leave the door open
for me to take what I like
like a poem
and I'll not frame you
as the final scene
feel free to whisper my name
hold back the winds
let's keep this valley, its sirens, quiet
for after all we know well enough 
it's a storm in a teacup
Thankyou kindly you wait so long
I know you have so much for me
for you I have a whole world 
under my ephe...

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Another Attempt

The Truth-
I am an octopus
carried up and down in truth
an unborn child immersed
with no need to speak of
the truth

who has truth conjoined with proof?
they don't rhyme well except
for impatient men, for them
proof is of the past, there has been a test
now truths in the pocket
tumble safe as coins

look up to the blackboard
constellations to be named
plough, macaw, rhishi, which w...

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Unless They Are Idiots


I am an indian bewildered with surviving, like millions I have nothing.

Before I sleep I dream, speeding out of the cloud, a line of windows.

And if it could be, my relatives near and far

to see the fertile world, smooth as a billiard ball.

They'd see no lines drawn on the globe.

Wheresoever we meet again on earth, I pray,

 they'll be sure of all they now hesitate to affirm.

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As foreseen the lion's jaw widens
and through it's moment of perfection
becomes a teapot losing its lid
in the nature of clouds to alter and collide
up there are examples to follow for the while
my small print checking weevil
becomes your firebrand cuckoo
faces slam into mountainsides
and palaces lost to the landslide 
leave mere quills from the goose
bountifully high white pillows

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The Englishman Made Himself A Shed

The facts lay spread out
like a liner launched on film
the Englishman looked where
it all made sense, to him
the young lady he'd found, who'd found him,
found it all added up to her
time was made- as it should be,
allowing that they should learn

The englishman made himself a shed
his specialism he refined
young lady too specialised 
their common ground was never mind
and how they con...

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Drunken Sailor


The crew read the heavens above as a chart 
and below the barely moving moonlit waves.
Some poets take up their pens to write.
Seasoned wood and strong ropes creak in the hush
and SPLASH- a young lad meets the ocean.
But why?

He believed the heavens to be more than a chart
and he proved himself the ocean is deep.
Afraid the bards had festered, he would only go
his own way.

Now I...

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Incredible that he should broadcast bread 
to keep them all singing, shoelaces tied, 
for here is a man out of favour with his love.
Fascinating grain in dusty floorboards 
won't stretch to advice, but look he must 
for he is a man out of favour with his love.

He is not a teacher, but could help you,
even of his pain. Just a dazed poet
behind sunglasses, out of favour with his love.

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Sea City


Another sea-city has grown up
sand upon sand, what else
stirrings of the deep so loud
it is a wall and little else

of designs fantastic and outlandish
made to survive their day in the heart
here is the latest-

channels open to the sea,
whose crashes, sprays and roars
move closer

defence repaired and repaired again
embellishment imagined, as quickly
put in place

an orderly...

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