Everyone's A Winner


'Awake', 'Snowflake'.
every line with it's rhyme
saved up to flourish at the end.
Then the crocodile passing the lollipop lady:
'Limp', Lazy' and 'Loitering'
a select congregation 
branded with a cipher on the head.
And once commonplace
the dragon and the unicorn
now only haunt castle ruins.
When they pass a fallen wall
I clap my hands with childish glee.
Sadness also deepens-

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How To Regard A Tycoon


Not necessarily sympathetically
a wasp stuck in honey.
Insect limbs wave
not gesticulating 
just trying to be free.
A million a minute come lessons like these.
Beetles might scampers across a leaf
smooth and vivid
reaching the edge 
they simply scampers across the underside
grey and hairy.
My sort can't do the same
liable to fall into black holes
and taking special care...

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Accidental Accents

Before the seasons picked up a serious pace
I would protest and rebel,
would shine a light for those challenged.
It was me needing the torch.
Fumbling for inspiration still
I mind my work while the war goes badly.
Constant and quiet as the many-eyed moon,
but can't make out, common or rare, that detail
obscure in all this ebb and flow
worthy of a poem.

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You, The Fiddler


Rushing past works of art you find they're dust
on what might stop you in your tracks.
Accelerando, eat your dust!
Still you insist you do not move.

So, you portray yourself as a statue?
Thats not fair- you are portrayed thus.
But where is the photograph to be found
that pins a spirit under glass?

Every town in Ireland has its own tunes,
its property- manically shared!
You're an...

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See them holding hands, 
a hundred generations

Wherever they camp 
a mountain top
the next always higher.

Sure as they celebrate 
potent discoveries 
and sparks of genius

prideful thoughts grow.

Let them wake one day
by absence of birdsong
feeling aggrieved.

Stumpy toes sink into sand
as gentle tides rinse;
let them realise THIS as destiny.

Let them find they...

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Growing Up As A Rising Moon...


Monumental gates stood open before them.
They walked into their inheritence
as they had always strolled together,
sleepily admiring each new beauty
their world would lay before them.

Engulfed in gorgeous perfumes
they were met on all sides 
with voluptuous sights of art and nature,
every moment danced
to inexhaustably inventive music...

One by one they are wakened 
by unnerving...

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