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One Life is Not Enough!



One Life is not enough

For those who are optimistic

those who have positive thinking and progressive mind

To create things, to implement ideas

To explore all colors of life


Life is like an ocean of opportunities

to explore talent,

to see the whole worldwide,

to discover new aspects of life by connecting things with ideas

which can’t be grabbed at a time


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I am high on your Love!

I am high on your love

My love for you has reached to the madness, the each passing day

Your warm touch and love-filled eyes have stolen my days & nights

I love you as deep as the sea and as high to the moon


You will never know how much I love you

It couldn’t be explained in words how much I adore you

Your sweet smile sparkles my life like a fluorescent moon in the sky


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The Fire of Ego

The Fire of Ego

Ego has destroyed everything around

The exuberant fire has burnt all real souls, found

Those were meant to illuminate the whole world

With their pious hearts and glorious acts


Jealousy, anguish, anger, and hatred

Are like ashes that will be alive up to infinity

Love, emotions, sentiments & attachments

Were dumped in dump yard for ages

Nothing matters...

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Why Rest in Peace after Death?

Why Rest in Peace after Death

Why don’t we have peace while living?

Why few demons bang doors to destroy the peace of mind

When we ignore them every time

Why they constantly put their every effort into breaking us down?


Why “Rest in Peace” is the only saying informality after death?

Why Peace is not prevailing while living?

Why so many rituals are being followed after dea...

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Death is an Eternal Peace

Death is an eternal Peace

Where all grief, pains goes to sleep

Where we can get rid of all miseries

Death frees every soul from anxieties

Pains and grims

Death is an eternal peace


Only death is an eternal truth

Throughout life we have to fight with struggles and endure

There is a Fear from death in every soul.

We can get rid of this fear once we know the best about ...

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Stay True to your Heart

Stay True to your heart

True to your soul

One must have this as the foremost life’s goal

Stay true to your mind

Truth never hides

Eyes can never lies


Lies leads to destruction of soul

When truth unfolds

Liars can twist the life’s truth

Tries to prove the truth into myth

Only cowards deceits selfishly

With intention to let down truth badly


How can one’s...

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Storm of Hatredness!

There was a storm of hatredness

That Storm hit me with

Ugly Expressions

Wrong Interpretations

False Allegations

Mental tensions

Murderous actions

Extreme emotions and pains

Screams and cries

That storm was something which I can’t define

How much it ruined me

How much they grilled me with their twisted lies

It’s wondering how they got such strength

To trod me ...

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I wish to have peace of mind..

My only wish is to have peace of mind

Which is very difficult to find

Because of a demon in my life

He is the one who never wanted to see me happy

His only intention is to make me trapped

Under his evil influence that has been spread


I wish to have peace of mind

The only wish, I wished since my birth

Throughout my life, I was being judged

No demands, no desires from...

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Judgmental People!

We are surrounded by so many judgemental people

These people judge your every move,

They judge your every opinions, decisions and moods

They evaluate your life and estimate your role

As per their life’s primary goal


Whether you are a single or have a partner

They will find loopholes among you to make some story to narrate others

Whether you are introvert or extrovert


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A true Soul Mate!

To have a true Soul mate

It’s not so easy to locate

True soul mates are made in heaven

Everyone is not so blessed one


To find a better half, is really a toughest task

Rather it’s not realistic to ask

Those who find their true soul mate

Are certainly fortunate


A true soul mate is like a mirror

Who loves his soul mate knowing her real picture

Who adores his be...

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Why me?

Why me?

This usually come to every mind

Everyone have to face what is being destined

Why me, comes to everyone’s mind

We generally feels that God is dealing us with disparity

Feels like there is no hope of prosperity

Put this Shit away from mind

Grass looks greener from the other side

God has sent us here for some purpose

Every creature has something divine

Every soul...

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Not Again, Not Again

You can never get me back

Which I had lost

The respect I had

In the eyes of my

Near ones..

You can’t fill that gap again


Not again, Not again

I am not going to look back again

Please keep distance from me

I already moved on, moved on

Keep your eyes away from me

I think now it’s easy for you to believe


Not again, Not again

Please don’t come again


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You are my Valentine

 You are my valentine, I am your valentine

 You, my daughter, you are my valentine till Lifetime


You are energy to my soul

You make me feel whole


You are my heartbeat

You make my world complete


You are my family

I am your family


I hold you close to me

“You” and “me” that is “we”


You are the one I need

In every ups and down indeed



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O Coveted Pandiculation

I just wonder, we have forgotten to pandiculate

Our mind needs to stimulate

Gone were the days when we woke up in the morning

No time for stretching body accompanied with yawning

Today we are in rat race

No scope to take rest

Busy life with so many tasks at a time


Running in a race where no victory and defeat to face

Those c...

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One Life is not enough!

One Life is not enough

For those who are optimistic

Having positive thinking and progressive mind

To create things, to implement ideas

To explore all colours of life


The Life gives many opportunities

To explore ourselves

To see the whole world wide

We can’t grab it all at a time

Life is vast

One needs to be fast

Else it will be late, time stops for none

We ...

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Shut those Doors..

Shut those doors

Closed those chapters of Life

Which was like scribbled by my Almighty

Definitely with certain reason

Intended to remove my false illusions

Disposed off those few pages

Made them permanently burnt

Now life has taken a new turn

Still someone

Bangs my doors

Put nose in

Irritates me with nonsense things

Just wonder how one can be so insensitive


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I was Wrong!

I was Wrong


It is unexpected from them

They shown their real faces

Their presence in my life

Were very significant and blissful

I used to worship them as a God

Which was my biggest fault!

Shared my secrets, thoughts and life’s experiences

Looked for advises, thoughts and opinions


You understands me fully

It was perceived by my heart

You know me, myself


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I wish all these happy moments gets freeze

I wish all these happy moments gets freeze in this winter

For ever, Forever!

All pains, sorrows vanish away

Like all yellow leaves falls from trees


I wish all happiness, love and laughter falls upon us

Like a snow fall in the winters and beautifies everything which it covers

Let’s get them freeze along with this breezy chilled wind


I wish all these happy moments gets...

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Its a Christmas Day

It’s a Christmas Celebrations Time

Let’s celebrate, it’s a Christmas Day

Till this cold air fades away

It’s a new dawn of happiness

Let’s welcome it with all hugs and best wishes


Waking up in the cold, dark, wintery mornings

Dance and party throughout the day to make happy surrounding

As it’s a Christmas day..

Let’s paint our lives with full of colours

Celebrate thi...

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Dance to your own Rhythm

Dance to your Own Rhythm

Be yourself, dance to your own rhythm

People around tries to poke you with all their efforts

Pulls you down morally and socially

Will make you feel irritated when you are at your best times


Ignore them, don’t let your soul to be controlled by others

Be your own leader, master yourself

Counsel yourself whenever needed

Nobody is powerful except y...

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Its better to move on

Take Life as it comes

Move on from all which makes our inner soul unhappy and sad

As it is needed by our soul within

Person within us wants to be happy

Wants to be renewed and get rid of

With the things which affects us badly

which pull us down mentally,physically, emotionally and morally

The soul within us  wants to see good,wants to be happy, wants to have gain which was onc...

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Money is controlling our life


Money plays a vital role in everyone’s life

Every difficulties can be faced if one is backed with money

It seems materialistic but it’s a reality

Every mental tension and trauma seems to be big

And leads to long lasting depression

Which again seems more powerful when we are scanty of money


To lead a quality life , not the extravagant one

Not the lavish one


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Closed That Chapter for Life Long

Closed That Chapter for Life Long


This Diwali 2018, you rang my number

Which was not at all expected from you

The call was not related to ask about well beingness

It was to curse me, it was to make me feel unwanted

It was to make me feel bad

It was to ruin my sentiments


As it was my wish that I wanted to come there with my daughter

To share few moments of love and...

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After Every Dawn, there is a sunrise

Life is uncertain and unpredictable

For everybody

Sometimes these uncertainties creates anxiety

And transforming our overall personality

Fear from future blinding our minds

Visions getting blurred and nothing positive comes to mind


When Bad times comes around

All doors seems to be closed

This time takes the test of patience

How wisely we deal it with the situation


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Again Got Hurted, Again broken down

Again got hurted, again they broke me down

Again I felt worthless, unwanted existence of mine, I have found

Again questioning eyes on me

Seems like they are asking how could I be part of it

Again got hurted, again they broke me down

Again many wounds all around


My repeated calls to them were unattended

Ignoring all and pretending like it is unintended

Nobody wants to r...

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If you don’t appreciate yourself, no one else will do

It is a universal truth

The more you appreciate yourself, the more you have confidence

It’s better not to rely on others to make you feel good and be self-reliant!


Self-appreciation leads to high self esteem

Which leads to growth in every means

High Self-esteem builds Self-strength

which helps to f...

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A tribute to Moms- On Mother’s Day

A tribute to Moms- On Mother’s Day

Mom does it all

Sometimes I wonder how strong is the Mom

She does it all from regular household chores or her office’s work

From cooking food, cleaning up kitchen or if it is laundry works

Mom does it all...

Don’t get tired as she don’t want others to feel that she is weak

It has been ingrained in her that if she seeks help from anyone


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About Today’s fake Babas

About Today’s fake Babas

Today’s babas are playing with religious sentiments of People

Fooling them for the sake of religion and God

They are well known by their followers in country and abroad


This is becoming every baba’s passion

Misusing people’s money and their blind faith are only their aim

Fake Gurus are hurting simple people’s religious beliefs

Betraying their foll...

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Today’s Relationship- The Latest Version

Today’s Relationship- The Latest Version


Today’s relations are full of materialism

Love is now only a term, Love comes with full of conditions

Parent’s love, siblings‘s love too fading away with time

And nobody bothers to get it rewind


Everybody is running to chase things, busy in temporary world

Losing diamonds in search of glitters

 Relationship now hardly have to ...

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The Today's World

The Today’s world –Full of Cruelty, No Humanity 

People are psychologically sick

Empathy, humanity, respect for each other are no more exist 

Respect for females are continuously lacking

Humiliation, abuse and exploitation in every field, women are facing 


Earlier it was a practice of female infanticide

They were killed before they can live their life

Females were not saf...

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Love at first sight

Love at first sight

It was love at first sight

The first time I saw you I could not believe that you are mine

I was astounded for a while

Your beautiful eyes, your arched eyebrows

Your rosy thin lips, your dimpled chin and your pointed nose

All your features attracts me like a lovely rose


Your flawless beauty and your million dollar smile

For me it’s always a matter of...

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Difference between Mother in Law and Mother

           Huge difference between MIL and Mother

Mother feels the pain what her daughter suffers

She try putting all efforts to keep in her comfort

Keep on saying don’t take tension

I am always with you for your protection


Mother in law never ready to feel her pain

Full of formalities with no realties

Try to pretend in front of everybody that she is the best

Never rea...

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Eagerly waiting for the day

Eagerly waiting for the day

When you will say Mamma don’t go office

Office is so rubbish

Waiting for the day when you say mamma I love you so much

I will give you a big Hug

When you will say I am waiting for you whole day

Please don’t go away..I am waiting for that day

When you will say mamma you are working so hard

It’s a very difficult for me being apart

Mama I don’t w...

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My cute little Teddy

O my little girl, now you turned one

You are my sweetest one..

You are lovely and chubby

You are my cute little teddy

You are my darling. You are my addiction

You have the entitlement of all my love and affection

Your warm touch makes my face glow

I love you so much that I want you to know

I sleep at night thinking of you

Wake up in the morning thinking of you


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My Perfect Man

            I wish for a life partner( who is in fantasy)

Who would make me happy and wholesome

Have good sense of humour and should be truesome

I wish for a life partner who is broad minded and have treasure of innovative thoughts

Who is generous and without any blots

Who has broad shoulders, when he hug me I feel secure

Wish for a man whose heart is very pure

The one who adm...

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To become Mother - The Most divine Feeling

               O My little girl , when I become mother it was the most divine feeling

Which is incomparable to any precious thing

Sleepless nights was my routine

Only You have increased my Self- Esteem

Your beautiful ever smiling face is my dream

I never crib that I am not able to get time for myself

I enjoyed every minute of it and I never trade it for anything

I love you fro...

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To be a Mother - the priceless feeling

To be a mother is the priceless feeling in the world

To hold you in the womb for nine months is the ultimate thing to be felt

The way you kick after eating and sleeping is the best time that I enjoyed

Those were the precious moments which nobody can destroy


The day you come to this world is my biggest achievement

Thanks to God who has done the great judgement

Awesome moment ...

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I have a dream

I have a dream…

I have a dream to live a simple life with peace of mind..

A dream which is very easy to define..

Dream to see smile on every face

No tears, no argues and no regrets


Love to be surrounded with few loved ones

Who are genuine and very true ones

No desire for lavish lifestyle..

No craziness for a luxurious life..

Want to be grounded in my life



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little companion

She has entered into my life like an angel

She touched and healed me like a miracle

She has spread fragrance into my life

I feel blessed when she look into my eyes..

I am fortunate that she is mine..

Just wondering how worthless was my life..

I am drenched into her love..

I am Elated feeling her soft touch..

Her eyes twinkled with mirth…

I am changed after her birth..

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My little companion

She is my Life, She is my whole World

She is my Love, She is my dream

I struggled for her and now she is mine

She has made my life worth living with her charming and divine existence

She is my true desire, she is my ultimate ambition

That’s why she is the God’s supreme creation

She has attitude …she has grace..

I feel Myself out of this world..feel pride and overwhelmed when s...

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Life keep going and going

There are many unspoken feelings and unsaid words which is overflowing…

We wait for perfect moment for being happy..

But several moments were left un enjoyed..

Many pleasures left untouched by heart

Several intervening bad moments Chased away sleeps…

We missed many moments to feel gratitude

Just becoz of our so called attitude..

Lets take some deep...

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Simple Girl

I am a just simple girl..very simple to love me..

With big dreams. ..Have lot to explore..

Don’t like pubs..dont like noise..dont know how to dance on the floor..

Have few friends..have few near and dear..

Know how to love and how to care

Have new creative ideas which I love to share..

Looking for innovative thoughts and clear views to hear..

Have some imperfections. .Just emb...

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