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Divorce Proceedings



When there was emptiness

I filled the void

When you were hungry

I fed you beans

when you sneezed

I brought you Kleenex

when you needed a home

we moved in with my folks

when you needed sympathy

I provided comedy

when you asked for an explanation

I beat around the bush

when you wanted to be serious

I provided sarcasm

when you needed someone to list...

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Opting Out


No words can say

nor best describe

the feeling when

I unsubscribe

who are these spies

who so connive

to sign me up

to see their side

what joy revives

to say goodbye

reject their views

their biased lies

one click Opt Out

and they are fried

revenge is mine

I unsubscribed. 


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Chopped Steak



That steak was once

a conscious cow

the cow was killed

unconscious now

If we had a conscience

we would vow

to eat no meat

nor holy cow.



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Making Faces



Finding fruit

or clouds

that look like something else

is always fun

since we can put a face

on anything

we imagine faces

on inanimate objects

it's a common experience

let's face it

now we have emoji's

to make faces for us

so many faces to choose from

our lives filled with faces

now we even have Face time

so we have to put on a good face

to ...

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The Ant Wars


After a rain

the grass grows

green and lush

and ant beds pop up

like miniature cities

built on raised hills and

defended to the death

by armies of untold millions

we wage war

with poison

and aerial bombardment

everything we have

we throw at the enemy

but they are resilient

they have planned ahead

they have their underground bunkers

their secret ...

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Age Unfolds


Age unfolds

year after year


Layer by layer

the truth appears


Little by little

our destiny


Reveals more than

we care to see.



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It Was At That Age


It was at that age

that poetry arrived

in search of me


that age when

confusion reigned

and I was lost

along the way


poetry arrived

but could not

come inside

I was too frightened

to answer


then She

came along

and all the restlessness

was quietened


with her

I finally found my purpose

and my poetry


and with these


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Guardhouse Man


A Little man sits

in a little house


he's bored to death

there is no doubt


He watches folks

go in and out


he'll be home by 5

or thereabouts.


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After A Rain


The sound of rain

the sweetness left

after it lovingly falls

you can almost taste it

in the air



like a perfume

it saturates the senses

it rolls off the land

and you wake up to

birds singing

plants sighing

in joy

all is well

made right again

after a rain.



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Follow Me


on Facebook

it takes you to

an algorithm

which monitors

your speech

and records your transactions

to be used later

against you

the power is in the numbers

the data

the phone in your pocket

the GPS tracking device

recording every second of your day

they know who you are

and where you go

they know your conversations

it only follows that


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The Percentage Of Poets


99% of all poets

live below the poverty line

the other 1%

have real jobs


75% of all poets

do not have a degree

they do however

have Facebook


97% of all poets

write for other poets

the only ones who

actually read poetry


99.5% of all poets

are ashamed

their mothers

wanted them to be doctors


93% of all poets

started writing i...

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The Alternative


Life's only alternative
we don't care to mention

Do everything possible
to ensure it's prevention

Life's only alternative
quite frankly is Death

We cling to the alternative
till our last dying breath.


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Drive Time


The drive home
pits us
against them
the furious drivers
who have weaponized their cars
intent on conquering
the road and those
who get in their way
they ride your bumper
they blink their lights
move over
move over
they run up your bumper
they change lanes
desperately dashing between cars
to get there first
ahead of YOU
no courtesy
no rules of the road
they push you out of...

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Who forced

the Fentanyl

upon these poor

forgotten souls

Who demanded

they park on street corners

waiting on dealers

in the dark of night

who spoke to them

in whispers

and asked them

if they wanted more

who made them seek it out

until death destroyed them

and who promoted addiction

as popular hip culture

needles litter the streets

bodies line ...

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Eat Off The Floor


Oh the gleam

the room assumes

when my wife cleans

the main bathroom

eat off the floor

bright as the moon

what sparkles shine

from clean bathroom

One gets a thrill

much like a groom

can't wait to try

the new bathroom

the music plays

rose petals bloom

how sweet the fumes

from clean bathroom.


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If I Weren't Me



If I weren't me

I'd have to be

either you or them

quite comically

If I weren't me

I'd probably be

just a number

listed randomly

My I is me

I'm definitely

in favor of I


Don't want your I

I agree with me

I use my I


I love my I


may it resound






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Lack Of Communication



I e-mail her

then wait for a response


it's better than talking

which involves time

and possible conflict

she has her own opinions

I have mine


the e-mails work

most of the time


if there is no response

I go to the living room

and ask her

what happened.


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Going To The Store


An old family tradition

Going To The Store for groceries

back in time every neighborhood

had a independent grocery

mom & pop

living over the store

kids stocking shelves

personalized meat market

bottles returned for 2cents

we knew the proprietors

by their first name

we knew their families

we grew up with them

the independent store on the corner

the anc...

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Slow Learner



I was too slow

to learn

the lessons

of this life,


Fact is

what I know

I learned from

my dear wife,


One principle

was taught

on me

impressed upon,


She is always right

and I

am always




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Stale Bread


It starts with a single word

followed by one

then another


more words fly in

attracted like hungry grackles

a line is formed

a sentence grows

words gather


scraps become

a meal



stale bread

can become

a poem


food for the hungry.


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Stale Bread



It starts with a single word

followed by one

then another


more words fly in

attracted like hungry grackles

a line is formed

a sentence grows

words gather


scraps become

a meal



stale bread

can become

a poem


food for the hungry.


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West Texas Rhapsody


Where the road runs out of pavement

and the sun decides to set

you know you've reached West Texas

'bout as far as you can get


Ain't nothing left to see no more

run off the Atlas map

but you can see forever

it's the horizon that attracts


Where devil winds keep blowin'

and the grass ain't never wet

cows survive on dust and cactus

greener grass they'd b...

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The Interview


What got you into writing poetry?.........Mental Illness.

How long have you been writing?........Since birth.

How would you describe your poetry?.....It's like the sound of water going down the drain.

Do you go to Open Mics?.......Yes, but they soon become Closed Mics after I read.

What is your favorite poem?.... The last one I wrote. 

How did you find this site?.....I made a w...

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Out Of Date


He is out of date

while he was busy living

the world changed

too quickly

in the click of a mouse

the ding of a smart phone

the future happened

he used to know the present

but then got left behind

the world moved on without him

he can't handle the truth

he can't catch up

he is now a Senior

in the school of yesterday

he is past his expiration date


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Something Fishy


Men who fish
fish till they're stiff
in mighty boats
they steer

For biggest fish
through waters sift
they drift
upon their rears

While sailing seas
so endlessly
something's fishy
it is clear

Those fishermen
who claim they fish
fish only for
the beer.


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The Visit


The sterile room

the cold hard bed

the tubes crisscrossed

across the withered body

we visit out of respect

to those who linger

we would prefer not to

we'd rather be someplace else

we try to say something

yet it feels awkward

what is left

how do you say goodbye

how do you tell them

face to face

we walk away

feeling hollow inside

on the way down t...

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Rank Amateur


He was really

a rank amateur


If you really

want to be frank


He was really

less an amateur


But was

quite frankly rank.


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Your timeshare

maintenance fee is due

you now owe us more

than the place is worth

and there is no way

you will find a buyer

dumb enough to

take it off your hands

so please forward your

check or visa card number

at once

we pulled a fast one

and you fell for it

now we all Share

your time

your money

and your embarrassment.


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Write Out Loud


The title says

to write out loud

but loudness



I cannot bluntly

say aloud

what there is

inside of me


were I to say

I'd give away

the essence of

a clown


this secretly

is why you see

I cannot write

out loud.



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Useful Idiot


I will not be

a useful idiot

I will remain


the primary way

of doing that is

to keep writing poems

after all

what else does a poet

have to rely on

other than

his useless reputation.


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Oh fish of gold
it goes to show
what is endured
as life unfolds
go round and round
till you grow old
a lonely soul
inside a bowl.


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Butterfly Words


I like to write

to see the words

flit across the page

like beautiful butterflies

winged messengers

of thought

they weave and dip

until they land

upon the heart

and fold themselves

into you.


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Four eyes,

four legs

pop out of the egg


the mother admires


she has laid


the dad says what

on earth

have we made


both sad

one day

when they fly away.



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I Write Poetry


I write poetry

I think


apparently you

do not agree


are you trying to

discourage me?


just so you'll know-

it's working.


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Water wiggles

its way down the creek

like a drunken sailor

it weaves in and out


slips on rocks

slides down slopes

hurtles toward

that which it cannot see

it has no idea

where it is going


never letting up on

its quest for finding home

its never ending search


it staggers


toward the sea.



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In an instant

I'm transported

through Facebook

and Instagram


So easy to get


even reading

what's in Spam


The internet's


so many sites that

I can scan


Still the best place

for me, essentially

is the very place

I am.



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Days all run together

one day is

like the next


Now a day

is not important

unless we get a text


You might say

it's not important

yet boring lives are fixed


By the dinging

of a cell phone

and the arrival of a text


Is the importance of

this texting

a substitute for sex?


When robots rule

we are the fools

that live ou...

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A Love Poem



Let me hold you

soft as a cloud

enfold you

in my loving arms


Sweep your feet up

off the ground

and take you far away

in dreams


I am the sanctuary

of your self

rest here gently

in my arms


Embraced in Idle thought

compose yourself in me

the easiest

of easy chairs.


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The Walking Dead


Why are the Walking Dead


couldn't they get a cab

or Uber?

if they drove

they might not be

so angry and upset

next time you're dead

don't walk

try getting a ride

or else the obvious happens

you'll wear yourself out and

be dead on your feet.


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Mourning Dove


The morning wakes

the Mourning Dove

I hear it in

the tree above

does it coo the loss

of one it loved

why are you mourning

Mourning Dove.


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Mourning Dove



The morning wakes

the Mourning Dove

I hear it in

the tree above

does its coo the loss

of one it loved

why are you mourning

Mourning Dove.



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Texas Chickens


In Texas

our chickens have hooves

that's how damn big they are

but we don't mind

in fact we ride em bareback

they are cross-bred

and hard to pen

but them chickens feed

a buncha folks

if you barbecue em over mesquite

a bit of wild taste

but still ain't bad for free range

just make sure you clean em up good

before you grill em

chicken hooves are a delic...

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Corner Man


Man on the corner

all wrinkled up

brown as dirt

got a cardboard sign that says

Please Help

he goes down the line

crazy lookin'

people roll up their windows

hear click

lock their doors

watch him now

in the rear view

till he gets to the end

and comes back around

hope the light changes

before havin' to deal

with him

he ain't homeless

he's shi...

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Something Important


I was going to write

something important

but then I got to thinking

about books and poetry


how many books never opened

how many books left on shelves

how many poems left like orphan cats

upon a doorstep


I was going to write

something important

but instead went down

this dead-end road



as soon as you read this

it wasn't important.


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If It's Broke, Fix It



If you see any man

then Duct Tape for sure  

is in his tool kit

his all-purpose cure

for all that is broken

can soon be patched up

to fix this old world

use the old standby, Duct.


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The Wiggly Apostrophe


We question the apostrophe

so often it's misused


Where to use it is the fault

of which it stands accused


Its possessiveness confusing

it's plurality abused


Its importance though behooves us

to figure out when it's used.



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A Room Full Of Poets


A room full

of poets

all enthusiastic and eager to read

all self-made writers

of every stripe and persuasion

they know their stuff

they have written a poem or two

they listen as words

slide off tongues like honey

words studied and carefully chosen

they listen because they want a turn

to try their own

like artists they have painted a picture

of what they ...

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If the Gnu

only knew

what it

could do

part horse

part cow

part antelope


it slopes

it lopes

its horns


an example

of silliness

a joke

that grew

but praise

the Gnu

give it

its due


the fact

its hard to view



is nothing


to its credit

it remains

the same odd




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God made mistakes

he made the Platypus

the Gnu

the Roach

his worst blunder of all



look at us

only two legs

no fur

no claws

no bite

no roar

we fear for our lives

and fear each other most


the most puny of creations

yet we learned to walk upright





come to think of it

that's pretty impressive


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