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Breeds Of Poets

There are two distinct kinds of poets
the long-haired and
the short- haired
The long-haired is the most common
the one seen in most coffee-houses and libraries
while the short-haired poet is wiry and energetic
and will happily shake hands with anyone
Both kinds love to perform
at poetry readings and circuses
and both love attention and ...

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Rest In Peace


Walk between them
walk among
these rows and rows
of silent stones,
they mark the place
where we came from
forefather's graves
we are their sons

Tipped over stones
fall into ruin
so seldom do
the kinfolk come,
this holy place
too far for some
the pace too slow
for those who run

Yet drawn toward
these silent stones
one still walks
between, among,
the memory of
soon over...

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I like to ponder
I cannot resist

I ponder life's questions
my major interest

My mind tends to wander
sometimes it trips

Yet the pleasure in pondering
is the answers I get.


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Followed By Cop


When you're followed by a cop
you get nervous
You imagine all kinds of infractions
laws broken that you did not even know of
every time you look up
there he is in the rear-view mirror


Did I miss a stop sign?
did I run a light?
did I hit someone?
why is he staying behind me.
When I turn, he turns
is he following me on purpose?
He is so close

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Compatible Companions


People and dogs
have a natural affinity
there is a certain closeness
an almost human connection
dogs sense
our smallest sadness
our greatest joys
alter egos
without ego
look into their knowing eyes
we see ourselves reflected
they feel the same as we do
always beside us
bringing cheer with wagging tails
they are our compatible companions

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Drive-Thru Vax


Just announced-
$500 million for
Drive-thru vaccine shots
where you don't even
have to slow down
you just get Darted
when you pass by the window
this will speed things up considerably
no more waiting in line
no more showing an I.D.
just roll through at 30 mph
but make sure you keep
the driver-side window down
so the attendant can get
a clear shot!

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The Sky Theater


The sky is a full length movie
with twisting plots that
leaves us spellbound
an ongoing serial that never ends
it's a new show every day
every week
the sun is its marquee
highlighting the players and the stars
beaming a spotlight
on their beautiful performances
previewed by clouds
rain or shine
a sky that is spontaneous
a sky that keeps us
on the edge...

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Daylight Dreams


I sleep in spurts
deep sleep is rare
sleep does not last
often impaired,
Life interrupts
caught unprepared
Daylight Dreams-
all I can share.




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The Leaf Blowers


Oh how the leaf blowers scream
assaulting our ears
shutting out any conversation
they wake you in the mornings
disturbing the peace
they sweep all before them
mini tornadoes
clogging the gutters with leaves
littering the street with debris
the operators do not mind
they are all deaf anyway
they seem to enjoy their work
and when the blowers finally die down

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Red Light


Many times
we are disappointed
in people
who don't fulfill
their promise
or promises
are people
subject to change
still we can
always hope
they will do the right thing
the biggest disappointment
is in ourselves
when our best intentions fail
regret becomes a burden
that stays with us
a reminder of our own mistakes

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Persistent Living


I'm living my life
TWO days at a time.
One day isn't long enough.
One day will not cut it.
I eventually hope to live my life
7 days at a time.
not Assisted Living
but Persistent Living!

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Daytime Moon


Coming home
I look up
and see the moon
in daytime
a marble in the sky
as clear as glass
blending in
with clouds drifting by
unexpected yet
its solid shape
so round and perfect
a watchful eye
sitting up there
in the blue sky
a moon in tune
with our revolving
a moon
that spoke of time
and eternity
we must...

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The Two Of Us


She still cooks
I still eat
She works
I watch
She is getting smarter
I am getting senile

She is the realis

I pretend

She leads
I follow
She read this
I apologized.

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Government Guidelines For Eating Roast


Eating Chuck Roast
has been linked to
salivating lips
weight gain
and ultimately
bloated stomachs
with secondary symptoms of
inertia and general drowsiness
Scientists are advising
caution be taken
with all Roasts
social distancing
with roasts is required
so that we limit the spread
of Roast Fever
Roast Fever is highly transmissi...

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If leaves did not leave
we would have no seasons
for changing
for reflection
leave leaves alone
let them float
let them drift in the wind
let them come back to earth.
becoming part of it.

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Short Leash


I have a short leash
it only goes so far
I cannot get out of my leash
or gnaw it off
the leash is too strong
the government says
the leash is mandated
and if it snaps
then I must get another leash
and put it on myself
and keep doing it until
I finally give up and give in
so I am basically
chaining myself
what kind of a dog

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Death Of A Cricket


Sweeping out the garage
I find a dead
body parts in a corner
so sad to see
anything dead
but a cricket?
such a harmless one
it was surprising
to say the least
one always thinks of crickets
as happy
their chirp
a sound of joy
and peacefulness
good vibrations
finding it in the dark recess
was foreboding
we ar...

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A cardboard box
sits by the side of the road
for day and days
numerous joggers
bide riders
yard men with trucks & trailers
come and go
yet no one stops
to pick up the box
too much of a hurry
or don't care
finally one man notices and stops
picks up the box
throws it in the back of his car
and takes it...

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Slowly they glide
yet within them lies
A secret they have
deep inside
One day they'll change
surprising us
Becoming winged-


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Old Wooden Houses


Old wooden houses
dilapidated dreams
fallen down memories
ramshackle histories
in empty hallways
deserted rooms
empty of the ones who struggled
to make a home
we see these relics slide into neglect
their porches full of holes
their windows full of darkness
the creaky boards speak of their past
but will not divulge
the secrets of
the people who once li...

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Following A Creek


If you follow
the meanders of a little creek
you always find something
of interest tucked away
further in
little places
sights and sounds
hidden away along its banks
that whisper joyfully
to your senses
a patch of ferns growing wild
a rock wall from some forgotten time
the music of a waterfall
and so I walk the creeks
and look for things
of mystery
of beauty
places no one els...

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You never see the word Pshaw anymore
it is seldom used
and most people have never heard of it
especially young people
who can barely read much less write
is such a perfect word to show contempt
impatience, disgust
and no it is not misspelled
the P is silent
as well it should be
so start using the word Pshaw
and when someone tells you a whopper
or ...

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Non-Renewable Energy


It's energy I'm
But age sees
it depleting
All things were
once doable
Now my energy's

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Feeding Sparrows


As winter turns
so gray and glum
with crumbs we feed
the sparrows
With every morsel
kindness comes
and distance
seems to narrow
The chill of winter
changes some
who only see
the sorrow
Yet souls can be
made whole again
in kindness shown
to sparrows.

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Thunder & Ghosts


In an explosion of hooves
they darted from the trees
they heard me coming
but I did not see them
but as I neared
the deer burst forth from the brush
their long legs pounding
their white tails flying
like flags in the wind
they bounded away in a flash
then dissolved into their surroundings
disappearing into air
they came in like thunder
they vanished like...

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These poems
are mirrors of myself
full length glimpses
into my soul

I try not to drop them

pieces of poems
here and there

paper notes
bits of thought
folded in a billfold
or the bottom of a pocket

put together
like parts of a puzzle
I assemble them

fragmented parts of me
little pieces of
a poetic life.


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