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Across the fence

the story flew

something heard

some juicy news


but by the time

it got to you

the story changed

and lies were spewed


the same old fat

that neighbors chew

as it repeated

the story grew


the facts got lost

the truth did too

why pass on lies

in lieu, conclude.


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Turning It Around


When you become

the butt of jokes

your appearance mocked

your ego poked,

Do what is best

don't be provoked

turn around the joke

and likewise poke!



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Oh weed

through yonder sidewalk breaks

it won't hold back

thru crack it makes

its stab at life

in an odd place

weeds thrive on air

it's all it takes.




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Black Dot



A little black dot

floats in my eye

it's definitely not

a gnat or fly,

so odd a spot

one wonders why

so small a dot

has caught my eye.




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What I Hate About Airplanes


What I hate about airplanes

is being squeezed into a chute

like a herd of cows about to be slaughtered

and then packed into a seat

like a sardine with

knees hitting the seat in front of you

arms and legs encroaching on your space

as the fight heats up over who gets the arm rest


Then there is the question of where to put your carry-on

as all the bins are full an...

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All cats will seek

a human lap

cause cats enjoy

a random nap


There's no lap to which

cats can't adapt

cats have a knack

for picking laps


Cats curl in balls

when in a lap

consider yours

a lap that's tapped


Then it occurs

by happenstance

two drift off to dream

you and the cat.


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Cleaning Day


When a woman gets to cleaning

don't get in her way


She'll suck you up the vacuum

dust you down if you dare to stay


She'll throw you in the washer

rinse your dirtiness away


So flee the premises while you can

till the end of Cleaning Day.







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Put all your troubles

in a Ziploc bag

seal it shut

it's now air tight

and nothing can get out

then toss Ziploc bag

in kitchen trash can

and then take the trash bag

out to the garage and dump

into the trash receptacle

now all your troubles are gone

out of the house

and out of sight

ready for pick up by the

trash truck that comes on Monday

you are do...

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Second Fiddle


My wife is smarter than I am

I hate to admit it but

it's true

Nevertheless I try to hide

the fact from her

I don't want to admit it

especially in front of her

because it would take away

any remaining pride I have left

so I bluff my way around

and act like I know what I'm talking about

even make some stuff up

if I think it will add to my stature

or give m...

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When asked if man

has made progress

some answer some

a bit at best


From caves to cars

we taut success

yet do we ever



Bad blood runs deep

we must confess

though our old ways

block our progress


No advances come

until, unless

we discard our wars

our stubbornness.



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Author Ritis


Aches and pains

I undergo

some are up high

some are below,

When they'll appear

one never knows

but they really ruin

my get up and go.


~Po Wit




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Signs Of Life


With the winter freeze

the snow storm that lasted forever

temperatures in single digits

plants and trees were covered for days

buried under snow and ice

all die a bitter death

overcome by the cold


leaves turned brown and brittle

they had given up the ghost

like skeletons they stood

stark symbols of death

we assumed they were all but gone

yet when the w...

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What Gives


give us free rent

give us free groceries

give us free medicine

give us a guaranteed income

give us reparations

give us get out of jail free cards

give us free college

give us free vaccine

give us what you have

it should be ours

give us more

free stuff.




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Character Flaws


I seldom listen

especially to my wife

at least that's what she says

her favorite expression is

I told you that yesterday

didn't you listen?

I think I did

but I'm hard of hearing

and listening to her

is really hard

I hate it when all my character flaws

are described to me in detail

point by point

that's why I retreat to the garage

to let the heat die d...

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The Kitchen Table


We meet at the kitchen table

in the morning

to read the morning news

and talk about the topics at hand

we drink our coffee

we exchange comments


and pleasantries

a pun

a joke or two

this is our starting point for the day

our conversations meet in the middle

of the table

all centered around

our family and our familiarity

drawing on our year...

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HIDES---a poem by O.L. Buzzerd


I am committed to

saving my hide

my hide is precious

and I will do everything I can

to protect it

it's called self-preservation

it's called right to life

it's now called the Golden Years

but the golden years are more

like a mossy gray and

as I age

my hide wrinkles and sags

loses its hair

nevertheless my hide is unique

and fits me to a T

if they com...

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If's, Ands, or Buts


AND... then what?

is the logical question

we expect a further statement

when AND is used

it implies a followup

something more to come

so we prick up our ears

and get ready for it

AND...when it does come

we are happy to hear

it completes the idea and the sentence

AND that's all I have to say

about AND

BUT then there's BUT

which is even better than AND


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