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Green Pastures


Don't cut across

those verdant pastures

it could become

a dang disaster

when bull comes charging

ever after

make sure you are

dang sure the faster!


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Some Assembly Required



im sitin here

thinkin about my life

which is i guess is

what they now call meditatin'


it didnt go

the way i wanted it to

yet somehow it turned out

in the end


ya just never know

what will happen when

you put a life together


kinda like

a little job

that turns into a big one

a life can get complicated


like puttin' together a b...

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Mouse In the House


A mouse in the house

meant the cat should have pounced


but the cat was asleep

and the mouse unannounced


Then the man of the house

planted bait for the mouse


and the mouse soon found out

its death was pronounced!




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Song Effects


Put a song in your heart

then let it play

whistle and sing it

it will brighten your day


Take it to work with you

and you will see soon

it will insinuate

and fill up the room


A song is infectious

instills others with hope

there's natural happiness

that flows from each note


Let song be the remedy

the result is prolonged

the day improves s...

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upon cars

steel containers

wheeled egos

sit at the light

stare with weary eyes

the only pause in the day

think about work



stop and go

cars all in a row

down time

dead time

tired state of mind

turn up the radio

tune out the world



days lost in drive-time

bumper to bumper

going home traffic

stacked up


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Once We Were Gods



Once we were gods

to our children

then time wore away

that image

and like the mountains

we slowly eroded

into hills







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Shoes speak

whether you know it or not

they talk in the closet

in the dark

they hold conversations

(these are the odd noises you sometimes hear at night)

they speak of all the places they've been

and compare notes about their wear and tear

of supporting 150 pounds or more

of being rained on

walked on and kicked off

then sometimes they will speak

of the lady...

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Sooner Or Later



visitors will be able to read poetry books

donated by publishers

in local pubs and drinking establishments

Later, there will be bawdy jokes and insults

and eventually fists thrown

Soon, one pint leads to another

Later another and another...

Soon they realize

poetry will not be read

when participants are

passed out on the floor

Later, the books are don...

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Point Of No Return


You know you've reached

the point of no return

when they start sending you brochures

regarding cremation and burial plots

Restful Gardens asks you to pre-plan

and think ahead for the sake of your lovely family

don't leave it up to them

don't burden them with the details

they will be already devastated by

your passing and the fight among themselves

as to who gets ...

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Good for everything

that needs fixin'

including cleanin', oilin',

paint removin', bug killin',

etc. etc. etc,

over 2000 documented uses

for this magic potion

can also be used for rheumatism

and pains in the ass.


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Two kids on a ride
on a horse named Clyde

6 year old brother

sister sits behind

Take the old horse
out for a stretch

on his broad back

their weights a speck


The horse don't care

grab hold his neck

his manes the rein

scared as they can get


Two tenderfeet hopin'

they don't get pitched

horseback on a memory

they won't forget.



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Frosted Flakes Are Never Falling


Frosted flakes are never falling

into my cereal bowl

instead I see it teaming

with crisp life-rings of O's


There is no grander ocean

to which I get to go

than this milky sea of cereal

awash in Cheerios


They say that every rising tide

will swiftly lift all boats

indeed the same is also said

about this bowl of oats


The more the milk the higher ...

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When The Cows Come Home


In evening

the cows come home

one by one

they herd up

knowing it is time

and with metronome

of their rope tails

follow the leader home

the bell sounds

their lows mellow

back to the pen

back to the barn

it is that time

they know by the sun

where they need to be

the cows come home

by instinct

by memory

because they

like men

want to be ...

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Football Is King



In our state

we have a common state of mind

Football is king

and schools exist only to play football

each school has their own beloved team

and their all important mascot

which is plastered on the water tower

and on the welcome sign out on the highway

each school has its own separate stadium

built with taxpayer money

and each school has plans

to build a b...

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Endangered Poets


Our purpose is to preserve

endangered and vanishing old poets

old poets are dying out

at an alarming rate

what's even more alarming

is that there is no federal protection

we need a preserve

off limits to so-called sportsmen

where we could be free to live out our lives

free from aerial hunting

there are only 25 old poets left in the wild

all non-breeding age.


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All that's left

adobe shacks

roofs caved in

so bats attract


Old rusted cars

one Cadillac

desert reclaims

cactus comes back


Adobes built

on a cotton patch

but fields dried up

folks up and packed


Dreams left in ruins

the shame is that

the future's gone

so is the past.



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Stop Signs


Our literary stop signs

are periods

we use them

to end a single thought

a comma will not do it

a pause is simply not enough

like rolling through a stop sign

it does no good to simply

tap the brake

do not yield to commas

we need the boldness of a period

like a bright red stop sign

to come to a complete stop

turn on the signal

then proceed to the next t...

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Blood Pressure


My blood is

under a lot of pressure

it's tense since

it cannot always perform

all that it is asked to do

it becomes red with anger

and spills if pricked

if transfused from a bottle

it hangs there on a pole

like a trophy for the staff

there is good blood

and bad blood among peoples

and the taking of it

can be hurtful

depending on the nurse

and the f...

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Rumors Of My Demise



I still get up

at the crack of dawn

I still work hard

my muscles strong


Wash my own car

mow my own lawn

so don't act like

I'm already gone


Despite a hitch in

my get-along

I ain't come close

to slowin' down


My lotto ticket

still ain't been drawn

so don't act like

I'm already gone.


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Wounded Heart


Pain is like

an open sore

if left alone

will fester more


An open wound

will widen more

so that is what

time's patch is for


For healing hearts

one thing's for sure

it's certain that

Time is the cure


Wounds we receive

do not endure

time takes away

like they never were.


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New Book


A new book is coming out

an autobiography of d.knape

it will be titled

"So What, The Life Of A Poet"

it will be 2 pages

including the cover

but that keeps the cost down

those Americans who can still read

will want this book

it's not fancy

but it's a great accessory

on your coffee table

and will impress people

who think you actually read poetry

it answ...

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