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Slow Walking


When knees get weak

creak as I go

I take my walking

very slow


legs too are weak

they sleep also

I take my walking

carefully so


as not to fall

I creep to go

I take my walking

sadly so


old age the case

along I go

youth was too fleet

now I'm too slow.

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Expansion Announcement


We are expanding

but not in a good way

not in building

or hiring

but as in


we are increasing our capacity

up-sizing proportions

upping our pant size

upping our belt notches

upping our odds

but who cares

up yours!



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Father's Day Poem



is like an old worn out t-shirt

you get used to it

after a while

and don't mind the fact

that its got holes

and a frayed collar

it's lightweight

it feels good on

and is comfortable

accept your dad

for who he is

holes and all

after all

You are the reason

he's worn out.



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Diminishing Returns


The bowl of delicious potato salad

shrinks before my very eyes

what began as a teeming bowl of heaven

becomes smaller and smaller as

each day a portion of it disappears

transferred to smaller and smaller Tupperware

it slowly diminishes

and day by day my anxiety increases

as the supply dwindles down

vanishing before my very eyes

until it is only a sad spoonful


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Manly Thoughts


i ain't much of a poet

i just fool around with it

like most things i tried

i ain't very good at it

but i still like to do it

it keeps me busy

and keeps my mind off of women

which is what all men ever think about

now i write on occasion

and occasionally get one right

but the fun part is

seeing people's reaction

they caint believe an old buzzerd like me


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When someone gives a wink

it tells you what they think


to send a smile and wink

means two people now are linked


and usually a wink

means agreement so to speak


so to communicate what you think

just use your head and wink.



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People fumble

for their phones

their one possession



They never want

to be alone

that feeling

not the nicest


Fell off the seat

on the floorboard

finding it

could lead to crisis



just chalk it up

people left

to their own Devices.


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Mommy Mommy


A small green beetle

held in the hand of

a 6 year old

represents the epitome of

his special world

comprised of bugs and rocks

and endless imagination

how great his thrill

in discovering so tiny a being

in the back seat of the car

a beetle as brilliant as jade

as tiny as a speck

held now carefully by the little boy

overjoyed with his newfound treasure


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Wireless World


The world won't wait on us

we are always running behind

the world keeps on spinning

with new inventions

new ideas

changing constantly

you barely learn one thing

then the next thing comes along

those of us trapped in between

get confused or left behind

we don't understand technology

we only know black and white

we know fire

and we know rain

we know wha...

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Ordering A Mouse


I ordered a new mouse

from Amazon

but when I opened the package

it ran off

and now I am mouse-less

once again

I cannot click or drag

and have no arrow to play with

the mouse said

batteries not included

no wonder

it was actually a live mouse

but who knew

next time

I will read the small print

before I hit Send

and skip the

30 day warranty offer...

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Letting Things Go


it's fun now

to just let things go

let it be

don't fool with it

don't fix it

let it deteriorate 

go back to dirt

who cares

when you're this damn old

more fun to watch the grass grow

the paint dry

whatever it is

can wait until tomorrow

manana is a better time

when you hit this age

it don't matter no more

no emergency

no urgency

no schedule ...

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Cat Nap


Cats are like that

they have a knack


of searching out

a place to nap


Cats can relax

at drop of hat


before you know

they're in your lap.



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White Stripe



They have taken the curves

out of highways now

and paved all the roads

leading to the country

all the bridges have concrete barriers

so you cannot see the rivers you pass over

nor the turtles on the bank

or the cranes standing still as statues

most drivers see only

the white stripe and never look to the side

they miss entirely

the small towns

the creek...

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The hall is filled

with the bustle of busy women

getting ready for the Reunion

where almost a hundred folks

will gather and partake

of food and fun and conversation

the Barbeque set up in long trays

the side dishes arranged for the serving line

sweet tea prepared and

a wide array of desserts placed like jewels

on a folding-table

delicious aromas waft from the ...

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School Photos


School photos

where it's sometimes hard

to get a kid to smile

but ours are beaming boys

with smiles of goodness

and the joy of

a happy childhood

a happy Boyhood

you cannot invent a smile

so these come naturally

such easy smiles

without a strain

the best kind of smiles

when we look at them

we too smile

at such pure and wholesome grins

it makes us...

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Last Laugh


We don't need sound

to tell us when to laugh

nor do we need laughter

in a can

what we need is good Comedy

to help us all relate

to help us laugh at each other

and with each other

laughing is healthy

laughing is good for us

mentally and physically

stand up for comedy

no need for profanity

just point us to a hardy laugh

we will giggle and applaud


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Saving Grace


Busy bees sustain

our world indeed

and so deserve

our sympathy


Sometimes a poor

hard-working bee

will fall to earth



Our obligation

toward said bee

is to help it rise



With saving grace

we all agree

to save the small

is charity.


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