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Death Delayed


To death I say

let it just wait


I'd just as soon



its final stage

is proof enough


the best death is

the one put off!


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If you need a flexible payment plan

due to circumstances taking

a toll on your finances

too bad

all that will do is postpone the inevitable

and cost you twice as much in the long run

you should have saved some money

instead of buying everything

you laid your eyes on

you didn't need that fancy Apple phone

you did not need that game system

you didn't need that 5...

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Two chubby gentlemen

sit by the curb

one dressed in green

one in blue

they are portly, yet affable

and have much to talk about

concerning their past week

the odd assortment

of things they collected

they await the coming

of the truck which will

give them chills and thrills

like tourists at Disneyland

they anticipate the ride

when they will be lifted by


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Our Heartfelt Thanks


Our heartfelt thanks to all those

who have entered the poetry contest

All funds raised will be given to needy poets

to buy a cup of soup and a bagel

Your generosity means

there will be even more struggling poets

many of whom intermarry

Though the contest itself is done

our begging continues

so please donate

even if you don't like poets or poetry

What we need i...

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75 PERCENT---a poem by O.L. Buzzerd


At my old age

I am operating

at about 75%

most of the time


some days

it drops down to 50


there are days when

it's just a struggle

to walk or move

inertia is my style


sore and stiff

is the best description


everything hurts

the old legs done give out

pain is more common

than not


the knees pop

the back aches


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Virtural World


We must meet

each other virtually

we cannot touch

but we may speak

into a screen

and so virtual we become

and so we behave

until we lose ourselves

and the virtual

becomes reality

as we passively submit

to virtual insanity

we react suspiciously

it's all a plot

to keep us down

and in lock step

it's virtually that easy.


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Thunder In The Far Away


Sitting in a chair

wandering in and out of sleep

the mind so at ease

it drifts along like a leaf in a stream



a clap of thunder cracks far away

like a firecracker going off

an exclamation point in the sky

the mind snaps back into the present

and waits

anticipates another


then from out of nowhere

thunder claps its hands

right over the ho...

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Plants give us pleasure

to our senses appeal,

To sad eyes they are joyful

help us rightly heal,

Tranquility follows

when plants replace steel,

The more plants surround us

the better we feel.


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