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So Brief A Life


We enter into

that final phase

expressed in sleep

and slow malaise


we shrink in size

our mind declines

we deteriorate

in many ways


no more the rage

of primal youth

we slowly learn

the somber truth


that like a tree

now without fruit

life was too brief

death in our roots.



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The Hearing-Impaired Line


If you are hard of hearing

you may call our

Hearing-Impaired line

@ 1-800-What?


when you hear the beep

press one for service

oh that's right

you can't hear can you?

well never mind


the hearing line obviously

still needs some work

we have a committee set up

to make recommendations 

we should hear back from them soon


public input and feed...

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Paperboy Quarterback


Rising early

I hear the paper boy outside

throwing the newspaper

I have to give him credit

everyday he comes on time

rain or shine

and he always hurls the paper

square in the center of the driveway

which in itself is quite a feat

I always hear the chug of his truck

the one-note plop of the chunked paper

as it hits the pavement

how adroitly he slings it


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Ice in a glass


against the side

blocks of ice

floating like

ice bergs

in North seas

the chips are ships

gone down to

storms inside

the glass of ice

they melt away

like thoughts

once thought

but lost

no rafts to save

as memory sinks

dissolving into

a watery grave

of what used

to be.





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Cold Reality



under the feeder


cold feathers

cold feet


some get fat

some get nothing


kinda like life itself

cold reality.


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Washing Away The Blues


To become rich

easy as pie

go to the laundromat

and apply

your skill at finding

coins that dropped

from coin returns

likely as not


You'd be surprised

what people leave

two dollar bills

would you believe

and in the washer

you might find

a buck or two

were left behind


In hurried ways

some folks forget

the coins they used

and the...

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The Smell Of Old Books


The smell of old books

will soon get one hooked


One cannot wait

to open and look


The journey of a lifetime

is then undertook


Away in lost nooks

the adventure of books.


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The Cliffs Of Norfolk


They crumble and

then caravans fall

along a wall

of dirt debris


and many come

to be enthralled

at sight of all

there is to see


as caravans fall

men are appalled

at such a sight

as scenes like these


can something stall

so more won't fall

into the arms

of the waiting Sea.





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Working Stiff


Just a working stiff

work minimum wage

the midnight shift

what little it pays

work when I can

poor working man

the work repeats

but then again...


The bills come in

the rent is due

it costs to live

resources few

work's all I know

no time for friends

work 'till I die

then ...stiff again.



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What's Good About Old Age


is that your eyesight goes

which means you don't see all the things

deteriorating around you

you don't see the dirt and dust

the things that need fixing

the cobwebs


Another good thing is

you don't hear too good either

which means you don't pick up on

all the ugly things being said on TV 

and you can also use the excuse

I didn't hear you

to get out of w...

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Cash & Credit---a poem by O.L. Buzzerd


in the old days

people paid cash

for things they needed


either that or they

dealt with a store

that would carry their tab

on the books


but payin' cash

was regular routine

there weren't no credit or debit cards

and all banks were local


you either had the cash

or you didn't

if you didn't

you saved until you did


dollars and cents


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Waves of Poems



Waves of poems

are in my bones

It seems I can't leave

them alone


Poems pull and tug

till out they come

the mystery is

why I am prone


No turning back

control I lack

where there is one

there are much more


Poems ebb and surge

till they emerge

like waves crash on

the waiting shore.



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Plastic Jesus


Plastic Jesus on the dashboard

St. Christopher pinned to the visor

a rosary around the rear view

all the insurance he needs

just in case

he hits a fire hydrant or a house

or another speeding car


when the flashing lights come on

one last gulp before he's pulled over

patted down and tested

he walked the line

but fell off before the end


drunk tank bl...

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His Own Little World


He cannot remember

his own name or

those of his children

has no idea where he is

he has become disconnected

from the past

knows only the moment


his spouse is the one who suffers

he just wanders around

not realizing who he is

not knowing or understanding

where he is


all the pressure is on her

the feeding

the bathing

the watching after



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A pig can root

so can a tree

root beer is neat

root for your team

a root canal

is not so keen

roots make no noise

compared to beans.


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Song Of The Wild Geese


In the early morning

great flocks of geese

fly overhead


honking in exuberance

exhilarated with the morning

the beauty of the lake

the snap of cool air


they announce their presence

with joyful noise

like trumpeters warming up

an orchestra in the sky


singing so jubilantly

as if they had just discovered life

found happiness

in the sunrise


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Fish & Visitors



Fish and visitors

smell after three days


make them go away

to heaven we pray


dear God make them leave

we beg you persuade


fish and visitors smell

make the smell go away.


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My life not lived

in cars or planes

or cruise ships


all my rainbows


in treasured words


with any luck

I'll find my

pot of gold


a finished poem

the end of every

rainbow's arc.



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Need we have margins

straight as they be

lines of our limits

defined boundaries


Restricted spacing

that seeks to impede

squeezed between margins

with less opportunity


Let us instead be

boundless and free

with limitless freedom

where men can succeed


Margins confine us

to conformity

freedom becomes us

our margin of victory.


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Refurbished Poem


Take an old poem

that was stored up in the attic

set it up on a desk and go to work

strip off the old worn out cliches

fill in the holes of missing words

then sand it down

to the bare essentials

put on a good primer

to give it an even base

then finally paint it

with a bright shiny enamel

of imagery and meter

don't leave any bumps

let it sit

let it dry


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Going To Get The Mail


I told my wife

I'm going down to the mail box

if I'm not back in 30 minutes

it's because I have fallen

and can't get up


she replied

make sure you fall on the lawn

and not into the street

you know how the HOA is

they have that No Litter policy.


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