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Brexit---Members Only


They say they love their members

but how they pitch a fit


when a member of their company

wants to drop their membership


Why would you be a member?

you must be a Nitwit


to join a club or Union

that will not let you quit!


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I Cannot Imagine


I could not imagine

my parents being young

they were old the day I met them

and remained old till the day they died

but I often wonder

how they would have been

as young people

as young lovers

I wonder how they met

and if they kissed on their first date

or kissed at all

until they tied the knot

the whole idea of sexuality

seemed so foreign to them

it w...

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Inner Space


An empty space inside my head

was just not being used


I tried to use this vacant space

but thoughts were mighty few


to have an empty space like this

you think is surely wrong


yet I'm prepared with open space

should something come along.



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Tomorrow Never Comes


Isn't it odd

that when we retire

we still have things

we don't get around to

even though we no longer work

or have busy schedules

there are still things

we never get accomplished

things that accumulate

because it's easier to put things off

to walk by them

pretend they don't exist

tomorrow is a wonderful excuse

not to do something

we can relax because


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When bad stuff happens

it is always the fault of somebody

I don't know why it is

but somebody is always

screwing things up

making errors of judgment

or execution

I don't know why somebody

doesn't do something about it

why doesn't somebody think things through

or plan things out

somebody is always failing

it's obvious to anybody

I sure am glad

I am not...

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The Critic


i ain't much of a poet

i just play around with it

because i found out wimmen

like poets


once in a while

a pome will pop up

in my mind

that's purdy good


then i'll read it

to my old dog

here on the porch swing

his head layin gentle in my lap


the dog is good to read to

he listens well

and critiques the pome

with his tail


two wag...

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Going Bald


I'm going bald

there's not much left

no hair on head

nor hair on chest


Don't it beat all

I must confess

when hair falls out

it causes stress


No need to trim

my hair unless

in nose or ears

where it grows best


I wanted hair

but was not blessed

when all is gone

what's going next?



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paints over the natural

the green and good

pavement poured into

parking lots



roads upon roads

we crisscross

our land with pavement

millions of miles

and wonder why

we have floods

and global warming

there is no place

for rain to go

the sun radiates its anger

sizzles on pavement

rain and shine

are orp...

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Identity Problem


I identify as

a common Bean


Could be Garbanzo

could be Green



yes, so it seems


yet with my luck

I'm a Has-Bean.




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Red Light Cameras


Red light cameras

stare at you from on high

looking down menacingly

like hawks about to pounce

their beady eyes watch

your every move

as you sit in line

they systematically record you

if you move too soon

or too late

you are on tape

evil eyes follow you

to make you behave

it's Big Brother in the sky

he who spies can also lie

with the full power of ...

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Divorce is like

an ice berg



prone to sudden cracks


moves slowly

rearranges geography

you never know

what is really going on

underneath the ice

its nature is deception

you do not know

where it will end up

or who it will

break apart

and sink.


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Please Come See Me



Please come see me

before I die

it would be so nice

to talk of things we used to do

the places where we used to live

the things we had in common

there is such joy in the remembering

yet it has been too long

now we no longer know each other

and only meet at funerals

every ten or 20 years

still we can relate

our memories bind us together

please come a...

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Feeling The Heat


Those in old age

repentance seek


The life they lived

so bittersweet


For sins performed

now showing grief


The closer death

the more the heat.


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Don't Bother



Don't bother me

I'm writing a poem

I need quiet

my attention span is short

I had an idea

but before I could write it down

it got loose and sped away

now I have to go chasing it

and I'm still in my pajamas

it's hard enough to think up a poem

much less trying to chase one down

in slippers

poems are fast

and fleeting things

Corvettes of the literary...

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Hold Your Tongue


In this day

it is the thing to do

to insult

to put down

to use the F word

every other word

to be angry

to be mean

to ridicule

to put things on Facebook/Twitter

without facing your foe

it is so easy

hide in the cloud

in anonymity

in essence

justify your existence

by demeaning others

glorify thought

by eliminating it

promote bad behavior


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The Leaving

Just an hour

all that's left

of the house

of time


the new year

pulls up in the driveway

the old year

starts turning out the lights


the new year

peeks through the window

the old year turns

its back


one is ready

to move in

the other worn out

from the packing


one anticipates

waking up

in the morning

in its new house



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