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Cicada Summer


Cicadas sing to me

in the morning

when I go out in the yard


they are my companions

serenading me vociferously

hidden yet heard

a choir up in the trees


oh I know

it is really the sound of

their contracting abdomens

but I like to think they are actually singing

in full voice

music to my ears

the waltz of the Cicadas

played every morning


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West Texas

famous for dust storms

and flatness

if there were ever a place

sandblasted by nature

it is here

the barren and brutal landscape

the result of receding seas

and God's error

he took sandpaper to it

and erased all its hills

and all its trees

and left its surface smooth

to the horizon

which started the rumors

who says the earth

is no...

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Sahara Sand



The wind blows

Sahara Sand

clear across the Atlantic

and deposits it

grain by grain along the way

until it finally ends its journey


of all places


Sahara sand aggravates the sinuses

and aggravates the citizens

who now have watery eyes

and scratchy throats

and have to wash their cars again


to think

that sand from the Sahara

which ...

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sad looking

crushed thing

laying on the floor


stepped on

a dead bug

a roach

a spider?


I pick it up

and see it is only

the remnant of

a raisin


a raisin escapee

who didn't make it


now left here

all wrinkled and sad looking


I hope I don't end up

like this


a blot on the floor

the dirt under

someone's feet.


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Crayon Clouds



Clouds come out

all fluffy and white as popcorn

like balloons in cartoons

they speak to us of

kids in kinder

drawing their first pictures


the beginning of art

their first renderings almost always

sky and clouds

simple things at first

from minds that soon will mushroom

grow overnight

reaching up and out to find

new thoughts as changing as the wi...

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Comparing Zebras


Comparing zebras
all black and white

How do you distinguish
they all look alike

Yet to them
we too appear likewise

In truth not everything
is black or white.

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Undocumented Poems



Poems need papers

to travel

to work

published or

in the copy machine

they have to have papers

to be read and legitimized

just a blue screen

will not suffice

poems need to be documented

and allowed free access

because so many are

courageous and honest

and do the work the rest of us

do not want to do

poems should be able

to climb walls


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Under Questioning


On advice from my attorney

I refuse to answer

I plead the 5th

I don't remember

I can't recall

It wasn't me

I don't think I know the answer

and even if I did

I would not give it

because I am shifty

and sly

and super slick

and I can talk for 10 minutes

without answering

what you asked


next question.



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The Day The Fish Died


The fish we kept has passed away

a sad and lonely death

all by itself in darkened tank

it took its dying breath


There were no clues to analyze

as those with pets expect

still death took on real tragedy

upon which we reflect


She took it very personally

having fed it every day

had oddly grown attached to it

and its peculiar ways


If hearts are p...

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Leaving A Lasting Depression


I was going to write about depression

but I got depressed just thinking about it


they say to write your way out of it

but after reading my own poetry


I am even more depressed

than when I started


depression is a state of mind

depression is a state of mine


I would continue but

I am heading for the tropics


the subject of my next poem


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Click Here

If you do not like the NEW poets
and would like to change to
the OLD poets
and I will arrive shortly
as I am indeed an old poet
with a bunch of old poems
however know this
that once you switch
there is no return
you do not have an option
you can never go back
the old poet may be snarky
and cranky and
half mad
but an old poet
is classic font
he reads well
and has that...

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On Writing Poetry

Writing poetry

can puzzle

can bore

can put people off

best keep your thoughts

to yourself and not

write poems for strangers

just write for friendly folks



who will in mercy not tell you

what you do not want to hear

who in graciousness

will not tell you

to look for another line of work

who in embarrassment will lie

to protect the innoc...

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The Celts


The Celts were famous

for fighting


leaving their artifacts

scattered around England

and Ireland

even France

but the Celts were

most famous for

founding the Boston Celtics

who played basketball as if

they were invading

another country

and carrying off

their women.






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