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Zombie Halloween



Full moon tonight

will light the sky

it's Halloween

and passers-by

used to come knocking

on our door

due to Covid though

fun is no more


No gangs of goblins

in the night

no monsters who

give us a fright

no buckets filled

as were before

Covid changed all that

forever more


Who killed this night

this hallowed time

who called an ...

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Life Lesson


In our youth

we are carefree

fearless and

also stupid


when young

we take risks

we make excuses

we think there are

no consequences


we play with matches

we play in the street

we play with our youth

as if it will last forever


but as we mature

we discover ourselves and

learn from our experiences


we straighten out

we round the ...

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Culture Cancer


There is a cancer

in our country and our culture

it grows and expands

like a menacing pathogen


the ever-present Social media

is as lethal as cancer

there is nothing Social about it

what once was a good country

is now debased and ugly

sickened by hatred

infected with revenge


the question is

can we cure the cancer

or will it mestastasize  


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One Of Those Days


You ever have

one of those days

when very little is accomplished

when nothing gets done

and every attempt to get started

dies on the vine

your intentions are good

but the will is weak

the mind gets an idea

but the body resists

weights in your shoes

aches in your bones

and the doing of nothing feels better

than the doing of something

when they ask you ...

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The first few days of Fall arrive

on a blustery northern wind

Summer runs away to hide

as a Norther barrels in


The summer heat soon dissipates

a sting is in the air

without a warning Fall arrived

it came in with a flare


How welcome is the season change

no matter where it's from

the coolness of the day reminds

thought Fall would never come


No ...

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Death Sentence


Please help me

I am in this facility

confined to this room

they have blocked my family out

I cannot see them

they say it is a virus

they say it is the law

they say no one can see me

I don't know what to do

I am an old woman

I am in a wheelchair

feeble and dying

I am all by myself

separated and apart

put in this small dark room

I cannot look outside


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Dollar Store



When buying cards

it makes no sense

to spend too much

on the recipients,

Try the dollar store

spend 50 cents

only you will know

the difference!


~Po Wit

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Family Of Four


Family of four

dead in the road

headlights in their eyes

crushed underneath

they were too slow

the road too wide

a thud underneath

the car kept going

now run over remnants

bloody stains

the sad remains

of possums.


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Slow Leak


Most of my poems

are low on air

they carry little weight

and often are under-inflated

I wish I could be serious

and write a serious poem

but seriously all my poems

have a tendency to go flat

they are worn out and bald

and ready for the salvage yard

I hope you can limp into a poem station

and pump up this poem

before it leaves you literally stranded

in th...

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Toothless Wonder


Most people my age

have no teeth at all

but in my case

I did

still they wanted to pull a bunch of them

because they said a man my age

should not be eating Barbeque and tacos

and enjoying food as much as I do

they wanted me on a soft diet

mostly jello and Gruel

so they pulled my teeth

(they like the word "extracted"

it sounds more important)

and so now I ...

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Telephone Poles


Telephone poles are

the message boards of our town

with all the posters, pictures,

and paraphernalia of the neighborhood

miscellaneous notices

for missing cats and dogs and even children

garage sales

house sales

yard work

and occasionally

a real ad for a roof or a paint job

these poles are the totems of our society

erected not for their utility

but for t...

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Stray Thoughts


What was I thinking

a while ago?

I know it was something important

because I was thinking

it was something I should write down

but now I just don't remember what it was

and so it preys upon my mind

and distorts my thinking

in fact, right now

that lost thought is all I'm thinking about

I think it was a good idea

and I was going to do something with it

but th...

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When You Write It Down


When you write something down

it is your soul in essence

as personal as it can be

in thought and substance

words emerge one by one

once they start there is no stopping them

but you have to give them form and function

and make them convey what

you have to say

the best of a man's mind

lies in his writing

we all have thoughts and emotions

but once you write th...

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We brought more readers

to poetry

although they were brought

kicking and screaming

fiercely resisting the attempt

no no they shouted

not Poetry

that's the worst

we have better things to do

like video games

or coffee at Starbucks

why on earth would we do

poetry when we find

so much more meaning

in silly worthless stuff

like Facebook and Twitter


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In life

we all have our crosses to bear

whether health or relationships

poverty, grief, loss or disaster

no one is spared

each has a cross to lumber with

to try and hold up

to carry on despite its woeful burden

and all of us can

because there is that something

called the human spirit

that indomitable drive

to overcome

to never give up

when you conside...

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The Sundown Syndrome


There is a growing population

of people like me

who are okay during the day

but when the sun goes down

we fall into into a state of lethargy

much like a lizard under a rock

our energy drained

we lose alertness

we run out of  gas

we slowly close our eyes

as the TV drones

and draws us inevitably into sleep

yet in our sleep we dream such energetic dreams


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Of All The Years


Of all the years

that's ever been

this is the year

that makes no sense


So many things

got out of hand

cannot imagine

or pretend


That such a year

will come again

we hope no more

its scourge portends


A year of troubles

death of old friends

year disappear

come to an end.



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Old Ideas---a poem by O.L. Buzzerd


Lotta people say

I lost my mind

when they get upset

or if they don't get their way

I think that there is a funny expression


I lost my mind once

but I found it again real easy

like my glasses

it was right there on top of my head


all my old ideas were still in it

just like before

no damage or loss of content


I'll bet there's a junk yard somewhe...

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When Someone Dies


When one of us dies

it is a startling fact

that someone who was here

is here no longer

their death awakens you to

the shortness of life

and how brief and limited it is

and when someone

the same age as you dies unexpectedly

you realize how close you yourself are

as time slips away

you grow ever closer to your fate

how temporary is your place on earth

we t...

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Follow The Wind


Float in the wind

go along with the flow

no weight and no worries

go where the wind blows


Let nothing discourage

float easy and slow

peace will await you

where're the wind blows


The north star your compass

it's where you begin

just follow your footsteps

see where they may end


Like a leaf falls in Autumn

fall where you may and

discover y...

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Looney Tune


Wile E. Coyote

howls at the moon

he chases roadrunner

from morning till noon,

He's after roadrunner

dynamite will come soon

then splattered, the latter

coyote is doomed


But Coyote will come back

to life, none to soon

the wild chase continues

pursuit will resume,

there is never an ending

we can only assume

Coyote has no memory

hence, one Looney...

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Saving Grace


The mirror in the bathroom

gives a full view

of what is now my declining state

as my body takes on the appearance

of an accident

with ambulances screaming

and flashing warning lights

there are scars and scabs

and flab

where there used to be toned muscle

and vibrant skin

now youth takes on the pallor of old age

dullness diminishes the shine

hard steel tur...

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Chicken Fingers


If chickens

had fingers

where did

they come from


As I recall



had none



with fingers

are now

a big deal


But someone

explain please

how they became

Happy Meals.


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Notice to Poets


Due to the China Virus,

we have imposed restrictions on gatherings of more than 100 people.

Therefore all writing has been cancelled until further notice.

We have removed You from our home page and deleted all your infectious poetry.

Please check with rioters for future openings. 

Do not submit anything resembling a poem or even just printed words.

Keep your distance, wash ...

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Crow Conversations


Early is the hour

     as day begins with

  half light

    dead calm

the call of crows

   pierces the softness of the morning

they talk back and forth

   in that lonely language

so recognizable and so distinct

  their calls echo

   across the woods damp with dew

one cannot forget

  their haunting sound

the sound of morning itself

   waking up to catch...

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Getting By


Achievement comes

from hard work and applying ourselves

toward a specific goal

but why make an effort when

we can get along on less

we get C's

we do the bare minimum

enough to get by

but never enough to truly excel

we get used to failure

we accept it as the norm

so we have lowered expectations

or none at all

which makes life easier

since not much need...

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Poetry Pill


This Poetry site provides readers

with a daily dose of poetry

to be taken for their consideration

and hopefully, improvement


all poems are free of charge

but come with

no guarantee


poems come with a twist

and a twist-off cap

so that small children

do not indulge

and become overstimulated


poems are posted

as suggestions only

do not ...

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Your Happiness


I am happy

you are happy


happiness resounds

in your voice

and in your spirit


the going and coming

the moving on

a turning point

to a new adventure

a new You


I sense your expectation

your excitement

it flows like a great river

its banks overflowing

in waves of joy


so I am happy

you are happy


the both of us



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The Nature Of Man


Man gravitates

most naturally

toward a

base depravity


In everlasting


he persists

in his stupidity


Man's nature

his propensity

to create his

own self-misery


His nature is

his tendency

to repeat his

own stupidity.



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Silent Killer


We thought it was

just a passing thing

which moved in silent ways

yet would not harm us

we were immune we thought

and safe by seas and distance

but we soon learned that

it could invade without being detected

could spread quickly from one to many

and what we thought was just a flue

was in fact a merciless killer

that infected everyone it came across

it damag...

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On Hold


Press one to listen to a stupid recorder

press two to hear boring music while you wait

press three for Swahili

press four to speak to an operator in Bangladesh

press five to hear a list of recommended restaurants in your area

press six to add pickles & onions

press seven to give you time to go to the bathroom

press eight to check your rising blood pressure

press nine t...

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