The end.

Wandering ferociously through crowds
Wondering verbally things out loud
Surrounded by the deafening thunder 
People pushing people ripped asunder
Seeing visions in mile long stare
Hiding pain in vain despair
Feeling minutely like a number
Really dumber then the really dumber
Staggering on feet dragging in sand
Eat my mind its awful bland
Tongue is swollen with fat words of hate
Hearing all ignoring the debate
Lost in a crowd as big as a world
Big black flag chaotically unfurled
Where’s the fight to oppose the flight
Its stumbling with Nyx in the sorrowful night
The brightest flash removes the air
The cascading pain buries everything there
Yet still we walk at the filthiest behest
Afraid to touch our sins to the breast
Suckling at the door of death
Reaching out draw another breath
Lay down my friend
Embracing the end
The cosmos beckons in chaotic black
Stretched out on natures rack.

◄ Friendship. Loss.

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