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The dichotomy of love

You opened my eyes 

then shut them again

the sun shone

then came the rain

the joyous rapture

and the ceaseless pain

unbridled laughter

that today sounds insane

once a transport of delight

now a trip down memory lane.

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The laden sky

The heavily laden sky

hanging like a shroud over your head

a dense blanket of deep shame

and guilty promises

a teeming downpour of tears

drowning out the screams

of tormented children

abandoned and destitute

cruelly denied a loving spirit

by the mean minded heavens

to scream, to dream, to summon

a better life than the one

randomly placed before you.

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Another's eyes

I hope that around the world

people, everywhere

are trying to look through

another's eyes

taking another perspective

opening up

and showing compassion

and understanding.

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The Snowman

The snowman floats an eternity away

distant, but now closer in this vast array

Joined at birth, Ultima and Thule

Now become the universe’s jewel.

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