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Word wanderer

I am a word wanderer

peripatetic poetry is my voyage,

each syllable a serendipitous moment,

vowel vitality fuels every page

while a loquacious line forks off into two distances

leaving a double and doubtful sense

to my meanderings

all the better for the turn of phrase,

adding to the journey

is a consonant chaos of juxtaposition and alliteration,

a choice to turn left ...

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Lexical longings

Are these my words

or those of someone else

plucked out of the ether

original or borrowed?

Are they a randomly

collected assortment

strung together to form

a coherent mass or

an incoherent mess?

One letter making

such a difference to

our feeling

our understanding

our meaning

our perception

our walking out the door

after studying the room

its conte...

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High hopes for the hangman

you will go far and

fulfill your many dreams

but the people will not

forget what you have done

and the pain you have caused.

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Cause and effect

That single drop in the ocean

that butterfly flutter

that ripple in the potion

that nervous stutter


The reason follows 'because'

a fall after a stumble

a gamble after a pause

lightening before a rumble


Blooms from the seed

seed from the flower

the cycle of life

revealing endless power


An effect follows a cause

some larger, some small

all fol...

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Infectious laughter

Don't leave your laughter

lying around here

it is contagious and

might infect others

we wouldn't want

people enjoying themselves

and having fun

it could spread like wildfire

rampant and unchecked

run amok and carefree

it may make the world

a better place

and we wouldn't want that

would we?

Haha haha.

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Ghost writer

A shadow drawing across my notebook

a guiding hand for my uncertain pen

another mind thinking my thoughts

the ghost writer begins to take over.


Words from a different realm

sentences flowing from beyond

aiding me with my creative void

the ghost writer is taking over.


Holding my unsteady hand

boldly streams of words do flow

happy am I with my expressive frien...

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Gentle caress

The butterflies caressed

the frail old man

and soothed his sorrow

in the light flutter of

their dainty wings

his heavy heart

lost all its weight

and floated gently

to its resting place.

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Hiding amongst the molecules

I hid behind the veil

waiting to surprise you

but you never appeared

so I melted into the fabric

and became a part of the universe

that is never more to be seen

a molecule among millions

I found my place and am happy there

faceless, indivisible, a cosmos

inside a myriad of stars

a silhouette inverted

a ghostly whisper of a dream

floating around in a whirlpool


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Beyond this place

To find a peace beyond

sentience and experience

to find that inner tranquility

floating in a calm sea of stillness

resting on an ocean of order

where there is no space

or physical place

just a quiet solitude

full of soulful grace.

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My Realm

The soft singing wind

lulls me into a slumber

where my dreams

form their many colours

and the rainbow of mixed

temporal and spiritual boundaries

fade and merge into each other

creating an ephemeral cloud

on which I fly to the

corners of the realm

to seek out my true self

in order to believe again.


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Cursèd life

You sucked the melancholy heart

from my cursèd body

drank the treacherous blood

from my hardened veins

retched the black bile

from my pensive spleen

ripped the calm phlegm

from my very breath

but I am still here

alive and happy to die.

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Arborial Winter Repose

Stretching their limbs

up high to the heavens

outwardly so thin and fragile

but still vitally full of the force of life

enduring the stark harshness

of nature's capricious temperament

strong in root and sure of stature

the cold azure of a winter's sky

interspersed with snow filled pillows

on which to rest their hibernal heads.

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The dichotomy of love

You opened my eyes 

then shut them again

the sun shone

then came the rain

the joyous rapture

and the ceaseless pain

unbridled laughter

that today sounds insane

once a transport of delight

now a trip down memory lane.

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The laden sky

The heavily laden sky

hanging like a shroud over your head

a dense blanket of deep shame

and guilty promises

a teeming downpour of tears

drowning out the screams

of tormented children

abandoned and destitute

cruelly denied a loving spirit

by the mean minded heavens

to scream, to dream, to summon

a better life than the one

randomly placed before you.

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Another's eyes

I hope that around the world

people, everywhere

are trying to look through

another's eyes

taking another perspective

opening up

and showing compassion

and understanding.

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The Snowman

The snowman floats an eternity away

distant, but now closer in this vast array

Joined at birth, Ultima and Thule

Now become the universe’s jewel.

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