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Nude descending a staircase

entry picture

The nude descends a staircase,

the spectator looks on,

a motion so common

that thought has forgotten

these simple movements,

a cinematic masterpiece

in a single frame,

a human shape whose

curves have disappeared

beneath the artist's brush,

multiplied into a living force,

a beautiful robotic cadence

reaching the foot of its brief descent.

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Whispering wind

Soft swathes of September wind

stroke my welcoming skin,

its warm touch offers solace

to my stationary form.

A slow slight cadence

and a flighty rhythm,

this wind it soothes me.

Eyes closed shut so tightly

that sleep begins its

slow inward stroll

to silently steal my waking world,

and deliver me to the dream domain

where the calming wind

continues to hold me ...

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Morning sunrise

The jagged turreted skyline

emits its own kind

of dull fabricated ugliness,

hard smoked-filled tubes,

funneling the excesses

of materialistic output,

contrasting with the subtle

smooth outline of

the faraway forest

a rolling tide of greenery

an invisible outpouring

of breathable atoms

lovingly carressing

our stifled lungs.

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Thorn in her side

She drifted in and out of view

passing from gossamer to stone,

floating and then, sinking down low,

singing the words you wrote for her,

the sound now a sick cacophony

mocking your emotions,

stabbing at your heart.

Holding the now faded rose

that you had pinned in her hair,

but truly, a thorn in her side

had been your gift to her,

the beautiful bloom

was invisib...

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Turning my back

oh ye men of so much faith

scattering your deadly wares

like confetti at a wedding

without an ounce of thought

for the innocents on the ground

where moments before was fun and laughter

is now become blood and slaughter

how do you sleep in your beds?

have your dreams turned to nightmares

and your hearts to stone?

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A piece of my yearning

was lost to the churning

sound of a life laid bare

inside the confessional.

Seated beside a lost pirate

of the human race,

stealing unwitting souls

selling my skull and bones

to the undertaker for the

price of my wretched sins.

A reprieve for my soul?

Well, at least, that's what

he promised to me.

I had my doubts and

left him fingeri...

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Labyrinthine thoughts

Trying to find solace in

the confinement of our

solitary minds.

No physical straight jacket

restrains our limbs,

only a mental labyrinth,

turning each corner,

to be further trapped

inside a prison

of our own design.

Held like the minotaur,

are we to be sacrificed

to this beast?

who is our Theseus?

who will be our saviour?

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Never be forgotten

The metamorphosis

was a planned operation,

and everything they did

went as smooth as silk,

but what they didn't expect

was the abominable reaction

of the normally patient, decent people,

the bile and the caustic outbursts,

all of the hate that spewed out

into the space around them.

Shocked, they fled and hid in the hills

until the tumult had died down.

They coul...

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Listen to the illusory silence

of the growing arborial

presence parading itself

in the garden of our world.

A stillness that betrays

the ever renewing and

rejuvenating life-giving form.

Imperceptible impressions,

a virtuosity in itself,

claiming no prize

except its own existence.

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The Quiet People

The quiet, timid people

hid amongst the gathered flock,

cowered in the nooks and crannies

where no-one else wanted to go,

lowered their frightened eyes

when the others came around.

A voiceless legion tethered to anxiety,

tied to a heightened fear

of imagined temporal titans.

A tribe of mixed emotions

withstanding the advancing mass.

Thoughts of survival and

the ...

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Colour - Gold

Wealth and extravagance

have an association with you,

Many a fool falls for your shine

and many have died for you, too


For children we only wish

them to be as good as you,

while some chase just money,

those diggers we eschew.

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Incessant time

Oh unholy intimidating time

ticking your incessant tock,

crying out a second

swallowed scream,

gouging out the minutiae

to reach the crux of the matter

only to find it flattened

and sprawled out into

an infinite sense of everything,

a past, present and future tense

of the workings of the mind.

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Always worth holding on

The treatment of doom

leaves me left in the gloom

of a day badly spent

and a life cruelly rent.

A storm cloud burst,

a lightening bolt cursed,

by night my demise,

by light I surmise.

So, so little I know

eyes turned down below.

Then, a glance to the skies

and I see my great prize,

the sun it does shines

and on beauty it dines,

the colour of summer


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My lost flower

The apple blossom that was

the scent of your hair,

the tint that lit up

every mournful evening sky

could only emanate from

your softly glistening skin.


I had hoped one day to wrap

you up and hold you tight

so, no harm should ever befall you.


My flower amongst the grasses.

My bloom amongst the stems.


I wanted to sigh and

watch your soft seed


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Hardy folk

Even the hardy folk

were brought to tears

on that black night

when all the years of hurt

became a single point

in space and time,

when all emotions

a volcano became

that was not to be held,

mighty in its wrath,

bursting violently forth,

burning through the steely skin

of the hardy folk.

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Humanity without the humane

The faint strangled cry

of a separated child,

parents detached

when the need is most.

An emotional bond

smashed to smithereens,

lack of food, lack of space

lack of sleep, lack of love.


We are bringing up

traumatised infants.

What example are

we setting for our future?

Does the human

no longer exist in humanity?

Have we become our

own worst nightmar...

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Afresh again

Starting the journey afresh

a zero point, a big bang,

an expanding universe,

the endless possibilities.

The long, soft puff of breath

spreading the bloomed spray

in a myriad of directions,

the unknown escaping

to sow itself into the lives

of the unsuspecting,

of the ones searching

for that, as yet, hidden pleasure

or thought lying at the bottom

of the deep we...

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Love for you

If my love for you were a road
then it would stretch beyond the horizon.

If my love for you were an oak
then its branches would reach the highest heaven.

If my love for you were a lion
then its strength would overcome all.

If my love for you were water
then there would never be a thirsty mouth.

If my love for you were bread
then no-one would go hungry again.

My love for you is ...

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A natural concert

Surrounded by summer verdancy,

the sweet smell of the linden tree

and the deciduous arboreal presence

dining on the twilight sun.

The bright notes of the songstress

soothe my ears and calm my nerves,

that mambo rhythm cradles me

while I dream of glorious dances.

The floating melody is in full flight

and transcends the corporeal

to rise above the out reaching soul


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Holding on

A wild flower doesn't waver

faced with the oncoming weather.


A stout tree doesn't falter

when the hurricane gathers.


A passive creature doesn't move

but has the strength to stand firm.


A crying man doesn't shy

from his emotional outburst.


A breastfeeding mother doesn't heed

the talk of closed minds in public.


A questioning child doesn't listen


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Colour - Red

You are the blood of life

but your wasteful spilling

also signals its dying away.


The danger you show

is like a bull's enraging rag


In shame and unease,

facially giving away

from ear to ear.


In courage, passion and confidence

you fly the hoisted flag.


Cupid's waving his two fingers

to show he can still let loose that arrow

while the devil pla...

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Colour - Blue

I share your sadness

in my time of need,

but bask in your heat

in the azured heaven

of canicular days.

The cold is also tied to you

and I am frozen in your hue.

Mental calm and serenity flow

from your presence,

and we can feel reassured

in the body of your essence.

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Through Van Gogh's eyes

Through Vincent's eyes

the sunflowers radiant and mellow

shine through the murkiness

of the temporal world

his spirit rises above the earthly plane

beyond where the prosaic lies,

into a world of the sublime

where the heavenly riches

of bountiful dreams meet the

reality of the canvas.

A beautiful scene from

a mind so clear its visions

stretch beyond the limits


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Vincent Van Gogh

Dancing shadows

The second serpent

devoured the right hand

and the devil tied a knot

around the left

to tease and to prise

all of humankind

into the caves where

the chains hold us tight

while we watch

the shadows

dancing until the

morning light,

never to behold the

true forms

always to see the pretence

and believe it.

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The drunk and the priest

The drunken dancer

and the temperance priest

whispering to each other

about a fiery affair of love

between the sun and moon,

and the emotional outburst

when the universe was born.

The priest he begs for

the drunk to desist,

but the drunk just mutters

obscenities under his breath

and calls for more.

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Colour - Black

Although you are

in essence an absence

you are always deliberate,

mysterious and silent,

a shadow following,

a shade from the sun,

impression gives colour

but you remain intact

with none.

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Monsters in our midst

The quiet twisting of already

screwed and spewed words,

uttered from the gaping wounds

of their sorry faces,

mouths as bleeding caverns,

pus filled lies uttered in a

disingenuous cacophony,

where no one is safe from

the tirade of empty locution,

a terrible warped view

crammed into the selfish egos

of monsters in out midst.


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Unholy Communion

The holy man stands in his pulpit

and calls out to his congregation

that they cannot wait to turn to God

because it will then be too late,

and his forgiveness forgotten,

their souls tied to the hounds of hell

that unceasingly bite at naked heels,

and drag them down below with

wounds that will never heal.

The righteous shall inherit

what's left of the earth,

while t...

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From a sedentary position

From a sedentary position

you vent your anger

order! order!


From a sedentary position

you bare your bile

order! order!


From a sedentary position

you defile democracy

order! order!


From a sedentary position

your hubris takes a fall

order! order!


From a sedentary position

you will achieve nothing

order! order!

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Fleeting Emotions

Happiness is a fleeting emotion

and that’s how it should remain

for if we were eternally happy

how could we ever feel pain?


Sadness is a fleeting emotion

and that is how it should remain

for if we were eternally sad

joy would be hard to attain


Jealousy is a fleeting emotion

and that is how it should remain

for if we were eternally jealous

where would trus...

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Early Morning Tenderness

The soft rising sun mellowed

by the thin layer of

slowly dissipating clouds

beguiling me

leading me on my way

forward, onward

to my destination

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Four thoughts

The quiet choir

who ultimately sing

the crushing melody

of a silent night

and a frightened dawn


The muted musings

of a dying priest

whose last wish

is to shout at God

for such betrayal


The weeping child

who screams aloud

of lost innocence

in the mourning

of its nascent life


The beguiling beast

sleeping in its lair

dreaming of its ki...

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Word wanderer

I am a word wanderer

peripatetic poetry is my voyage,

each syllable a serendipitous moment,

vowel vitality fuels every page

while a loquacious line forks off into two distances

leaving a double and doubtful sense

to my meanderings

all the better for the turn of phrase,

adding to the journey

is a consonant chaos of juxtaposition and alliteration,

a choice to turn left ...

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Lexical longings

Are these my words

or those of someone else

plucked out of the ether

original or borrowed?

Are they a randomly

collected assortment

strung together to form

a coherent mass or

an incoherent mess?

One letter making

such a difference to

our feeling

our understanding

our meaning

our perception

our walking out the door

after studying the room

its conte...

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High hopes for the hangman

you will go far and

fulfill your many dreams

but the people will not

forget what you have done

and the pain you have caused.

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Cause and effect

That single drop in the ocean

that butterfly flutter

that ripple in the potion

that nervous stutter


The reason follows 'because'

a fall after a stumble

a gamble after a pause

lightening before a rumble


Blooms from the seed

seed from the flower

the cycle of life

revealing endless power


An effect follows a cause

some larger, some small

all fol...

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Infectious laughter

Don't leave your laughter

lying around here

it is contagious and

might infect others

we wouldn't want

people enjoying themselves

and having fun

it could spread like wildfire

rampant and unchecked

run amok and carefree

it may make the world

a better place

and we wouldn't want that

would we?

Haha haha.

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Ghost writer

A shadow drawing across my notebook

a guiding hand for my uncertain pen

another mind thinking my thoughts

the ghost writer begins to take over.


Words from a different realm

sentences flowing from beyond

aiding me with my creative void

the ghost writer is taking over.


Holding my unsteady hand

boldly streams of words do flow

happy am I with my expressive frien...

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Gentle caress

The butterflies caressed

the frail old man

and soothed his sorrow

in the light flutter of

their dainty wings

his heavy heart

lost all its weight

and floated gently

to its resting place.

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Hiding amongst the molecules

I hid behind the veil

waiting to surprise you

but you never appeared

so I melted into the fabric

and became a part of the universe

that is never more to be seen

a molecule among millions

I found my place and am happy there

faceless, indivisible, a cosmos

inside a myriad of stars

a silhouette inverted

a ghostly whisper of a dream

floating around in a whirlpool


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Beyond this place

To find a peace beyond

sentience and experience

to find that inner tranquility

floating in a calm sea of stillness

resting on an ocean of order

where there is no space

or physical place

just a quiet solitude

full of soulful grace.

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My Realm

The soft singing wind

lulls me into a slumber

where my dreams

form their many colours

and the rainbow of mixed

temporal and spiritual boundaries

fade and merge into each other

creating an ephemeral cloud

on which I fly to the

corners of the realm

to seek out my true self

in order to believe again.


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Cursèd life

You sucked the melancholy heart

from my cursèd body

drank the treacherous blood

from my hardened veins

retched the black bile

from my pensive spleen

ripped the calm phlegm

from my very breath

but I am still here

alive and happy to die.

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Arborial Winter Repose

Stretching their limbs

up high to the heavens

outwardly so thin and fragile

but still vitally full of the force of life

enduring the stark harshness

of nature's capricious temperament

strong in root and sure of stature

the cold azure of a winter's sky

interspersed with snow filled pillows

on which to rest their hibernal heads.

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The dichotomy of love

You opened my eyes 

then shut them again

the sun shone

then came the rain

the joyous rapture

and the ceaseless pain

unbridled laughter

that today sounds insane

once a transport of delight

now a trip down memory lane.

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The laden sky

The heavily laden sky

hanging like a shroud over your head

a dense blanket of deep shame

and guilty promises

a teeming downpour of tears

drowning out the screams

of tormented children

abandoned and destitute

cruelly denied a loving spirit

by the mean minded heavens

to scream, to dream, to summon

a better life than the one

randomly placed before you.

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Another's eyes

I hope that around the world

people, everywhere

are trying to look through

another's eyes

taking another perspective

opening up

and showing compassion

and understanding.

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The Snowman

The snowman floats an eternity away

distant, but now closer in this vast array

Joined at birth, Ultima and Thule

Now become the universe’s jewel.

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