If Revisited

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If you can see the good in everyone

And not condemn the less fortunate

If you can speak the plain unvarnished truth

When all about you are prattling prevarications 

If you are patient with those who lack intelligence

And when faced with stupid bias you do not duck or dive

Or respond to haters with hatred

Or respond to the wicked with dread

If you can modestly accept success and failure - 

Twin deceivers at the feast of life - 

And face up to disaster with smiles and laughter

If you can bear to look into the mirror

And truly see what's hiding there

If you can accept your words and deeds will be twisted

By those with hearts small enough to enjoy the failings of others

If you can accept life-threatening illness without crying

"Why me?" and sit for hours nursing parent or child

And force yourself to smile and laugh when all about you is lying flat

If you can spot hypocrisy by a country mile

And damn the pompous with a winning smile

If you can leap the nets of race, nationality, religion, class

Then, in all fairness, I'd have to grudgingly admit,

At long bloody last:" You'll just about pass!"






◄ Pseudobulbar affect.

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lisa donohoe

Sat 19th Jan 2019 18:33

A life lesson to be learned in the mastery and creativity of your words

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Sat 19th Jan 2019 18:02

You have again reduced me to tears John.

You sir have the voice of a true parliamentarian

Winston, had a speech writer almost as fine as your good self.

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