I was Wrong!

I was Wrong


It is unexpected from them

They shown their real faces

Their presence in my life

Were very significant and blissful

I used to worship them as a God

Which was my biggest fault!

Shared my secrets, thoughts and life’s experiences

Looked for advises, thoughts and opinions


You understands me fully

It was perceived by my heart

You know me, myself

Better than me

It was my thought


Listen buddies, I was wrong

I was wrong!

When I needed them most

They were not

Now they come up with wicked feelings

And spurious thoughts

I was wrong, I was wrong!


They spoiled my name

Without any second thought

They forgot that I am their own part

I am carrying their name, the legacy of family

Whatever they were being told by others, they understood and believed them fully


As they only brought me into this life, and shown me this beautiful world

My mistake was that I didn’t fulfilled their Ego

Not continuing to support their every deeds

It can’t be assumed anymore

That they will always be right for lifelong

I am having my own wisdom

With the Grace of God, Who is supreme Lord,


No one can define which is  right or wrong

As it is perceptions of everyone how they take things, their own way

But truths and facts are visible and pragmatic

Can’t be denied by anyone who thinks realistic


It is unexpected from you

My soul was connected with you

You have stolen my faith upon you

I was wrong, I was Wrong!

Bindu Trigunayak

◄ I wish all these happy moments gets freeze

Shut those Doors.. ►


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Bindu Trigunayak

Sat 5th Jan 2019 18:02

Thanks for ur like gopal

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Bindu Trigunayak

Sat 5th Jan 2019 18:01

Thanks ma'am for understanding the feelings behind words.. Thank you for reading ?

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Bindu Trigunayak

Sat 5th Jan 2019 18:00

Thank you dear Po for reading and appreciating my poem ??

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Sat 5th Jan 2019 09:06

Oh! such wisdom from one so young.

Cutting the ties that bind.

The cage door is opened and you fly free!

Beautiful poem


Gopal Gupta

Sat 5th Jan 2019 07:27

No words to say................................
really heart touching ........................

<Deleted User> (16837)

Fri 4th Jan 2019 06:15

Sad.....but bitter reality of life. We are often wrongly judged and maltreated by people who mean the most to us.....may god make it easy for all of us...ameen
This too shall pass bindu...hv faith n keep going?

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