I use pseudonyms 
because I like to, 
because I want to, 
because I can! 

It’s one of the few things 
I feel in total control of 
in this chaotic world. 

I like the sound 
of my pseudonyms,

they fit in with famous  
pen names like 
Eliot, Bell,
Orwell, Wilder, 
Voltaire, Vautaw... 

See, besides the obvious
can you tell 
which ones are me?

Sometimes I write

to see how it feels 
sharing soul songs 
in the world without 
care or concern 
about credit 
or acknowledgment, 

just set my lyrics free,
let it float around 
like a feather 
strumming the wind. 

It’s all part of the game. 

What’s a name anyway?
Unless it’s a really cool one
like Shakespeare, Hemingway,
Tennyson, Keats,
Angelou or Giovanni...

When we write 
from the heart 
with vulnerability 
and authenticity, 
it is like a fingerprint,
extraordinarily unique 
easily identified 
by discerning eyes
and rhythmic ears, 

no name necessary.

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Sun 27th Jan 2019 01:29

Pen names gives us wings... love that insight Big Sal. I could spend the rest of my life studying great poets and being inspired by their works. I'm putting Voltaire on my list!

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Sun 27th Jan 2019 01:27

Po, Love it when one muse inspires the other! That's how this poem came to be actually. I agree, having our poems read is important, but getting it out of our head so we can rest helps too!

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Sat 26th Jan 2019 08:47

Po the pseudonym
writing here an age
(well three months)

What care I for fortune and fame
Proud and anonymous what's in a name
Besides a lot of my verse is a bit like a curse

Waking me up in the middle of night
Some of it's scary, causing me quite a fright
Spirits intruding spilling rhymes in my head
I keep telling um... "Look your supposed to be dead"

So together we agree and this is all we will say...

We don't care who takes the credit
just as long as someone's read it

Po & Co

<Deleted User> (21291)

Sat 26th Jan 2019 03:40

Good idea!!!?

Big Sal

Sat 26th Jan 2019 01:09

Voltaire was a legend. Pen names give us wings we wouldn’t otherwise have. Great introspective piece of poetry, Vautaw.?

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