Involuntary Glamorization In Obsessive Dreams

Black tar and needle scars,

I pull it back and let it rip,

It's time to trip I take a hit,

My heart skips I'm loving it,

Twisted things and smoking everything,

Angelic wings flying high like a king,

Powdered wishes and doing fat ishes,

Taking in poison is rather delicious,

This dark liquid death has me out of breath,

Not a worry in the world not even HEP,

I crush it up and do a line,

Damn that crystal is mighty fine,

Up and down my world goes around,

My hair sticks up and I can hear every sound,

I down more pills it gives me the chills,

'Cause only I know about these thrills,

I'm laughing and crying, I feel like I'm dying,

I take a drink so I can stay calm and think,

I feel really sick and I run to the sink,

It's a false alarm whats wrong with me?

My eyes water up and I cannot see,

Is it a nightmare? Is it a dream?

I wake up now back to reality.

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