To Be Meaningful

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I say orange you don't believe
I say purple you doubt
I say white you consider only a pretext
I say black you growled
I say yellow you think I'm crazy
I say blue you think I'm fake
I say red you are angry

I let you think I easily gave up
I shut up you think I'm a stone head
I laugh you think I'm railing
I smile you think I'm punishing
I'm sad you think I'm selfish
I cry you think I'm easily nervous
I'm upset you think I'm sulking

what do you want please say
what do you expect please express
I'm not begging you to understand
I just want for you to be meaningful

Solo-Indonesia, Thu, 27th December 2018. 5:25 pm
'with love and peace'
Suko Waspodo

ilustr: Pawel Kuczynski


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lisa donohoe

Thu 17th Jan 2019 07:15

Beautifully written ?
Great job

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