Little boys bum

Today my feet took a journey I did not expect.

Listen up closely to what happened next.

I stepped inside unfamiliar ground.

 then I Had a deep long look all  around.

                   .....  CHURCH.....


Ehhhhhh hemmmm _ I cleared my throat then took a seat.

I sat and waited patiently,

For The arrival of second class so I could support my son during practice for his communion mass...


My bum sat still on the wooden bench

While a lady kneeled and showed her hands to god.

I was left with just one thought. 

Why is it that my faith is so strong. And yet I feel church is terrible wrong???

Being catholic and raised with religion I flew from the nest like a stray manky pigeon. 

I disobeyed my parents and gods will 

I never dissolved our religious pill.


catholic priests have ruined it for me

As they tricked and abused kids as small as mine.

Their actions always bring me to tears.

They acted this way for many many years.

No man of god should do such things.

Maybe if they had of married woman with big golden rings!!

I bet little boy bums would not of had any stings.

White clothes and an evil smile.

Many lies and extremely voil.

The thoughts of their actions make my blood boil. 

No one stopped them? not even for a while.

They leave there parishe and get sent to another.

No longer a father but called a brother holding their place only to hurt yet another.


Were summoned to a house of warship every sunday.

Was it so they could choose their victim

Or just for the enjoyment of leading us astray.

Dirty peado priests still living this way.

Ehhhhhh " hemmm 

Excuse me sir can I ask you a question! If I bent you over and shoved this metal piece to cause friction would you happily oblige because after it ill call you a good boy ! Dont cry ! God doesn't like it but you will make me proud and ill pray for you..

Yeah... I didnt think you'd be happy for me to do the screwing you nasty piece of crap, 

         ...... SLAP....

O sorry to sin but its ok

God died for me so I can act this way!!!

Is that correct? Is that what you all tell yourselves as you pray to the man sitting on shelfs?

I dont care if it happened many moons ago I strongly believe priest hood should go. The popes a dope and I bet he did his fair share of kiddy fiddle , itchy balls because their all riddled.

Those boys are fucked from your abuse and I live for the day until Satan takes yous..

Disgraceful and wasteful 

Im leaving this church.

Home to my house where its safer to pray

All the catholic priest make me feel this way..

Ickkk " your sick with your scruffy peado dick 

May god punish you so I dont have too.. 


Not a house of god but a shelter for those pretending to be better..  Some of yall are worse then Hitler...


Forgiveness is key

And may the lord forgive me for expressing such views my intention was not to offend you.




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Sun 3rd Feb 2019 15:43

Sad, to the point of knowing most in power will never be convicted in this world.

However... They will be judged!

They can not hide anywhere after they leave this 3D world.

It is certain they will be their own judge and jury at their end.


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lisa donohoe

Sun 3rd Feb 2019 15:26

Thank you for your very honest comment raven, I am deeply sorry you had falling victim to such a thing..
It is despicable to Condon such vile acts. I strongly stand against it and extremely ashamed of the catholic church.

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Raven Anne Matthews

Sun 3rd Feb 2019 13:51

Wow, that is powerful. How accurate some points you made about the Filth that runs so deeply behind the Walls of the church. How so many have fallen victim by their hands, including myself and all in the name of thier lustful needs. Making the claim God wills it. No God would will the destruction and down fall of the innocence.

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lisa donohoe

Tue 15th Jan 2019 20:13

Strong indeed brian, passion behind the words I speak.. I will never understand how a man of god can tolerate such behavior let alone be apart of it... It baffles me.
A normal rapist ' child molester gets sent to prison and yet the so called holy man gets sent to homes that are full of unattended children..
I do know' not all are the same but when you read of the hundreds its so hard to see whos to blame when the majority all act the same.. Is it just catholics? Who knows but they hold the bar up high and yet believe they earned a right to live in the sky.. Hmmmm!!! ????

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Brian Maryon

Tue 15th Jan 2019 19:17

It has become quite commonplace for fellow WOLers to describe pieces as 'strong', to the extent that the description has become almost meaningless. I rarely use the word, but when I do I am totally sincere.

You will have to go some way to find a stronger piece than this.

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lisa donohoe

Tue 15th Jan 2019 16:35

Tarnish not with the same brush is correct.. But because of some thy love is numb
And trust is the only issue....

For a place of comfort and feeling safe no longer lays in the home of god and has not since I was old enough to hear the troubles of many youth's.
My heart bleeds for those who suffered the abuse.

Faith in my god still stands as before whether I roam threw his door on earth
For he has giving me life trew birth ?..

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Tue 15th Jan 2019 15:14

Sad to say not confined to yesterday
it's still ongoing, every single day

Still ongoing without a doubt
If God existed he would cast them out!

Not to say that I'm a believer
But the f'n Devil is a hell of a deceiver.

Hang them out, hang them high
pray for each one to die.

However tar not all, with that same brush
Judge and jury must not rush

To condemn them all in Gods name
All guilty will live, with eternal shame

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lisa donohoe

Tue 15th Jan 2019 15:02

All wrong doings deserve a punishment, consequences are inevitable... But its not up to man kind to act in such way.. As much as we see fit
Two wrongs do not make a right...
I love my god and all his holly angels and I always choose to see the good in people yet really struggle to see good in those who live by the word of the lord any yet commit such horrible acts.. But forgiveness is key I suppose

Big Sal

Tue 15th Jan 2019 14:45

I could sense the emotional output behind these lines, Lisa. Whatever people on WOL will tell you, always remember that this piece deserves to be read and disseminated and not condemned.

You did extremely well with conjuring a quite profound and disturbing enough image that the thought of eye-for-an-eye sounds more and more appealing by the second.

But alas, you spoke of hoping for divine punishment so you don't have to. That has to be my favorite line of this piece. Isn't that what most humble people would hope for? For the offending predator to get hit by a bus so their children would not go without a parent?

I like to think so. Very well done.??

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