The Iron Giant

It was chiseled, chiseled and broken
With long shattered glass protruding out from it
He didn't have the time to find out if it could be fixed
So he finish smashing it into millions of pieces
He was only fifteen when this happened

Like all stories he found a new one
But with it he found a girl 
He was lost in space when he looked at her
He was floating on butterflies 
How do you approach an angel?

Luckily he didn't have to she kissed him first
He truly lost himself in her that moment
He's been there many many times before her
None of them ever made him feel that way
He was no longer missing a heart he felt it beat again

Them days are over now
He's the iron giant that waits in the rain
She wouldn't recognize him
He's rusty and foliage is growing over him
He still wait for the girl that took his heart to come back


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Thu 3rd Jan 2019 23:21

you're welcome!

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Damon Blackery

Thu 3rd Jan 2019 23:17

Thank you Po.


Thu 3rd Jan 2019 18:25


I watched 'The Wizard of Oz" 'again' this Christmas and your poem so well illustrates the tin man rusting with no heart.

She will walk that yellow brick road one day

Great poem full of imagery


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