Lucid dreams

The soft fabric of new cotton sheets called to her, she answered and exposed her naked body to the coldness of her bed. 

A million thoughts flew passed her mind like clouds on a windy day.

Only for one single thought to be as dominant as her will to live,  a thought so vivid it felt like reality and she focused on making it a wish that will come true. 

She eventually gave permission for her heavy eyes to close and rest.

And thats when the magic began....

She was dreaming but her magic made her aware of this.  

She knew exactly what was happening and she proceeded with the knowing that fear was an illusion and it had no place in her mind body or soul.

There he was ' standing tall beside the oak tree he planted when I was a child out our back garden.

She froze as her eyes met the back of his head, she screamed but her voice was broken. (no sound)

She was very persistent and used her creativity in order to get the attention of the man she loved so dearly.

Stomped feet and clapped hands made just enough vibrational sounds to get his attention. 

He turned to face her but turned away just as quickly

Left stunned and emotional she ran trew the black bags , uneven soil and dead plant's just to reach him.

As they climbed the wall and sat in silence she felt what was left unspoken.

Still the Confusion swept over her entire existence.

Did no smile and lack of emoction mean you did not make it to the holy land

are you lost dad or am I 

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lisa donohoe

Sun 6th Jan 2019 12:58

Understood loud and clear but id still avoid out of pure fear.
Your work has amazed me from our first meet.
The eyes they are open and absorb more than ones feet..
I wait with excitement because one can feel the enlightenment.
With out the drug's , I shall not be frightened.
Go and finish that lovely work po
And take most of us out of our low ?

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Paul Sayer

Sun 6th Jan 2019 08:49

Lisa it was a very silly flippant comment of mine in some regards

LSD and every single drug weather it be synthetic or natural should always be administered under strict supervision.

I will go in to great depth on your posting via a pm.

However watch some of poems coming In the next few months

You will gain huge insight... There is often a deeper meaning to my writing's than most will know. They stand alone as written plus have an esoteric (hidden) meaning... hidden in plain sight .

Let those with eye's to see

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lisa donohoe

Sat 5th Jan 2019 13:31

Its cool !!!
As long as I can also have a tasty biscuit haha...
No suger in my tea doh, im sweet enough (lol)

I would be hesitant to take such things... The mind is already a powerful tool.. My penal gland has been causing me to see alot of purple when I close my eyes, along with sharp pains. Not quiet sure if that means it has opened or its just super stressed from the shit I caused it to see hahaha... Tea will have to have a normal tea bag, anything eles and ill be playing with fire... Although it would be nice to be saved by hot fire men ha ha?

Big Sal

Sat 5th Jan 2019 12:51

Yes, the tea doesn't really affect you during daytime hours, but taken before bed, and your dreams will amplify significantly.

Po, I always have biscuits. It doesn't matter if we're talking Texas Toast or a damn cheese roll. I gots it locked down.

(Sorry for addressing Po via your lovely piece, Lisa)

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lisa donohoe

Sat 5th Jan 2019 12:35

Po that would be something I would never take.. since I was a kid I would dream of places I have never been, if I had a single thought about ice cream or a unicorn it would appear in my dream in an instant.. Then as I aged the innocence was replaced with fear and worry and my dreams then started to become reality. Except nothing good came from them.. I then aged some more and my thirst for truth and answer's opened my mind to explore all we wore created for and that's when the real magic happened. I could fall asleep with a simple thought about where I want to be and what I wish to do and boom!!!! I have control over how I choose to spend my sleeping hours. My mind travels to places I never even knew existed. These places are out side of my dreams, but as I sleep I know not to go to far as I get an uncomfortable feeling the more I drift and wonder off chasing colors of energetic fire balls of crazyness. I see people who passed Away but its no fairytale, its actually a very uneasy feeling of discomfort and border line scary...
From dreaming to been able to tap into psychic ability I just feel it in my bones that their is wayyyy more to explore and understand. I would be afraid drugs may be an interference regarding me been in control.. When fear hits my dreams in any shape or form I am calm. I know its just an illusion so I dont panic, when you panic you are no longer dreaming, you are in the very center of your own nightmare. Mine can be soooo wild and scary so I need to stay in control ?

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Paul Sayer

Sat 5th Jan 2019 09:21

LSD is quite good at letting the old astral loose

Be Warned it is 'Always' a bad flight.

One can NEVER hope to control.

I might give that tea a sip, have you got biccies Big Guy?


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lisa donohoe

Sat 5th Jan 2019 02:49

Big sal that sounds very interesting.. I have not tried anything other than the power within... Are you able to control your dreams after such magical tea?
I find that I can control mine now, it took sometime but I now know how to aviod the fear in my dreams which keep me grounded and attached to my area...

Big Sal

Fri 4th Jan 2019 23:45

Great sentiment to this piece. Some sound imagery as well.?

On a side note, have you ever tried blue lotus (lily) tea? It definitely kicks lucid dreams up a notch.

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lisa donohoe

Fri 4th Jan 2019 18:52

Thank you so much for your kind words

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Paul Sayer

Fri 4th Jan 2019 18:22

The sound of my applause is as silent and as loud.

So often poems tell a story, however seldom do they take the reader on a sojourn such as this.

Wonderfully crafted poetry


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