10 The Wheel of Fortune

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As the fool feels like he is getting a handle on life and what it is all about, the Wheel of Fortune enters his world and completely turns it upside down. This is where the Fool will learn that life is very unpredictable and utterly random, it is full of ups and it is full of downs and the wheels of Karma can turn at any time, which gives him the sense to know that all things are possible and the possibilities are infinite. He comes to respect and appreciate the workings of fate and accepts that he cannot control everything. Including Change! Change is everything in his mundane life and within the realms of all existence.

Change is what makes the Fool who he is and it also makes him the random individual seeker of truth and knowledge. Once the book of knowledge has been opened and the pages are being explored everything inside him will changes and a whole other world will be revealed to him. Change grants him an awakening which will happen in his soul and will changes him in ways the Fool never thought possible. Here the Foo will come to realise that all things come to a point of change and nothing ever remains the same.

The Fool will learn a very valuable lesson in knowing that The wheel of time, the wheel of fortune, the wheel of destiny, the wheel of fate, all of them will bring him to that point of change and the wheels of change are forever turning for him every time he makes the conscience choice to allow change to take place in his life. He knows now to ask where would he be if it were not for change. The Fool finds that no one, not even himself can stop the tides of change from occurring and now upon his path of enlightenment he stand face to face with the Wheel of Fortune, showing him that change is a natural process to the circles of life.

The Fool now comes to see that he has changed within himself and that change has come with so much knowledge and an understanding of something far greater than himself alone. Here the Wheels of Fortune will once again turn and here is where change will once again take place, what that change may bring the Fool or where that change may take him is all part of the collateral beauty to all things possible.

Interpretation: The Wheel of Fortune indicates that change is pending in your life right now and you need to be aware of this. There are indeed forces in motion that will encourage change to happen which will bring new growth into your life, what that change could be has to be considered by the situation at hand and one much understand that change is sensitive to every individual person. There is one thing we cannot escape and that is change, change happens all the time and sometimes it is not always in our control. You may be in for one hell of a ride as the Wheel of Fortune turns and changes you for either the better or for the worst. That is up for you to decide. Karma plays a big part in this card so be careful not to be on the bad side of it as the random change takes place. Remember, as the wheel turns for others so will the wheel also turn for you one day and you need to keep this in mind with the choices you make in this new unexplored part of your life. With positivity this card can promise a good outcome to your circumstance but in negativity this card could mean the exact opposite. The Wheel of Fortune lets you know that the hands of fate is working for change in your life and you should prepare yourself for whatever it may be. This might be a time for moving ahead for the better or for the worst.

This card could also indicate that the end of troubles you have been experiencing is in sight and that you will find some peace of mind soon. Good luck may also be coming your way so perhaps keep yourself open for positivity in your life right now. Just know, change is coming and there isn’t much you can do about it so prepare yourself for it. 

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