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January Blues

All through January

I searched through the house

For something to fit me

But couldn't find a blouse


As I got dressed

I went all numb

Couldn't find anything

To cover my bum


A pair of stretch leggins

My husbands' shirt

Was all I could find

To cover my girth


The wine and chocolates

Went down with ease

I never refused

Just said yes please


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Streets of England

Well Theresa this England's a terrible sight

There's people sleeping out all day and all night

Some of them working some of them not

Most of them searching for a warmer plot

There are no pavements no streets lined with gold

Just people sleeping out there out in the cold

They don't have a bed a house or a flat

But lay themselves down on an old cardboard mat

Do you see me sit...

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Too Much to Ask

I knew it was too much to ask

to be on time for once,

normally she would be an hour late

Waiting, waiting, waiting is the most

annoying thing that can happen

when you've planned a day out,

which then becomes half a day.

Excuse; I lost my keys and phone

I've spent all morning looking for them.

Reply; you wouldn't need to look if

you placed them at hand in the first pla...

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I bought a poppy today

For the husbands, fathers, sons and brothers


I bought a poppy today

For the wives, daughter's, sisters and mothers


I bought a poppy today

It doesn't matter what it cost


The poppy I bought today

Was to remember lives lost


I placed a poppy today

It was placed in a sea of red


I placed that poppy today

In remembrance of t...

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The River of Silence

Fair as the morning, bright as the day

Life changes then passes away,

Bright as a sunbeam, pure as the dew

We wake to see the beauty renew.


Over the river to the other side

Sun and moon shall still abide,

As the time passes over the sky

Make fine your farewell,

Make good your goodbye.


Only when you drink from the river of silence

And the blue waves beat a st...

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Our House

It's Sunday afternoon at our house

And the relatives come to visit

We've cakes, jelly, pies and grouse

Sundays I wouldn't miss it.

Auntie Maureen is always the first to arrive

With her twins Harry and Henry

They're the fattest kids alive

But me mam always bakes plenty.

Next to arrive Uncle Arthur and Auntie Pat

He's a Sunday driver, leather gloves and flat cap

Auntie ...

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Ghost 3

At the crossroads I stand

In the stillness of the night

The shadows gather round

You hover beside me

I know you are there

You whisper my name

From your ice cold lips

I caught a glimpse of you

Of your slender form

In the pale moonlight

I saw your raven black hair

Your ruby red lips

I know we will never say goodbye

You will stay with me forever

My child of t...

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Stout is the drink that I savour

A glass full of chocolate flavour,

The glass to my lips  -  What a kiss

Down it goes just like bliss.


The devils liquid I have named it

Joining Camra is the culprit

I buy one more and then I think

Oh! The consequence of another drink.


Oh dear! empty glasses

My how quickly time passes,

Stout, my love another jar

As I make m...

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A Bow

It was just a bow

A blue patent bow

Disengaged its self

from her shoe

Disappearing into

The dark dank sewer,

I yanked at the other bow

There the shoes match now,

Kept the bow twenty years

In a box

With all sorts

Of paraphernalia.



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Ghost 2

When i returned to the crossroads

To meet this raven haired ghost,

Lost in thoughts

I stared at the madness,

Lurking in the darkness before daylight.


All around the shadows gather,

Then.. your ruby red lips

Brushed against my cheek,

In a strange haze of shock

I call your name..

Again you are gone.


A cascade of tears

falls down my face..

You came and...

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Who is this ghost in the corner of my eye?

The ghost with the raven black hair.

This girl creeping by my side

Waiting to meet me there.


Have you seen her any of you?

Her silent footsteps tread the floor.

The ghost in the mirror

Dancing past the closed door.


In the stillness of the night

Her voice whispers in my ear

To which world do I belong?

She cries bu...

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A Room With a View

entry picture

I sit in the window

twenty three floors up.

This is one of the moments

for which the world was made,

The giddying view

from the window seat

Beyond a simple bridge

over the river Yarra.

It's fate that I'm here.

On the ground pushing forward

people scurrying like ants,

Cars seen on the horizon

a little like toytown

or lego land.

A Room With A View.. 

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The Storm

Rain drops,

drip, drip,






Lightning crackles,

Thunder crashes, Boom,

Sun peeps

Birds twitter.

© Hazel


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What are you doing grandad

No you can't call the police,

I haven't done anything wrong grandad

And I've just been released.


It'll save a lot of grief grandad

If you tell me where the money is,

Just tell me where it is grandad

before I do the biz.


There you are grandad

two lovely black eyes,

Don't mess with me grandad

don't tell me lies.


Is that al...

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Here I'm sitting without a care

Watching the ripples caress the sand

Taking in the salty sea air

Where the ocean meets land.


Show me the currents and ocean tides

right down to the oceans floor

Let me see where the seaweed resides

While the waves crash against the shore..


The white foamy waves crashing

With shades of green and aqua blue

The glistening sun fla...

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His Touch

His hands wove erotic caresses

As the hairs on my neck stood on end

Then slowly, his lips meet mine

Touching my warm moist lips.


I surrendered to treasures he offered

Through the tingling of his fleshy fingers

Wrapping myself in his embrace

I gave way to his seduction.

© Hazel

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A Poem of Idioms

He came from nowhere

And Rode Roughshod Over Everyone

A man as big as a barge

Set Off On The Wrong Foot

No one could stop him

He decided To Play Fast and Lose

His shadow teeters

Fiddling While Rome Burns

Then a moment of silence

He decided to Burn His Bridges

Followed by the violence

To Take Umbrage

Into the future days

Out Of Kilter


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Symphony of the Elements

The orchestra of wind blowing

Through lush green trees

Builds from a whisper

To a forte with ease.


Lightning casts a blinding light

In white dangerous rhythm

Thunder drums quietly, then boom

In crescendo to the anthem.


Maestro of land, sea and sky

Of many living sounds and sights

Living, breathing symphonie's

Singing lullabies at nights.


And then ...

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The Tenant


The genial tenant in that cosy room

Has lived there always we assume,

He looks through the window onto the street

Behind the curtains so discreet.


He sits and glances and sighs

With great sadness in his eyes,

Mourning the day that he was born

I found him sad, alone, forlorn.


I sat beside him into the night

He lay with his hands clasped tight,

The years ...

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Ticking off the List



I miss your face, I miss your smile,

That look you gave, when you were around,

The memories are here to stay

Now you're gone, I just feel empty


I scan the contents of the page

And keep ticking off the list,

I hear the wind outside

Whispering your name


Halfway down the stairs I stop

Listening to the tick of the clock

In the lonely air of the hall


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Sext at Sixty

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A Curry Sir..

Would you like a curry sir?

With Nann or rice?

I think I'll have chips sir

That would be nice.


Would that be a vindaloo sir?

O I think not,

For I may find that sir

A little too hot.


Would you like a mild one sir?

I think that would be fair,

Or even a medium sir

If you would dare.


Would you like a starter sir?

There's a choice...

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Inflow of confetti, brings happiness and fun

Newly wed romance in the August sun

From the valley of dreams, mid the hills and dales

Azure the sky and green the vales

Tantalizing melodies in the afternoon air

Unaware of love lingering everywhere

Against the backdrop of a cloudless sky

The snow capped mountain stands so high

Infatuation or love? A beaut...

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A Day In My Life

A day in my life

I wish you could see

Just what it's like

To be plain me

A little bit picky

A stickler for what's right

When the going is tough

I read poetry all night.

When yesterdays anger

Storms in my way

I raid my silent mind

 And hope for a better day.

When evening draws near

Sadness cascades down my face

It's you that I turn to


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Rose Maloney


Rose Maloney sits in her chair

The room is dim

The floor is bare

And life for Rose is very grim.


Rose takes in sewing

It helps to pay the bills

Though it pays a pittance

For her meagre skills.


Her children play in the yard

Not knowing their fate

Times for Rose are very hard

And the rent man won't wait.


Roses  husband, drowned at sea

And sh...

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On a cold Winters night

his love is so warm


In the Spring he rises too early

which adds to his woes


On a hot Summer night

he can raise up a storm


In the Autumn his love

droops like a wilted red rose..


© Hazel

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Sexy at Sixty

I was fit and feisty at fifty
It was no big deal
Because that's how half a century
Is supposed to feel.

In my sixties I'll take stock
Start making great plans
Ignoring all the 'you can'ts'
And embracing all the 'I cans'.

Can I be sexy at sixty?
And try all the fashions and fads
Wear stockings and suspenders
And Joan Collins shoulder pads.

I can deal with sexy at si...

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No Simple Life

Life is simple but not for me
It's just not easy doing ABC
People think that I'm lazy
I just thought I was going crazy
It's hard to do my work I find
Because It's always on my mind
Reading, writing and arithmetic
Do I really have to do it?
Not being able to read write or spell
Living in this bubble of hell
I try to escape from thoughts and strife
No one knows my secret life
Or the stru...

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Faded Firelight

I sit in silence deep in thought

By the light of a dying ember


The mind forgets, but the heart does not

Imaginations dreamlike splendour.


I sit and dream of an old desire

I think of faces and remember names


They all come back when new things tire

As I sit by the light of fading fire flames.


Night time thoughts have slipped away

And joy always seems to...

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Edward  thank you

for your  Encomium

on my  Euphony

you really do  Encourage

to  Edify

I am  Elated 

and   Ebullient

I will  Ensue

To  Exceed

and  Excel

I therefore send you

my  Eclogue.. 


Translation :-

Edward thank you

For your formal expression of praise

On my words of pleasing sound

You really do give confidence

To im...

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Raging winds around her blowing

O that's the lassie of my heart     

Braving angry winter storms


Esteem for Chloris            

Remorseful apology

To Mary in heaven


Behold my love, how green the groves     

Up in the morning early


Robbie Burns the Scottish bard     

News lassies, News

She says she loves me best of all.    


© Hazel 2013


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The Grass Is Greener


Today I saw the sun shine through

With smiling happy faces

Moving on and never looking back

Takes you to wonderful places.


They say the grass is greener

On the other side of the fence

But we should enjoy what we have

It makes more sense.


I found a comforting road there

But now I am lost

Better to stay on your own side

And not get your signals crossed...

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No Thoughts

My mind is empty from thought

I am nowhere I am everywhere, I am free

Of things that I was once taught

I look and do not see.


I think about nothings, no thoughts

No feeling, no sight, no touch

I walked and mused on hidden truths

My awareness expanding so much.


There is no turning back

The illusion can never be true

When the veil is lifted

I will see my wa...

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War Of Words

Wrestling with his conscience

Abstaining from verbal exchange

Regretting his words


Offended by obscenities

Forgetting his ticket


What is happening now?

Obnoxious little men

Rallying in no mans land

Dire consequences

Spasmodic verbal abuse.


© Hazel

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Not In Love

Not in love? he asked

Over and over again

There was a silence


Indignant towards her

Not in love? he asked again


Leaning towards her

Over the dinner table

Vacant look on her face

Evident that she meant every word.

© Hazel

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A Disagreement


A n attempt to bamboozle him.


D irecting the abomination

I nto my inner soul.

S corn, in the flame of passion,

A ffection going nowhere.

G iving way to struggle, looking for a

R eason to cherish

E very yearning.

E nding this bitter taste,

M aking this relationship

E stranged.

N ever will it bloom

T o a tender love.


© Hazel


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