Illusory world

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Illusory world

Friday,25th January 2019


I glanced at my association

with Facebook and its relation

So much bond of love and affection

with all readers and known reactions


what sort of an illusory world!

where we feel close and its proximity is told

we remain so close yet very far

we can see daily but can't become a star


previously the magicians used to create a dreamland

where you are shown your close ones and friends

here you can have plenty of friends

and talk endlessly


it is like our natural life

where we witness ups and down with torn strife

here too relation witnesses swings

and fails to bring desirous relation


yet, it looks wonderful

where sentiments go in the form of emoticons

now there seems to be the wide range of understanding

people converse and their relationship goes unending


Hasmukh Mehta


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Sat 26th Jan 2019 08:21



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