Venturing Into Controversial Poetry

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Venturing Into Controversial Poetry


I've been encouraged to venture into controversial

Poetry, and away from safe ground

Which is good as it questions fixed attitudes

That tend to tie us down, keep us bound


If we take this path though we must by mindful

That our poems don't hurt other's feelings

If they do we need to think of a way

Of bringing about some form of healing


The way that immediately comes to mind

To those that we've hurt is say sorry

It may not completely fix the problem

But at least we've made the effort and said sorry


Yes I agree with controversy

In ones poetry

But not if it upsets peoples feelings

Do you agree with me ?


Don Matthews January 2019

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Wed 9th Jan 2019 17:51

One word answer Don

Yes … err. and No! Ok I lied, not a one word answer.

More on this later when time permits

Nice piece of poetry in any event

We have to write what 'we' feel is right.

You please some of the people some of the time yar'da yar'da yar'da!


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Taylor Crowshaw

Wed 9th Jan 2019 08:27

I agree with Jon with the proviso that it is not done solely to cause offence..

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Jon Stainsby

Wed 9th Jan 2019 07:32

Hi Don,

I think controversy will always upset someone's feelings. Can't be helped.


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