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life is scary for us 

we want everything to turn out good 

but thats with good faith and trust 

we love our friends like our families 

we fear of failure because that is the fear that haunts us all

but dont let that be your call 

give yourself space to make mistakes 

but just do whatever it takes 

to defeat the fear that might mess up your faith

your faith in yourself an...

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There are ways to feel safe and sound 

even in the loneliest time 

life doesn’t have rules and neither does love

love creates happiness and sorrow

thats a okay way to feel just try 

gather yourself and feel it 

your body will rise and become a unknown high 

do what everyone is afraid to do 

you will truly see beauty 


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Lets talk about the truth 

the unspoken that will never be seen 

we sit around living like this truth isn't some kind of proof 

proof that it is what makes this world 

the ones hiding it  will kill the soils that lie underneath the flowers that bloom 

the pretty flowers that covers what needs to be seen 

what actually give that flower strength what actually feeds that flowers 


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Follow your first mind 

I know it’s hard for you to shine 

But there is going to be a turn you won’t understand 

There will be life and you will dance 

Sing to the birds and watch them fly 

Don’t wait for the perfect time 

That little light will glide and bring you the eye 

The eye to see and the eye of fire 

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I hate being selfless because you care more 

I see more of everyone’s hurt more than my own 

It’s a addiction to help and be there 

Even though I don’t have too 

Too many times I put the wants of others first 

Mine should of been heard 

How can stop when it’s who I am 

Taking your want and cares in my hands 

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Your world

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Are people really alive 

You wake and face the same strife 

How do you change when everything fits in just right 

Make any small change your lost in your own world 

Searching for something that was never there 

You think you control your fate 

but is it your fate that controls you 

You will find a new world with this fate 

Take a leap what do you have to lose...

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Hello there beautiful 

You shine in the light like a diamond 

Your effortless leaves gold dust when you exit a room 

Your hair gives glory to your shoulders as it moves 

Or maybe your hair gives glory to your ears 

Making your sense of hearing less fearful 

 Beautiful isn’t just a look it’s a feeling 

So decorate your body with what’s makes you, you

And stare at t...

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What does a smile really bring 

Does it stretch the glow you can’t show 

Or does it hide the souls deep sorrow 

Even though it’s a mood it’s also a movement 

A movement of transition, flow, and glow 

Smiles are contagious because it’s what we truly want to feel 

So let’s make a deal 

Try it out and let it stretch 

Maybe you will forget what really had you pre...

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 Some people think there ahead 

Maybe they think because there smarter, richer, better looking 

 who cares for the poor , the ugly, and non- educated 

It is not anyone’s fault for being born a certain way 

It is the worlds fault for treating those less like there less

Take heart and don’t dwell on this but you see someone not ahead

Give them a helping hand take their he...

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Find your heart and let it soar 

Use that freedom and grab a hold of anything that floats pass

Being free you feel more love more energy more fierce 

You look up to the sky for comfort cause it is unlimited 

Set your goals high above the clouds 

For this is the place you found 

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Time There is a way in the window I sit here thinking of them all How to set myself free from the weight of it all Is there time for it or am I just a glaze of dust in it all I rather believe that time isn’t important It’s just something that keeps us going Time isn’t the problem it’s the value of it that controls us all

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New day

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New day 


Days like these I look forward to 

Not a lot of sun but just enough to wake the earth 

I find myself listening to the chaos outside 

The rush of the morning and the rush of the air 

Somethings I cannot bare 

Is it the destination that consumes me or is it leaving there that sets a fire in my soul 

For this day doesn’t have a exact plan 

But I’m okay with the u...

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