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21 – The World Complete Accomplishment 

The Fool has reached the end, he has completed his cycle. He now has learnt from all of his lessons upon his path of enlightenment and now all the world is. He is completely free and all his accomplishments has rewarded him with a new hope for his future. What was one the beginning of a journey thought to be impossible has triumphed above all else and with perseverance the Fool achieved his destiny.

The circlet symbolising complete achievement, wholeness and actualization of the Self and so now the circle of life is now complete and the Fool holds his arms out to show the world who he truly is. A free spirit, a free mind and a free heart with an enlightened Soul.

This version of the Fool’s journey has come to its end and he has triumphed over the bonds that held him back and caused him pain.

From the moment he began his journey down the path of enlightenment he knew that if he remained faithful the road he followed will lead him to his destiny and against all odds he made it. His achievement of success is a reward that ignited the wondering heart with passion and that passion has given him more than he possible imagined. He took that leap of faith and now the world is his, he is the master of his destiny and that sense of achievement has been set free in complete enlightenment, holding his arms wide open for all to see.

The Fool has done it. He has reached the end of his journey. His path of faith promised him the enlightenment in which he needed and all the Divine world’s accomplishments are his to hold within his Soul.

 He has walked the path of enlightenment faithfully and his journey led him where he most longed to be…. Home, to the stars.

The Fool now knows within his mind that nothing is impossible if you put your whole self into achieving that which your heart most desires.

Blessed be….)0(

Interpretation: You have reached the final stage of your journey, your goals have been achieved and all is well. Everything has gone according to plan and you will receive the world and all that is rightfully yours. This is the Promised Land and all your hard work has paid off. You are free from judgement and you have risen above all else and with all your hard work you have made it. You can put your hopes in for a brighter future and you can believe that all is well. It is now a time to breath, a time to know that you have accomplished what it is you set yourself out to do and you can rest assure that you are indeed on the right path.

This is also a time for celebration for all your completions. This is a good time to recognize your achievements and be proud of what you have done. However keeping it all in balance and not to be boastful about it. If all the world is yours and you have proven to yourself that you can accomplish your hearts desires then why not also share your success with other rather that boast about it.  

This is a good time to also look back upon your journey and take note of the warrior you are and perhaps contemplate on beginning anew and start a new cycle in your life for the possibilities of the future are endless and you have it within you to overcome all odds. Just allow yourself to be free and open your mind to new possibilities. Do not be your own reason why you do not move forward but allow yourself to know who you truly are to make those first steps. The longest stride upon your journey are the first steps and perhaps it is time to start a new adventure. You have it in you to succeed, all you need to do is allow yourself that opportunity.

This is a time for change and a new beginning. Perhaps a change to your location is what you need but you have been stagnating on begin a new adventure in your life. This card can also remind us that one chapter has ended so this could possibly be an end of a way of life that you have become to accustom to. The world is there for the taking, it’s just up to you to get up and do it.

This card also indicates an admiration of friends and the people around you, as you have inspired them with your strength and capability to overcome all obstacles. You are an inspiration to those around you and you set an example for others to follow. Just never forget who is watching and who also has the potential to walk in your footsteps so always keep that in mind when dealing with those around you. Your inspiration is a fire to those who need it and with that flame all is possible. Light the world around you and be a light to those who are lost in the dark as you know you yourself were also once lost too. 

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Tue 29th Jan 2019 15:55

I really enjoy your proclamations on here Raven. You have immersed yourself in deep considerations and drawn out the very essence of purpose. What can be wrong with that? of course not many will be prepared for these matters, but once sensed they are valuable. The fool is the opposite of what is normally considered appropriate to the name. I have the Book of Thoth and there is more mileage in that than in a car full of petrol !

Life goes on in some form on a spiritual wavelength irrespective of religious traditional beliefs, so refreshing instead of the usual recriminations where that format so often fails. There is always help in wisdom.
Beautiful tarot card by the way.
Ray x

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