Yin-Yang Love

He loves me?
He loves me not?

Questions I have 
asked myself a lot 
since the day 
I said I do. 

Yes, he has a 
wandering eye,
avoids intimacy
like I am 
the blessed
Mother Mary.

Yes, he has a 
hair-trigger temper, 
can top Pinocho 
with his lies.

Our love is 
but I no longer
question why.

After four decades 
in the trenches,
I have learned 
to focus on 
the upside...

His devotion 
as a steadfast 
provider cannot
be denied.

Through cancer,
heart attacks, 
debilitating pain,

he works in 
extreme heat,
freezing cold,
pouring rain

to make sure 
I don't want
for anything. 

He wouldn't hesitate
to go into a burning 
building to save me,
proved it in 2014
when we lost 

Our union has  
brought to light
a universal

Acceptance of what is, 
takes very little
effort to maintain,

which frees us to 
focus our energy 
wherever we want to.

For me, 
the time many use 
dating and doting 
is spent creating 
a legacy of 
unconditional love,
and works, I pray 
will heal souls. 

Not every 
has to rule 
with passion.

Some marriages 
provide quiet 
that teaches us 
the yin and yang
of love and life. 

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Fri 1st Feb 2019 02:26

Thanks for the insight John. Shakespeare gave great advice that I'm sure is used widely still today. I resonate most with Emily Bronte's pithy quote from my favorite book, Wuthering Heights: "My love for Heathcliff resembles the eternal rocks beneath - a source of little visible delight, but necessary."

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John Marks

Fri 1st Feb 2019 00:04

Speaks pithily to an eternal theme. Shakespeare had the last word, as usual:

Get thee a good husband,
and use him as he uses thee.
(All's Well That Ends Well 1.1.212-13)

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Thu 31st Jan 2019 20:05

Big Sal, didn’t I see somewhere you posted that you are 25? I don’t think I would have reached the same conclusion at that age.

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Thu 31st Jan 2019 19:59

Thanks Phil. Tough one to write and share, but I challenged myself to dig deep and keep it real.

Big Sal

Thu 31st Jan 2019 12:21

Sounds like me and my wife.

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Phil Kay

Thu 31st Jan 2019 09:54

I think your circumstances so nicely presented are more common then spoken out loud or written for all to read. A brave poem.

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