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All I saw was trees


I longed to see a forest

So I crossed the seven seas

But when I finally got there

All I saw was trees


So I headed for the mountains

A range called Pyrenees

But when I got much nearer

All I saw was trees


And then somebody told me

The Amazon would please

And guess what bloody happened ?



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Dave Caplan

Mon 21st Jan 2019 21:56

Don, are you trying to say your wood is well seasoned !
Good on ya mate.

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Don Matthews

Mon 21st Jan 2019 21:15

David let me elaborate
I might help you some good
Yes, while I'm Australian
I wood if I could ?


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Stu Buck

Mon 21st Jan 2019 20:57

very funny. doesnt need to be added to or taken from. perfect as it is!

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Dave Caplan

Mon 21st Jan 2019 20:22

Thank you Big made me realise the last line was entirely superfluous, so I deleted it.

MC You are a mine of information.
It's a long time since I lived in Australia, but I seem to remember them also using that expression?

Big Sal

Mon 21st Jan 2019 19:39

I thought you would see something else. I really did.?

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M.C. Newberry

Mon 21st Jan 2019 19:22

Ho-ho...more welcome fun.
The tree makes a wondrous connection
That makes the mind feel good;
And in America, men with an erection
Called it "getting wood"!

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