Disregard the brimstone and the smouldered feathers all around me,
I’m no angel but I’d surely fallen when you found me, 
Roasted clean of plumage on the spit of my desire, 
I was mean and foolish ‘til you touched my cheek and quench my fire,
Leaving me to smoulder and the embers were my shame,
Paradise forgotten, my new heaven was to speak your name, 
Knowing that all mantled wings I’d worn...

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Walk With Me A While

Walk with me a while, we have much to discuss,
Beneath the gentle rustle of the overhanging trees, 
Before our weighty burdens drive us to our knees, 
Let us set aside this moment amid the fears and fuss, 
True enough, I have walked this path more frequently than you, 
And know its twists and turns so well I could do it with closed eyes,
But therein lies the problem, which should come as no ...

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There’s nothing wrong with being afraid,
When I had nothing to lose, I had nothing to fear,
But I also had nothing.
No purpose,
No meaning,
No direction.
So embrace your fear,
Welcome it as you would a friend at the fireside,
It’s just a reminder that you have something to live for.


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Stir The Waters

Stir the waters, though they be troubled with the mud of years,
Perhaps there still yet lingers some monster at their depths,
But be that as it may, this placid pool of tumbled tears,
Is yours and yours alone upon which to reflect, 
Watch the swirling coils of oil that twist upon its surface, 
Like the eyes of dragons that stare into your soul, 
And though you know that from the banks your v...

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