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Paul Sayer on The Cracked Glass (11 days ago)

Jason Bayliss on Conscience, My Conscience (11 days ago)

Paul Sayer on Conscience, My Conscience (13 days ago)

Jason Bayliss on Conscience, My Conscience (13 days ago)

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Jason Bayliss on Sewing Needles (Mon, 9 Nov 2020 06:24 am)



Value time for what it is,
The most precious gift that you will ever receive,
More valuable than anything else life can give,
But the clock forever ticks, and offers no reprieve,
So value every hour, every minute and second,
Those that bring you shame and those that make you proud,
For one day your true worth upon this Earth will be reckoned,
And not in cash or conquests, “there are no...

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Counting Sand


Structure your expectations. 
No, “Free rides,” no, “Free lunch,
No promises of happiness, nor even to be fair, 
Not one intention of pulling even a single punch,
No commitment set in stone to, “Always be there,”
No guarantee of, “The fairy-tale ending,”
Nor any, “Happily ever after,”
No pretension of intending, 
To fill your life with endless laughter, 
No easy passage through storm...

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The Cracked Glass


This glass is cracked, that’s true, but it’s still half full of water,
Still intact enough to hold the sweet liquid of life,
And true it’s seen some use, perhaps more than it ought to,
And its shine's a little dull and its chips and cracks are rife,
And it can’t be held too roughly, cos this glass it’s seen some action,
But it still holds water and it’s stronger than you’d think,
And th...

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Conscience, My Conscience


Conscience, my conscience,
Be the ever guiding light that illuminates my way,
Be my inner sunlight and shine brightest in the absence of day,
Conscience, my conscience,
Be the compass that leads me ever true north, when all seems lost,
Be the thing that guides my steps irrespective of the cost,
Conscience, my conscience,
Be my champion, my rod and my shield, in this long and lonely fig...

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Sewing Needles


Our flag is torn,
We were playing, “Tug of war,” with it,
And now we’ve gone and ripped it and don’t know who to blame,
We just got bored,
We felt we could do more with it,
Than tie it to a pole and let fly in everybody’s name,
Some took the left,
And some took the right of it,
And then from either side, we heaved with all our might,
And every thread,
Was straining at the heart of i...

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Cricket Bats & Persian Cats

(A prompt from a friend from a quote from Alice in Wonderland, "I think of at least six Impossible things before breakfast)

This morning as the chime bell rings and wakes me from my slumber,
Before the fog of fitful dreams has barely chance to pass,
And I am lifted from the spell of dreams that I was under,
Though I would gladly stay there, but wake I must, alas,
My mind is brought to focus...

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Seneca once said, 
“Throw me to the wolves and I will return leading the pack,”
And in that ancient statement lies the key to being strong, 
Let adversity be the foil that sharpens your wit, strengthens your back,
That you may find your way even in the places where you don’t belong,
Face every challenge with a smile and an open mind,
Gird your spirit for the trials to come, turn your back on...

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