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Jason Bayliss on Innocent Eyes (9 days ago)

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The Oaken Pole

Hand me the yoke brother, sister, I see how much it weighs upon your soul,

It's my turn to take the strain, to bear the pain and your time to rest,

Let me stand in place of forefathers and mothers, let me shoulder the oaken pole,

Catch your breath and still the beating heart within your chest,

Fear not, I will not fail you, not pain nor grief will force me from it's bitter load,

My ...

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I cried for you,

I she'd tears for lost years, 'til my eyes dried,

I tried for you,

Until the lost hopes were only fit to stay inside,

I lied for you,

I told the world that though it seemed unlikely, you did care,

I died for you,

But only the little child that continued wishing you'd been there,

And though it's true,

That in our later years we balanced our ledger, man to...

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"Never Never."

No pretence excuses the intense expense of our abuses,

And when people ask what the use is,

It seems they've lost all sense of what truth is,

The endless barrage of empty excuses,

As we pour fuel onto the fire that, "Cooks our gooses,"

Is the equivalent of taking the rope and tying our own nooses,

It's morally bankrupt to pretend that there's no end 'cos the truth is,

That we'...

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Innocent Eyes

Lay down in the dewy wet grass of a fresh spring dawn,
And look to the gently waking heavens stretched out from where you lie,
This is a good day for the child that still lives within those tired old eyes,
To cast its innocent gaze upon the subtle beauty of the morn’,

Ease your weary back of its herculean burdens,
Ease your weary mind of all duplicity and lies,
That this manic world of our...

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