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I'll tell you this for nothing and you can believe it or not,

I've been around a while and I've felt life crack the whip,

And the spirits of decisions make sure they're not forgot,

And I promise you they'll haunt you until you take ownership.


Own your fears and mistakes, the heartaches, every last one,

I know the things I got right and I'm proud to own them too,

But that's t...

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Inevitably Ours

There'll be no rest in this life,

No respite from the call,

Every breath a step to death before the final fall,

And there's no winning that game,

Ours is the endless night,

Inevitably ours, but we'll put up a good fight.

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The Three That Let Us Be

I have searched for the spiritual,

Wrapped in the lyrical,

With an open heart sought the truth that sings.


I have pondered the miniscule,

And the impossible,

And also all the improbable things.


I have sought revelation,

In depravation,

In the hope that insight might hold recompense.


And the insight this brings,

Is that life is three things,


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A Little Rain

(Well, once again I find myself awake at 3.30 a.m. you've gotta love insomnia. A good friend told me she wished I'd cheer up and to honour that wish I thought I'd try and write a response and a thank you.)


There are so many things to be grateful for,

For a start, just the chance to draw breath,

That alone is enough and we shouldn't ignore,

The fact that we daily cheat death.



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Where Twilight Sleeps


There are cold deep valleys between the sunlit pinnacles,

Where the rivers run and the twilight ever sleeps,

Where all fallen things rest in the chill unblessed,

And the waterfall gently weeps.


And the sheer, rough hewn walls seem impossible,

So slick that all footholds would slide from their face,

And though escape seems improbable,

It is not wise to spend too long ...

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Cruel Mistress

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It's a cruel mistress that gives you life, love and youth all ever fading,

And the only compensation is the wit to see them fade,

Wisdom enough to see the frippery degrading,

And the ever certain knowledge that you must watch it degrade.


It's the bitterest of bitter pills to feel your wisdom growing,

Knowing as it grows you must watch your body fail,

'Til all that's left are...

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Whispering Night

Tender is the night that whispers in my ear,

Gentle is the breath that is stolen from my lips,

My lungs fill with its still chill,

As the cool night strokes my fingertips,

Stars point out the sky so it's never truly black,

The crescent of a moon peaks out from the trees,

A lone fox in its wan light as it wanders down the track,

Tender is this gentle night that whispers on the ...

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The Door Of Naked Souls

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Eternal, ever present, the Door Of Naked Souls,

No toll to pay except one, you must carry nothing through,

It is the beginning and the end of every single road,

No matter the traveller, this much is ever true.


No trinkets nor garments may cross its threshold,

You must exit as you enter, stripped to the bone,

And though you step in, to the arms of another,

The outward step...

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Not Without

Cold, in the night as I watch the flame burn,

Colder in the daylight as the flame burns out,

Older by the day as the days take their turn,

Bolder as I age and burn away doubt.


Resolute, resigned and ready for my judgement,

Patiently consigned to wait it out,

Accepting of the fact that I'll pay for my involvement,

Faithful the divine will not leave me without.

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To The Bone

Battered and bruised on this slab of the Gods,

Cracked by the weight of their expectations,

Tempered by beatings my limbs are steel rods,

Toughened and shaped by their perturbations.


Veins run with blood that is not like my blood,

Mind, with thoughts that are not like my own,

Understanding yet misunderstood,

Wounds only hurt when they cut to the bone.


Knowing I wi...

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