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Chatting By The Stovetop

A warm, quiet kitchen in a nice but unassuming council house,

No sounds but a stove warming something for breakfast, and the tick tock of wall clock,

And a grandad, once a soldier, now a postman, quietly read the paper,

And a knee on which a sleepy eyed little boy could sit, and listen to stories as he'd gently rock.


There were stories of postal mishaps, battles, bullets and brave...

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Strong And Silent

Be strong, don't be silent,

They're not the same thing,

It takes true courage to honestly speak,

The silent hide,

They're thoughts inside,

For fear of appearing weak.


So be strong, don't be silent,

Bare your soul,

Bring your fears out into the light,

Let your bravery see them,

Master them, free them,

Don't fight them alone in the night.


Be strong, don'...

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The Silent Word

I want to reach in and heal the pain, I see your feelings,

I don't know if I can but you're worth the time and worth the healing,

The problem is right now you speak in a tongue that can't be heard,

Of all the words to understand, the hardest one's the silent word.


It's the word that exists only in the spaces between the others,

It occupies the jaws of the pause between one word...

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The Slant And The Chant

Incanting is enchanting with it's slanting strophic form,

Each repeat completes the beat and hits the strophic norm,

But the learning of the churning turning rhythm hid inside,

Is revealing of the feeling and the message there implied.

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entry picture

Don't stand alone in the dark,

For whatever reason you went out there,

There's no answer that can help you, out there.


I understand why you'd want to look,

I know because I've spent time out there,

Too much time, and just found doubt there


I stayed mostly for pride,

I stayed and called the demons out there,

Angrily, I'd stand and shout there.


No demons eve...

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Whipping Willow

entry picture

Wind whipped tails of a weeping willow,

Snip and snap on the surface so sharp,

Of my bedroom window as I rest on my pillow,

The breeze through the trees resonates like a harp.


A gale is galing, a wailing wind wailing,

Atrocious, ferocious, it breaks my rest,

And the whip and the crack of the snip and the snap,

On the window, puts it panes to the test.


But safely i...

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Coffee Pot

entry picture

Each little bean in the coffee pot,

Has it's own unique design,

But who cares as long as the coffee's hot,

'Cos each little bean's divine.

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In This World

I get chills when I think of ills in this world,

The tumbling spills and the kills in this world,

The evil and torturous wills in this world,

That fill the grave 'til it overspills in this world,

There should be more friendship and frills in this world, 

Less need for the cheap gaudy thrills in this world,

More respect for the miller who mills in this world,

'Cos were all tryi...

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Ms.Donohoe Poetry Tennis Champion.

Oh Ms Donohoe you are the best,

At this game we invented that we may test,

Our ability, in the briefest of time,

To crack each other up with a well penned rhyme,

I bow to your skill, you're a humorous menace,

The queen of WOL Poetry Tennis.

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Yesterdays Kiss

entry picture

Wear your cracks and your scars boldly, proudly,

Proclaim and explain your hurts loudly,

Don't disguise or hide them away,

They're yesterdays kiss on the face of today.


A person is born of a father and mother,

Personality comes from somewhere other,

Put your cracks and your scars on proud display,

They're yesterdays kiss on the face of today.

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Incline Lupine

entry picture

Your eyes blind with lies and contemptuous loathing,

You think me a sheep but I just wear his clothing,

Horses run courses, some jump, some fall,

You watch but don't see the most dark horse of all.

You should recall that each dog has its day,

And a wolf in sheep's clothing must have its way,

This wolf is dressed the most sheepish of all,

And it bares its teeth when blind shepp...

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Jump in my car and we'll take it as far as it goes,

We could confide and share secrets that nobody knows,

We could confess and express the distress that has worn away at our lives,

We could reflect with each gear we select, or just put our foot down and drive.


Crying's not simple, it means that you're letting it go,

Holding in's holding together all that we know,

We could mo...

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Silver Shot Pocket Watch

Flicking the chain of a silver shot pocket watch, flicking,

Slicking back hair like you don't really care but still slicking,

The tick and the tick of the clock in your pocket is ticking,

Put on your coat and step out the door, lock clicking.


Your feet hit repeat as the steel at your heel is sounding,

On the pavement below and you know it'll stop your heart pounding,

The rhy...

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Distil By Will

I want to refine,

Structure and form,

Express and stress,

Not conform to the norm,

Distil by will,

What I must say,


Then convey,


Uneeded words,


What must be heard.

Not deviate,

From this mission,

To innovate,

 The briefest transmission.

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We understand the true power of words,

The difference it makes to be heard or unheard,

How an ache in your heart or weight on your soul,

Can be spoken, and broken made once again whole.


We understand that the rhythm and tone,

Mean much more than just the word on it's own,

That to construct and destruct a single idea,

The rhythm, the tone and the words must be clear.



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Trust Me

I approach you as a relative stranger,

Who professionally faces genuine danger,

This site is for me a haven of peace,

Somewhere to unwind, to express and release.


My days are all conflict, I've been sprayed with spit,

I've rolled round on floors covered in blood and shit,

I've been called names that I just won't repeat,

And each time I've had to get back on my feet.



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