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How Little


Life seems to have revealed itself to me in stages,
Presented its lessons at a time when I needed to learn them,
Laid itself bare and at the same time hidden its meanings,
And the one thing I’ve learned above all other things is how little I know,
And as we all step blindly forward on the crest of the ever passing moment,
And into the ever unfolding unknown,
The one lesson that has been...

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True To Your Truth

Try and hold true to your truth,

Try and not lie, especially to yourself, 

Don't age prematurely, nor cling desperately to youth,

Attend to your spirit, your mind and your health, 

Don't overfill your pockets or mouth, 

Don't under-fill your heart or your mind, 

Never ignore the darkness that lives in both,

Show it the light, let it learn to be kind,

Know that a silent, sol...

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Be Content With You

Be content with you,
Satisfied with yourself without being, “Self satisfied,”
We are a constant work in progress, true,
But the true value of yourself, to you, should never be denied,
Know that in the end, you are enough,
Because you set your own standard, decide your own will,
And a life valued in material stuff,
Will leave a bottomless void that you can never fill,
So be content that you...

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Dry Your Eyes

Dry your eyes and wipe the snot from your nose,
“Boys don’t cry,” you see, or at least that’s how the saying goes,
But your tear streaked cheeks deny every shred of this, and it shows, 
And every time you think about the scent of her, the river flows, 
So shed your tears ‘cos she’s gone and she's never coming back, 
Let them fall to the floorboards and soak through the gaping cracks, 
A hear...

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Something to remember,

Before you lose your temper,

Once you have a child,

You're not allowed to be a child,


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Uncle Sam

Uncle Sam is gasping, flailing at the surface.
Drowning in the cold and ever rising waters.
Churning it to foam, though that’s proving worthless,
 I doubt it’s what he wanted, or what his people fought for,
Uncle Sam is coughing, trying to shout out,
Trying to scream a message as he fights to stay afloat,
“If you want to save me, please be of no doubt,”
“The lifeline you can throw is contai...

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A Pocket Full Of Rye

Bend a will to fit your need and wink your lying eye,
Sing a song of sixpence and a pocket full of rye,
Drown the loud dissenters at the bottom of the sea,
And lose your home and savings all because of me,
The king is in his counting house counting out his cash,
There’s less than he pretended hidden in his stash,
But he won’t let you see what goes on behind closed doors,
‘Cos he’s too busy ...

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The Rose, The Stem And The Thorn


This heart beats for the people in pain,
This heart beats for those who play the crying game,
For those that wish the day would change but know it will remain the same,
This heart beats for you, although it doesn’t know your name,
This heart beats for a world that slowly burns,
This heart beats for those that see the lesson but never learn,
For those with a one way ticket to Hell, ‘cos ...

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