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(A re-post from a couple of years ago)


Marbella's the spot for mooring your yacht


To ostentatiously show what you've got


But a sight more evocative ploughing the foam


Much nearer the heart and closer to home


Was never a craft you'd look good in


I refer to the Ponty Tom Pudding.




A cross between a barge and a train


With a tug at the bow taking the strain


Everyday making 2 or 3 runs


Every trip hauling 800 tons


Of limestone or coal or with wood in


It's Goole not Cannes for Tom Pudding.




Along the canal to Ferrybridge “C”


To generate your electricity


Or onwards to Goole to ship overseas


For developing nations industries


Or start their economies budding,


Pump-primed by Ponty Tom Puddings.




The roads might be blocked or the trains were on strike


But Tom would chug on just as slow as you like


Never no more than 3 miles an hour


Ensuring continued electrical power


Unhindered even by flooding


Earning its corn was Tom Pudding.




Manning the rig would be Skipper and me


From 14 years old to age 23


The pay was appalling, conditions as bad


The best job of work that I'd ever had


Despite the muck you were stood in


Fighting a snake in Tom Puddings.




Dust up your nostrils, your ears, in your nails


Grafting in rain and in frost and in hail


And Skipper made sure they were clean 'fore a load


I'd be shovelling out muck as even it snowed


They'd have slurry and sludge and with mud in


I've cursed them bastard Tom Puddings.




But sad to relate their days are long past


The Aire and Calder has witnessed their last


Consigned to mem'ry and history since


The closures of Fryston and old Ponty Prince


Two pits my brothers sweat blood in


So Farewell to the Ponty Tom Pudding.





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John Coopey

Wed 9th Jan 2019 16:32

Thanks Brian.

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Brian Maryon

Wed 9th Jan 2019 13:34

Good one John!

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