On love and self-efficacy

I used to believe that when it comes to love and hate, right and wrong, good and evil; the notions were night and day.

And though I still believe that there are very clear distinctions between each pair of opposing ideas, I have begun to question such simple binaries.

Our progenitors committed acts of violence and hatred that we still commit today.

For that reason, I pray evil isn’t congenital, and hope that perhaps at the acme of human evolution, we will no longer be confounded by our differences, as to live in harmony.

Until then, it is incumbent on all decent people to combat hate in as many small ways as they can.

Presently, I believe that being apathetic to the plight of others is one of the greatest wrongdoings a person can commit.

Sadly, I have been told that I am often aloof and closed off to circumstances of love.

And though I consider myself empathetic, being inured to pain and consequently skeptical of love is an uphill battle for me.

Ergo, I continually reflect.

And in my quest for rectification, I have come to realize that the opposite of love is not hate; but indifference.

I have discovered a bifurcation in my nature, wherein I can either continue my inordinately stolid methods of expressing my feelings, or I can choose the more challenging path towards growth of self.

Thus, each day I strive to shed layers of cold insouciance and extend acts of love, lest I succumb to the former. 

To cheapen myself to being detached and dispassionate would be recreant.

For fear of heartbreak should not repudiate Meliorism.

Perchance a little more love could make the world a better place.

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Hazel ettridge

Mon 18th Mar 2019 14:59

Oh so many long words - they make me stop and think, to wonder if I can really take in what you are saying. I hope they are not one of your ways of distancing yourself from us common people.

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Mon 18th Mar 2019 10:49

Thanks friends

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Hannah Collins

Sun 17th Mar 2019 14:38

I do agree, the opposite of love is not hate, it is indifference.

A well written piece that I enjoyed reading.


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lisa donohoe

Thu 17th Jan 2019 14:34

Beautiful ?

Big Sal

Thu 17th Jan 2019 12:23

I always like to say the past and memories are the color of roses, but the truth is never black and white. (Actually Jon Stainsby said that) but great piece, Clarke!?

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