The Cloud of Fear

The Cloud of Fear


Dark sinister and heavy laden this cloud

stalks the land

Powerful winds herald its arrival

Winds which uproot and scatter all in its path

followed by the echo of thunder

the flashes of lightning striking forth

Rain pelts down as indiscriminate bullets

Everyone is at its mercy

Fear commands obedience

fear enters the hearts of all

It controls emotions and manipulates the soul

A powerful force which travels far

it knows no limitations 

but assured of its strength and effect


Fear controls the hearts of many

fear of pain

fear of poverty and degredation

fear of shame and exposure

fear of failure

Does fear occupy the centre stage of life?


Grace in abundance filled with love

stands as a mighty foe

to ameliorate the cloud of fear

It occupies the heart of man

imbuing it with love in all its forms

love of family

love of friends

love of the beloved

love of charity

love as respect


Storms pass, they come and go

love endures inextinguishable in the heart

Fear must not control us as it leads to destruction of the spirit

Love beckons us with the embrace of eternal hope

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Fri 18th Jan 2019 17:01

Hey Keith
Very uplifting and hopeful dare I say it, at a time when hope seems lost.


Wed 2nd Jan 2019 20:14

We have nothing to fear except fear itself

Control fear, control everything.


All clouds pass in time. Great poem Keith


jennifer Malden

Wed 2nd Jan 2019 18:24

Agree with Jane - exceptionally well written and thought out.


<Deleted User> (19836)

Wed 2nd Jan 2019 04:09


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